Moreso:   Math Rock’s Gateway Drug

Moreso: Math Rock’s Gateway Drug

When one thinks of math rock, one thinks of prog gone nuts. Skill typically outshines structure. Changes outweigh choruses. If you have heard Animals As Leaders, you know of what I write. Even bands like Fall of Troy, who tend to lean towards structure, because there are vocals, can get pretty tough on the old noodle. That is where Moreso’s first EP really stands out from the pack. Yes, they have complex riffs. Yes, they have the intricacy associated with math rock. However, their songs have definable and easily digestible patterns. Their songs have structure that allows even they lay person to follow the song’s musical journey without needing some Excedrin afterwards. It is why I would consider Moreso to be the perfect gateway drug into math rock.

The band is a three piece instrumental group. There is no doubt they can play. Could you imagine math rock otherwise? The strength lies, though, in their ability to make the sum greater than the parts. The guitar playing is fluid and flashy without being ostentatious. The drums are powerful without being confounding. The bass will lead support and counterpoint against the guitar for well-defined passages.

The 6-song EP starts strong right out the gate. Oil Spill is blistering with some of the cool single-string passages associated with Fall of Troy. The second song, Sewage Life, is another strong, fire-breather, with wonderful dissonant passages, reminiscent of Voivod. The next song, Shark Breath, has a tip-of-the-hat riff to Animals As Leaders. However, where I think Animals will go out too far, Moreso keeps the song solidly definable and comprehendible. The 4th track, From Gravel to Grass, probably my personal favorite, reminds me a little of some of the later Don Caballero material. After the first four intense tracks, the last two tracks settle in a little bit with Lavenclear and Little Ship. They are very lush and beautiful. It is easy to get lost in them. They’re almost meditative.

As this is Moreso’s freshman release, it is very exciting to hear what will be forthcoming. Be sure to check them out on their Bandcamp page or on Spotify.

Check them out live to see them do their thing. They are playing October 14th at Decicco’s Tavern in Raritan, NJ, with The Growling Hounds, Atom Driver, and Damage Done.

Also, here’s a video they posted from their recent outing at the Court Tavern.


Moreso at The Court Tonight!

Moreso at The Court Tonight!

I know this is very last minute, but I wanted to get this out while there’s still time.  The band, Moreso will be playing the Court Tavern in New Brunswick tonight (September 2nd).  They have just released a 6-song EP (review is forthcoming) that is crazy good.

If you like to have your brain scrambled like when you listen to the bands  Fall of Troy or Animals As Leaders, this should be right up your alley.

Should be a good night!

Still not sure, check out their Bandcamp page.



You are summoned to hear the heavy metal of MALES

You are summoned to hear the heavy metal of MALES

Males metal single review
MUSIC REVIEW: Males from London, England play some pretty heavy sludgy shit. In the vain of Queens of the Stone Age, Big Business, Karp and Hawkwind. For a fuzzy trio they sound pretty huge and fuzzy and we think you should check them out. Really not much trickery other than these are very big riffs by Mr. Goldstone on guitar, Mr. Young on Vocals and Drums backed up by Mr. Ben Smith on bass. So we encourage you to bang your head >>here<<. That is it. Simple really. Get some metal
Download: fathoms MP3 by Males (demo)

If you like this heavy shit. You’ll like this heavy shit:
01. Throttle MP3 by Vaz from the Color Of Noise Am/Rep documentary compilation. This is live and it sounds killer.
02. Bacon Industry MP3 by Karp from s/t
03. At A Crawl MP3 by Melvins from 10 Songs 2 track CD on C/Z (1996)
04. Dead Men Tell No Tales MP3 by Motorhead
05. Cheap Vodka MP3 by Acid Bath from When the kite string breaks (1994)
06. Tub Death MP3 by Buzzkill from Tooth & Sole (1995)
07. Vagabond MP3 by Buzzov•en from the Gospel According to… II (1997) EP Allied Recordings.

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Mala in Se Noise Rock from Ohio

Mala in Se Noise Rock from Ohio

Mala in Se is this metal punk noise outfit from Cincinnati, Ohio which could be art if you consider huge cannon like nailguns something you’d want to hang in a audio gallery. This is what the music sounds like. Have no fear for a trio they sound like 10 men battling to an epic death with their guitars on fire on Phratry Records. If you like the boredoms you surely will pick up on the strangeness of music that Mala in Se sculp. Not sure what the hell the band name means but they do their thing fast too with classic thrash style tweeps and twerp notes that will fuck with the sense of what you think your inner metal actually is. Decide for yourself but enter exposition at your own risk.

Disease Auction MP3 by Mala in Se – self titled. [ Get some ]

Other experimental sonic art metal stuff:
Bo Go MP3 by Boredoms from Pop Tatari
Lucky Star MP3 Tristan Psionic from TPA Flight 028. This a Canadian band Aviso’Hara played with once at The Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. They really made the show a lot of fun. Total energy which brought up our game. If you like the sonic youth you’ll love these guys. They were on Sonic Unyon.

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Wreck and Reference the Black Cassette

Wreck and Reference the Black Cassette

MUSIC REVIEW: The music is so doom and gloom and lowly tuned it sounds like it’s distorted beyond recognition. Might be because my ears are really trashed or this Davis, California band Wreck and Reference actually recorded Black Cassette to tape. All good things with the proper hiss management and noise gates off. So imagine the slow drum thumping of Shellac’s 1,000 hurt’s scratchy guitars on “Prayer to God mixed” with the loneliness of Low and then you suddenly grind up the fader to the point it sounds like a septic tank truck is sucking the life out of you. Yup those are you guts and yes that metal ringing is what’s this band has documented on this chrome. Safe for generous use by fans of neurosis, melvins and unsane who like experimental metal.

Evening Redness MP3 by Wreck and Reference [Get Some]

Sorta sounds like:
Organ Donor MP3 by Unsane (Matador 1991)
From Where Its Roots Run MP3 by Neurosis from A Sun That Never Sets (Relapse 2001)
Grinding Process MP3 by the Melvins from 10 songs (C/Z 1986)

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Metal Geek Copulation by Gondoliers EP2

Metal Geek Copulation by Gondoliers EP2

GondoliersCopyright 2008 by Lily Brooks - www.lilybrooks.netEP 2 MUSIC REVIEW: If you would have told somebody you could play this many notes in the 1930’s they would have thought you were an octopus or a carnie but yet here you are on the eve of closing out yet another decade and metal is alive and well. Not that you’d know what metal was then but if you want to call Gondoliers prog metal you’re more than welcome to do it in this decade whilst you can.

I’m going to reserve sticking these Somerville Mass experi-metal (yuk yuk) geeks in any one particular sub-sub genre for right now because they mutated again into something deeper and beautifully darker. When they go-off the rails they are in the wires – reconfiguring the mess. Twisting out the guts from some random piece of roadkill and then proceeding to schredd and serenade the double octavewave pedal in celebration of their carnage and physical feats. These are your neu metal duo geeks with fast machine gun like reflexive notes playing the soundtrack of your prom copulation in discordant Glass like un-harmony. The noise is free but the sting of the memories will only last this life time so dig in and get weird cuz punk is sorta dead or at least the 1980’s version. Did I mention it’s fast like Don Caballero and precise like a razor and yet dumb like bull for everyday use? If not pardon moi let it rip.

Download: Rock and Rolla, Ass-a-hola MP3 by Gondoliers from EP 2

Get your own free Gondoliers EP2 »

Mr. Thumb Flowers are not Evil

Mr. Thumb Flowers are not Evil

Based out of New Brunswick, NJ in the early 90’s there was prog funk alternative rock metalish band called Mr. Thumb. The group had two singers and a running gaggle of drummers. Above is the cover for a 3 song ep called “This time it’s gonna fuckin’ Hurt” on Hub city label Well Primed Records. The track we are featuring in this post was supposed to appear on a follow-up 7″ and self titled album on Behemoth Records but it never was released due to financial issues at the time(isn’t this always the case?). The band recorded its full length at Trax East in South River New jersey with Eric Rachel and Steve Evetts. Drumming on said record was Dave Rosenberg (AKA Dave Crayola from Deadguy). The original singer Karl Munzel only appears on the Well Primed released. For the rest of the duration of the band the torch was carried by D.Buzz operating the bassness, Bil Weis vox and Jhon Thumb as the nutty jazz rock professor on guitar. You can still catch the Jhon Thumb band or something very close to it. If you ever get the opportunity to see him play it comes as a highly recommended live experience. The kind of thing you should see before you die in lieu of seeing Frank Zappa, Hendrix or a wasted John Frustrante. D.Buzz went on to form Aviso’Hara.

Grab some mp3 trax:
Mr. Thumb “Flowers are not Evil
Deadguy – “Running with Scissors” b/w “Police Story” (black flag cover) [ buy some ]
Aviso’Hara – “Conspiracy Au Go Go” [ buy some avisohara