Nirvana – Live Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame – The Best Fuck You

Nirvana – Live Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame – The Best Fuck You

Nirvana Dave Grohl holding up trophy

I got to hand it to Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic on these excellent renditions of Nirvana songs and having some of the most talented female singers perform with them is the biggest fuck-you in the face to Courtney Love could ever get. Here’s a the perfomances as caught by fans on ther smartphones who attended last night’s Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. These are the best videos we found of Annie Clark from St. Vincent doing “Lithium, Joan Fucking Jett doing justice to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. This is so fantastic. Lorde along with St. Vincent and Nirvana playing “All Apologies”. Such a sad but great version and apropo.

NIrvana Joan Jett playing Smells like teen spirit


DOWNLOAD:Smells Like Teen Spirit feat Joan Jett MP3 (good phone bootleg)

St Vincent Krist Novoselic Rocknroll hall of fame photo

“LITHIUM” w/ Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

DOWNLOAD: Lithium feat. Annie Clark of St Vincent MP3 (total smart phone bootleg)

Lorde playing w/ Nirvana all apologies rocknroll hal of fame

Lorde singing with Nirvana

“ALL APOLOGIES” Featuring Lorde with Nirvana, Joan Jett, and St. Vincent.

DOWNLOAD:All Apologies feat Lorde MP3 (smartphone bootleg sounds pretty good)

Thanks Youtubers!

EDITORIAL: The Truth About the HOLE in Courtney Love’s Head and the theoretical motive behind Kurt Cobain’s murder — not suicide.

Descendents vs Elvis Costello Live at Hollywood High

Descendents vs Elvis Costello Live at Hollywood High

Welcome to 7″ Friday again! A little late today as I was distracted by the new 13th sign (see last post) but anyway here’s Elvis Costello And The Atractions Live at Hollywood High recorded in 1978. I found this EP at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ the other day. I think its from a recent Record Store day goody but I don’t know. I got the last copy and that is all that matters. The whole show is available if you’d like to hear the master of pop in his prime.

1. Pump It Up (Live)
2. Lip Service
3. Waiting for the World to End

Here’s a bootleg of some mostly untitled Descendents songs from a 7″ EP called I Don’t Want To Get Bootlegged (1994) put out by some of their fans -parts unknown. This is a pretty rare release that turned up in NJ so I have no clue who printed or pressed it but I own one. The only song on here that has a known title is the 4th track called “3 Red” which is around the “Enjoy” sessions era. Their pop-punk blend is unmistakable in particular with vocal styles of Milo Aukerman.
1. Song 1
2. Song 2
3. Song 3
4. Song 3 Red

Some of the best pop-punk ever recorded [Buy some Descendents]

Ex Models live at the Court Tavern

Ex Models live at the Court Tavern

I was digging in the archives a few months ago looking up video footage to lend to the Cruel but Fair movie [CBF on Facebook] and i cam across half a set by Ex Models from a Aviso’Hara Record release show for Made From Scratch. Anyway. The banter is funny and if you dig these guys you should enjoy these live nuggets which are not available anywhere else.

Ex-Models live @ The Court Tavern 2000 mp3s
Girlfriend is worse
the fun system
The Mechanic

The pic is from a earlier EM show in 1999 way before they broke…note the plug spark sanjay t-shirt.

Sonic Youth and Feelies playing for FREE July 4th

Sonic Youth and Feelies playing for FREE July 4th

The main batch of tickets for the show are “sold out” but River will be distributing unclaimed tickets 9AM the morning of the concert in Battery Park this July 4th. As part of WFMU’s 50th Anniversay celebration freebie concert series. Both bands are legendary in their own rights. If you stop by the tent the FMU djs will give you the poster. Just give em’ a donation. Bootleggers, shut-ins and out of towners be ready; Sonic Youth’s set will be broadcast live on around 4:45 EST.

From WFMU’s free mp3 archives here are some selects:

New Bomb Turks – So Long, Silver Lining [mp3]

Strapping Fieldhands – In the Pineys

Food For Animals w/ Faust – Planet Say

EXRA TREATS:: Backwards masking beatles/seltaeb songs. [ Evil Beatle Masking can steal your soul ]

1960 Highway safety public annoucements [ Pere Graves on Highway Driving | Jack Webb on alcohol & driving ]

The bestof the mp3 blogger world lives – rbally

The bestof the mp3 blogger world lives – rbally

Yes, minor excitment for us laxy mp3 bloggers. rbally has resurfaced this winter with some awesome bootleg posts from Ryan Adams (which is as abundant as air but whatever), The Replacements at CBGB’s from October 12, 1984; Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks at Crystal Ballroom, June 17, 2005; Radiohead – In Berlin from 2000, Sonic Youth – Teatro Tenda Strisce, Roma, Italia,and Wilco at Troutdale, Oregon, in the USA (August 22, 2007). Lets see if Matador leaves him alone. Start your mp3 downloading as rbally has enabled us once again.

Live Guided By Voice, Clash, Sex Pistols and Bob Mould

When in doubt a summer day can be spent lurking around various mp3 blogs and finding a bunch of live jems and forgotten b-sides. To kick it off, with the little Zoester at my side or lap is: Ex-Husker Du maestro Bob Mould live in Santa Monica,CA at McCabes Guitar Shop. His life took a strange turn when he wrote scripts for the WWF. Strange world of rock indeed but allas forgotten disc friday’s blog comes through. Mr. Mould does a nice sprinkling of Black Sheets of Rain and cuts from Workbook.

Next up: one can never get enough live Guided By Voices, here they are live @ Austin City Limits from their last tour from the Aquarium drunkard. Check out his podcast when you get chance.

For whatever reason a few bloggers have been going nuts posting studio and live Clash covers. Both Berkeley Place and Can you see the sunset put up complimenting tracks.
Stands outs are Social distortion doing “Death or Glory”, and anytime Ben Folds does a cover it’s always
with class. Check out his version Of “Lost in the Supermarket”.

And while we’re going down this old punk road, Licorice-pizza posted the set from the last Sex Pistols show in San Francisco, where you can hear the famous
one liner, “Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated” by Johnny Rotten.

Bonus: Bandit B-sides posted “A Chain of Flowers” by The Cure.