Free Singles + MP3s by Pedal Distorsionador, Arc Rev One, Martin Van Ruin, Saintseneca, Emil and Caroline

Free Singles + MP3s by Pedal Distorsionador, Arc Rev One, Martin Van Ruin, Saintseneca, Emil and Caroline

A great assortment of free mp3 for you today. We have music from Poland, Chicago and Sweden. Something for everybody here from Americana to soul crushing gothic pop all mixed up. Some of these tunes will make for that awesome mix-tape of yours that you’ve been dying to make for that hot chick or dope dude.

pedal distorsionador detroit review
SINGLE: Pedal Distorsionador – Is like godflesh went all disco on you. Lots of thick noise manipulation if you can imagine. A dark looming guttural gothic voice is put in place to scare you, but you don’t scare. You love horror films. You like Leatherface or latex. You think he’s sexy and it’s the only way you get off. You’ll like this but first we must tie you up. You don’t like blood but like being constrained. You are weird. This music takes you to the edge. To that dark place down you go straight away. I think this place may be Gdynia, Poland. Facebook


arc revone review
Arc Rev One – On the other end of the spectrum of late nights. Which are really when the rest of us are going to work. I imagine people go and listen to music like this. Also wearing latex underneath their cloths, trippin and talking about their vampire implants. Seriously this is space sound track music for lunar spaceports. Let play in the background and it will elevate you.
DOWNLOAD: Sala Daeng MP3 from Twiggy Scratch & the Miders from Spars (2013)

Martin Van Ruin – Bob Dylan meets Neutral Milk Hotel in a mid-western bar submerged in violins and whiskey. This is a great jam. Uplifting how this type of music should be. These Chicago-ians throw it down. The rest of the release is heavy folk rock and I don’t use that term loosely because most that music is pure garbage. On other tracks with big drums laying down on a track called “Wilderness” which has well balanced backing female vocals and slides to support their slithering tempos (solid timing). Good musicians making quality Americana for the people like you and me order beers within our budget for the week. Somewhat reminds me of Los Halos.

DOWNLOAD: Gold and Love and Gin MP3 from Every Man a King.

Emil and Caroline – Make music something like Bjork, disjointed but in sync. I might even hip my daughters to this dreamy Swedish single “Singing In A Choir” because it’s not a regular type of song but you will probably hear it in the club tonight — somewhere around the world. Apparently they were singers who in their younger years were part of a black gospel choir from Camden, New Jersey. Weird Swedes. There is some sense of soul in here. Listen follow them on the facebooks.

Saintseneca – “Happy Alone”From Anti Record. Debut album Dark Arc coming on April 1. I love this video. Bubble head man stuck with his bubble head doing every day things a man with a bubble head will do. Well done. The song is good too!

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Industrial sounds like The Land of Rape & Honey

Industrial sounds like The Land of Rape & Honey

Land of Rape and Honey by MinistryLets look at the facts. Ministry’s – The Land of Rape & Honey came out 23 years ago today. The governmant has given away trillions of dollars to the banks. So much so they might as well had given each of US born Americans 50 thousand each. We’ll never see it and somehow we’ll be paying for that as the dept grows day by day. Billion and billions. That’s sort of like rape or the gift that keeps giving — ain’t it? The best part about industrial music is that it’s relentless. There is a punishment. A Pounding drive your soul to this dark side. Disturbing sounds relentlessly are measures of music mess with your guts. Make you question your sanity. Your ears bleed when it’s good. Your body is taken over by satan or some dark figure wearing leather. You’re haunted and entranced at the same time by the bass which threads your mind all together with visions you know are wrong. Copulation with sewn-up wounds somehow sound appealing and the norm in this world is taking everything to the edge.

Stigmata MP3 by Ministry

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