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Yes I Am Leaving – Slow Release Australian crud rock

ALBUM REVIEW: 11 songs of noise rock on Slow Release by the Australian power crud rock trio Yes I Am Leaving have a few sharp and dull knifes up their sleeves. The opening track “One” below is a jesus lizardesque … Continue reading

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Best GoPro film soundtrack ideas – Captain Beefheart

The GoPro Chronicles: I got introduced to Captain Beefheart in high school by a friend who was really into The Greatful Dead but I didnt’ really appreciate this type of music till much later. I went more prog then onto … Continue reading

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Music for Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac sign

Is Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac Sign? Let me see if I can figure this out. The issue has been debunked by some astrology experts in order to save their books and mythical practice because the zodiac is moon based per … Continue reading

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Hey this is rock

Who knew that so many great songs start with the word “Hey” in the title of it. Total excuse for a quickie playlist but here’s a few attention getters to fill your brainspace when you’re trying to make a point … Continue reading

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Lucky 13 Best Albums of 2010 – Part II

Continuing, overall this year was a bountiful one musically with our best of list deserving 13 great albums. Yeah! Shit I cut a bunch just because they would have only eeked in based on the merits of previous releases but … Continue reading

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Ian Curtis from Joy Division Died 30 years ago today

Just, yesterday I was walking down 10th Ave and I saw this chick wearing an old unknown pleasures T-shirt and I thought to myself. Nobody wears or makes cool band art anymore. This design is a simple classic illustration that … Continue reading

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The Living End of Punk by Zeke

ALBUM REVIEW:World Famous Zeke is heavy-grass ladden smoke out American Rockn’Roll punk rock. Yeah no shit. Take the really fucking ugly side of MotorHead and mix it with something really fast from the dank weed of Crypt Records and you’ve … Continue reading

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Best Scary Ghoul Halloween music blog posts

I love this spooky time of year. Some people are into it and others are a bunch of grinches. Although, I didn’t have the time to costume up although I am the man in black today, my daughter is going … Continue reading

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Superdrag roots reunion drinking bender session

Ah, the unearthing of demos. Always a cool thing for hardcore fans. Sometimes such things should remain in the ground but in the case of Knoxville Tenessee 90′s alterative pioneers, SUPERDRAG, some of their songs are pure indie greatness that … Continue reading

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