Eastern Anchors – Long live Indie Rock Maxwells 3.23

Eastern Anchors – Long live Indie Rock Maxwells 3.23

Maxwells Shows

Friday March 23rd, 2012

This Friday Maxwells in Hoboken will host the indie rock by Eastern Anchors, Roadside Graves, The Brixton Riot and Lieder. We think you should go to this show and make it your night. Because Friday Night’s are meant for dancing…

00 Keep It Like A Secret MP3 by The Brixton Riot [BUY IT]

Mix tape: If you like music like this…
01 Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape MP3 by Titus Andronicus from Mixtape Vol.1
02 Territorial Pissings(cover) MP3 by Surfer Blood
03 This Machine MP3 By The Wrens from Abbott 1135
04 Public Witness Program MP3 by Fuigazi from In on the Kill Taker [Albini Demos]
05 The Vicelords MP3 By Boston Spaceships from Let it Beard
06 Pentagram Ring MP3 By Chavez from Gone Glimmering (1995)
07 How Does It Feel to Feel MP3 by The Creation from We Are Painterman (1966)
08 Old Haunts MP3 by The Gaslight Anthem from American Slang
09 Terms Of Psychic Warfare MP3 by Hüsker Dü from New Day Rising (1985)
10 Mouth Breather MP3 by The Jesus Lizard from Goat (1991)
11 perfect shot MP3 by Lync from These Are Not Fall Colors (1994)
12 Whirlpool MP3 by My Dad is Dead from The Taller You Are the Shorter You Get (1989)

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Archers of Loaf Reunion Show Cat’s Cradle 2011!

Archers of Loaf Reunion Show Cat’s Cradle 2011!

We love the Archers of Loaf around these parts. I’m not sure if Indie Rock as I knew it would have any real meaning without Icky Mettle. Seriously, the record is wholesome college noisy indie rock with just the right amount of grit and sing-along to make it a true college radio break-out. They got weirder as they went breaking boundries staying under the radar from major airplay. Meaning no top 40 hit but all hits on every record in their own right. So it’s about time they did a reunion show. Don’t get me wrong big fan of Eric Bachman’s post AOL band Crooked Fingers which was more neuvo folk with a huge following all on his own but there is no denying the Loaf. I’ll have to find out more about this show and if there are any more shows planned? The past year there has been a bonanza of reunions…

Archers Of Loaf Live Maxwells -IckyMettle Tour

Here’s a live show from 1998 that Captain’s Dead posted last year. The pic above was 1994 or so I think. I don’t remember that era as it was a total blur of some amazing music coming out every month that it was hard to keep up. Also, nice live review of the show on Sunset in the Rearview; apparently some nut from Jersey traveled down to North Carolina based solely on a rumor AOL was going to be playing.

1. Telepathic Traffic by Archers of Loaf from Harnessed In Slums Alias 7″ Single [Buy]
2. Distance Comes In Droves LIVE MP3 -awesome version of this song Live (Like i was saying no clue what show this is from but it’s good)
3. Smoking Pot in The Hot City MP3 instrumental from Private Street For Bu-Bu- [get some vinyl records]

Cue up the tape to the right spot as I remember playing a Sunday night show at the old Brownies around 2000 in the loweast side with Aviso’Hara and for some odd reason (really fucking stupid actually) I left my bass at the front of the stage so I had to return the next night to pick it up right before the Monday night show. The door guy let me in and thank g*d it was there hiding in the shadows. I think we actually got the club a noise pollution ticket and then they became a old hipster disco. Anyway, Then on my way out I run into Joe from Plug Spark Sanjay and a couple other Hoboken friends who had shown up to see Mr. Backman play a solo set with just him and his guitar with a bunch of effects. So I stayed and was blown away and have been a fan ever since hearing and seeing this reimagined style of folkish indie rock. Music is about accidental discovery sometimes and that night was one of those instances. [Get some back catalog Archers]

Crooked Fingers Live Shows:
Jan 21st The Grey Eagle, Asheville NC
Feb 19th The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

1. The Rotting Strip by Crooked Fingers from Bring On The Snakes (2001)
2. New Drink For The Old Drunk MP3 from s/t [Buy]

3. Hit it nowMP3 by Plug Spark Sanjay from Regular Pinto (1999). We’ll have to revisit this record and band properly very soon (actually I think I lost this record so need to get a burn from somebody – help!?) but if there is anything new you’ve never heard of and this is it; you should download this right now. Don’t pause for even a second. It’s the opening track to their debut and it’s a #1 hit and it’s catchy as all get out.
4. Accidental (Moron) MP3 by Aviso’Hara from Our Lady of The Highway. Recorded at The Pigeon Club in Hoboken, NJ by Wayne Dorell. More Our Lady by Aviso’ this way »

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Descendents vs Elvis Costello Live at Hollywood High

Descendents vs Elvis Costello Live at Hollywood High

Welcome to 7″ Friday again! A little late today as I was distracted by the new 13th sign (see last post) but anyway here’s Elvis Costello And The Atractions Live at Hollywood High recorded in 1978. I found this EP at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ the other day. I think its from a recent Record Store day goody but I don’t know. I got the last copy and that is all that matters. The whole show is available if you’d like to hear the master of pop in his prime.

1. Pump It Up (Live)
2. Lip Service
3. Waiting for the World to End

Here’s a bootleg of some mostly untitled Descendents songs from a 7″ EP called I Don’t Want To Get Bootlegged (1994) put out by some of their fans -parts unknown. This is a pretty rare release that turned up in NJ so I have no clue who printed or pressed it but I own one. The only song on here that has a known title is the 4th track called “3 Red” which is around the “Enjoy” sessions era. Their pop-punk blend is unmistakable in particular with vocal styles of Milo Aukerman.
1. Song 1
2. Song 2
3. Song 3
4. Song 3 Red

Some of the best pop-punk ever recorded [Buy some Descendents]

Beer guzzling Jesus Lizard to reunite in 2009

Beer guzzling Jesus Lizard to reunite in 2009

Nothing better to raise the holiday spirits than getting a memo from the touch and go folks letting me know that The Jesus Lizard is going to get back together to make some lute on tour from us middle aged punx. As part of the conspiracy T&G is going to re-release Head, Goat, Liar, and Down. Four alternative rock classics from the 90’s. To make the audio attack believable Albini and Weston will be involved in the mastering process. The original line-up of the Howling David Yow, the Denison metalic guitar sounds backed with their back-beat section driving the band with Wm. Sims on bass and McNeilly’s mechanic like drums in this endeavor. If you’ve ever been to a show where it was one big fun swirling mess alla “boilermaker” or “7 vs 8“, you are in for a swell treat. We might break skull or pull a muscle but it’s gonna be fuckin’ fun as all hell.

Get some sample music: The Jesus Lizard on hype non standard | T&G Band site |

Photo by: derek vonessen

Radiohead All points West to the end of the line

Radiohead All points West to the end of the line

Man Radiohead managed to redeem the line to get into the line to get into the line at All Points West. They put on an intense performance and sounded amazing. Thank g*d for the close up monitors. They were the only band besides the wall of sound by the astonishing the Black Angels we were able to enjoy. We skipped the Roots to get something to eat, piss and drink. If they had a justifiable mix it would have been really awesome.

Firstly, there was a 5 beer limit per visitor and I am not sure how I humanly could have drank more when you considered the time needed to stand in line. The show was attended by 70,000+ music fans who apparently are all eco-friendly (see dumpter plastic pic below) and love cramming in public transit together, love to stand in lines to take a pee and miss half of the music. Sure us late to get going should have gotten there 3 hours earlier but why or how would we know that we would spend half the day waiting in line from 4pm on? Seriously by the end of the radiohead show i thought my bladder was going to explode and was thankful for having figured out where the shortest lines were. Sort of an expert strategist when given a proper map. Starting to see a trend here.? I hope next year they make some improvements with the ticket line to get in and give the damn beer garden drinkers a monitor to enjoy the rock music.

Eastern Anchors Interview and Brighton rock Sat March 29

Eastern Anchors Interview and Brighton rock Sat March 29

The Eastern Anchors have been planning this day for awhile, countless hours of drinking beer at practice, breaking strings, smoking breaks. Walter Verde even joined the Glass Trees for a week so he could go to SXSW; but like the good indie rock celebrity he is he took the time do an interview to promote the first show of the year for the Asbury Park press. Read the Eastern Anchors interview Making Some Noise. The article almost 100% accurate. Album is in the works but probably won’t be out for at least a couple months and is as of yet untitled.

Eastern Anchors

w/ Bald Guy Black Suit (featuring morgan and brian) 10pm
Sat 3/29
Brighton Bar

long branch, nj the home of Jacko one of the oldest bearded punks with pirate breath. Also on the bill are The Thieves of Leviticus and Dose.