How Vinyl Records Are made (1956) RCA Victor Film

How Vinyl Records Are made (1956) RCA Victor Film


This is a really old technicolor film made by RCA Victor Corporation in 1956 which demonstrates how music goes from performance to how actual vinyl records are made. Going into a step by step examples of the production process which is totally riveting. Starting with a live instrumental recording being taped, how a lacqour master is made (The Grandfather), the duplication of the master, how a mold is created, and getting the duplication of the mold ready for mass production of your latest audio masterpiece.

The biggest take-away is that Loud passages need more space between grooves. Lower passages need less space between the recorded grooves so there are definite rules on much music should go on each side of a album. The cutting stylus is a small piece of sapphire which is heated. This is pain staking operation and in time you will have a laquor master for which you can mass produce records.

How to make a record lacquer to stamper

Nothing but the highest fidelity standards here kids in this film…