Best New Christmas Songs for 2014

Best New Christmas Songs for 2014

This is our obligatory Xmas song post. We like this time of year where we get to dig into our emails and find the best new Christmas songs for 2014. Hope you enjoy!

The Church do “XMAS”. Their sound can never be mistaken for another.

This season a nice compilation of rarities and standards called All Is Bright, is an exclusive playlist of newly-recorded holiday songs on Amazon with music by some of our favorite gals Liz Phair, Lucinda Williams, Beth Orton and Yoko Ono & Flaming Lips doing a wonderful version of “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”


DOWNLOAD: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Check out The Grubby Mitts Christmas single that was made especially for Tom Ravenscroft’s BBC6Music festive radio program.

DOWNLOAD: Come on Home For Christmas_master01


CHeck out the xmas single by the band Cafeine from their album NEW LOVE out Feb 17 – USA (Indica Records)

2013 – Christmas Playlist w/ Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra & more!
2013 – Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records
2012 – On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…
2011 – CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist by DJ TONE
2010 – No Christmas Card To Send
Music fan holiday gift ideas and tunes


10 Great Christmas Gift ideas for Hipsters and Punks

10 Great Christmas Gift ideas for Hipsters and Punks

Getting the perfect gift is hard. I always struggle with what to get people but if I was buying stuff for myself. Here’s 10 things I would get for your significant other so you can come-off as cool.

Hipster Gift Idea vinyl bundle set.
10) Who does not like Pavement? Funny thing is these releases were more than likely originally purchased on CD. I’m sure they were available on CD but vinyl was not the thing in the 90’s for most major indie releases. [ From Insound ]

Gift ideas for Skaters
9) No big secret around here our sneaker of leisure are vans. In particular the slip on style. These are hands down the most comfortable sneakers ever invented. Not for crazy active sports. Good for skating and doing high-kicks on stage. [SHOP ON FANS]

Stop snoring
8) Does your girlfriend kick you out of bed? Want to give her something cute? How about the Snore Stopper Boxing Glove available from FANCY?

7) Oh the irony of this Banksy Destroy Capitalism print. Which was just pulled from Walmart for copyright infringement. Or was it? Who knows. Not sure most hipsters would be able to swings $800. Much less $50. [slate] But a cool poster can be cool if you don’t have to live with it forever.

bloody tshirt print
6) I’m fine tee. Shit I was shot bloody t-shirt screen print is the ultimate of bravado statements for your macho boyfriend. Funny at a whole new level from Fancy. $22

tetris cofee mug for gamers
5) Coffee and game lovers behold Tetris mug! $13 + shipping. What? Also from Fancy.

Long Board Skate board made walnut
4) For only $625 you too can ride in style from this Long Board from Tommy Bahama. Pretty Fancy. Walnut wingnut for wall street surfers. I really want this.

Evolution of bike
3) The evolution of the bike. Cool poster art that could live on once you move out of your apartment for $27.[fancy it]

spork keychain gift idea
2) This is probably my favorite low cost gift. It’s a spork! Yes a keychain too but you’ll never not have a spoon on hand or a fork. So no more wasted plastic so your loved one can decrease their carbon footprint. $15 [Fancy]

1) Get your own spy drone for cheap for $179 the HUBSAN X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera. I want one of these. Not sure I can fly it around my neighborhood but how cool!

Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records

Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records

Best Holiday Christmas & Holiday SIngles via Ample Play Records

HOLIDAY SINGLES: We like holiday music around these parts. We scoffed in early November because it was just too early but now that the turkey has bought the farm. It’s on and time to annoy your co-workers! This new one is a great Christmas split stocking stuffer single via ample play records(UK)! Classic reverb drenching psych-rock with The Sudden Death of Stars on side A & the Beat Mark on side AA. “What is Winter Good for?” comes complete with a very groovy bass line and church bells. Sound very much early 60’s rock-n-roll in the vein of yardbirds. On the flip side sleigh bells get you in the mood for “Christmas Blossom” by Beat Mark. This will be be available Dec 9th.

If you enjoy classic big band sounds then Rory Partin featuring his wife Alexa James doing up the classic live “Baby It’s Cold Outside” might warm up your coal soaked heart. Yup fans of Frank and Harry Connick, Jr. will be humming this once again.

More Christmas playlists songs:
CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist by our own DJ Tone
No Christmas Cards to send X-mas playlist (Get Grinch Song!)
Music fan holiday gift ideas and tunes

On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…

On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…

Although my facebook friends only got to the eighth line their hearts and twisted minds were in the right place. Merry Christmas from the Review Stalker music blog.

On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…
A Haz-Mat suit filled with candy
[ Unsane – Hazmat MP3 }
An extra hour of sleep ( because you’re playing with the casino’s money)
3 crashing asteroids
[ The Platters – Blue Christmas MP3 }
4 firey fault lines
[ Archers of Loaf – Plumb line MP3 ]

5 Golden ruins…
{ The Posies – Golden Blunders MP3 ]
6 tsunamis surging…
[ Mochipet – Jingle Crunk MP3 }
7 jackass church dudes…
[ The Church – Already Yesterday MP3 }
8 Octomoms Stripping
[ Jet Boys – Merry Christmas, Fuck You MP3 ]

Ok now it’s your turn in the comments to help finish this off. Thanks

Christmas on Mars Deluxe edition dvd by The Flaming Lips

The time has come to order the Flaming Lips Christmas on Mars DVD is now available. In true Wayne Wonka Coyne style there are 10 golden tickets inside the popcorn box that gets you into their new years eve party in Oklahoma City this year. Sorry no boobie lady comes with the popcorn made by all super heroes and animals in Flaming Lips factory but you do get a bumper sticker and T-shirt. I am excited and can’t wait to enjoy this flick that is 7 years in the making. Scene stealer interview >>

Top 35 Billboard hits on 45s for $275,000.00

Top 35 Billboard hits on 45s for $275,000.00

Dear Bazillionaires, With all money to burn in this economy i think it would be prudent that you bought me a gift with your winnings at the AIG Las Vegas get-away. Neiman Marcus has an exclusive set of 7″ forty-fives from Billboard Top 100® Rock and Pop charts from Jan. 1, 1955, through Dec. 31, 1990 for sale for this holiday season as part of their crazy holiday gifts ideas bag. Since I am paying for this anyway with my taxes, i figure i might as well get a little something something from you this year in the form of collectables. It will take us a while to listen to these so we might have to go on a sky trip or something where can throw a dance party by the fire listening to Jimi, Janis and Smokey Robinson. There are some 18,400 records total and some are even autographed by the Artists. I will supply the turn-tables! Thanks.

Best Christmas Song mp3 blog posts of 2007

Best Christmas Song mp3 blog posts of 2007

As we all prepare for our office parties, some of us are thinking about the Xmas-holiday playlist for those miserable couple hours of small talk. Have no fear the Review Stalker is here!
To start out with this list of lists. The Flamming Lips always have the best attitude toward this time of year. If you have seen them live before you know what I mean(there has never been a show of their’s where I didn’t walk away all fuzzy inside), where they wish it were Christmas all year around. Get their track from the is/yes blog “Christmas at the Zoo and A Change at Christmas (Say it Isn’t So)“. See them live. buy a record.

Next up: You should visit: Bag of Songs who is posting a track a day until the grand day. I say just do it all at once but here are a few highlights so far. Elvis Presley – “Merry Christmas Baby” day 10,Ryan Adams – “Hey Parker, It’s Christmas” Day 9,
and John Lennon’s – Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Day 8.

For indie prog rockers check out The Dismemberment Plan – This Christmas. it’s not very jingly but Alas a cool track posted on can you see the sunset. If you dig the older rock, posted Redd Kross’s – “Super Sunny Christmas”,Ramones – “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight)” and Rufus Wainwright – “Spotlight On Christmas”. If you dig these you are now in the AAA market. (Adult Alternative)

There is a Excellent 2 zip 45 song set here featuring, Yo La Tengo ~ “Rock N Roll Santa”, Jamaica All Stars ~ “Here Comes Santa Claus”, Neko Case ~ “Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis” and Mogwai ~ “Christmas Song” and a whole vatte full of other nuggets. Finally to add to your holiday misery office party
dig these highlights: john denver – please daddy (don’t get drunk this christmas), the staple singers – who took the merry out of christmas?
or steve martin – five wishes on christmas . go to site and down the leather canary xmas mix


Thanksgiving Music from Arlo Guthrie, Wilco and true love

Thanksgiving Music from Arlo Guthrie, Wilco and true love

I always think about a few things during thanks giving. One of them is obviously Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant. Try snagging a mp3 to annoy your co-workers here and from time has told me. i also think about the song true love will find you in the end, there are some free versions of said song by Jad fair/Kramer, Daniel Johnston, Wilco, Beck and Spiritualized from the product shop blog. The third thing is Egg Nog.

Best Scary Ghoul Halloween music blog posts

Best Scary Ghoul Halloween music blog posts

I love this spooky time of year. Some people are into it and others are a bunch of grinches. Although, I didn’t have the time to costume up although I am the man in black today, my daughter is going to be butterfly. Damn cute one although she cried during the photo op. Here are some of the best festive bloggers with some spooky halloween music for the taking and sharing.
Ear Farm has three halloween posts promoting his show tonight
Brooklyn vegan gets down with some costume pics of people spoofing Amy Winehouse and some monster tracks including Torme!
Heart on a sticks Halloween mash
Creative Tech shows off some Album Halloween Art
Monster Mash Mash-ups by Culture bully for you mix-o-holics
More really scary old stuff here.