Holiday Single: “A Can of Simoniz” can help buy a homeless person sandwiches

Holiday Single: “A Can of Simoniz” can help buy a homeless person sandwiches

FREE HOLIDAY SINGLE: Every year around this time of year our Hoboken friend Saint Brian Musikoff; who is the bass player in Stuyvesant, a cartoonist, and a bartender releases a track for the world to hum and sing. This year’s tune was recorded as part of the New Jersey classic and 27th annual Jon Solomon 25HR Holiday Marathon Show on WPRB in Princeton. Listen live to the program Christmas Eve at 5:00 pm ET until Christmas day at 6:00 pm EST.

“A Can of Simoniz” is a great swirling thistly tune complete with slay bells, some polished indie-tude mistletoe sung by Renée LoBue and backed by Daniel Darragh( Risk/Reward) on Drums, Tom Beaujour(True Love) on the guitar and the bass playing of Saint MusiKoff. Far from that recycled holiday fruit-cake but just as tasty looking to our ear holes.

As a bonus to inspire some holiday high stepping cheer, if you contribute any amount for the track, Mr. Musikoff will help Saint John Houlihan of Queen’s feed those in need via his Let’s Start With A Sandwich go fund me campaign which has been running for the past 2 years. Yes that is right, delicious sandwiches will be delivered to the homeless as he travels in New York to feed some hungry unsuspecting folks. $6,300 has been raised to date from donations which is 100% pure sandwich money for this actionable cause at

DOWNLOAD AND SUPPORT 2015 – “A Can of Simoniz” here

2014 – Its Christmas, Mom’s Jewish In Phoenix

Best New Christmas Songs for 2014

Best New Christmas Songs for 2014

This is our obligatory Xmas song post. We like this time of year where we get to dig into our emails and find the best new Christmas songs for 2014. Hope you enjoy!

The Church do “XMAS”. Their sound can never be mistaken for another.

This season a nice compilation of rarities and standards called All Is Bright, is an exclusive playlist of newly-recorded holiday songs on Amazon with music by some of our favorite gals Liz Phair, Lucinda Williams, Beth Orton and Yoko Ono & Flaming Lips doing a wonderful version of “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”


DOWNLOAD: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Check out The Grubby Mitts Christmas single that was made especially for Tom Ravenscroft’s BBC6Music festive radio program.

DOWNLOAD: Come on Home For Christmas_master01


CHeck out the xmas single by the band Cafeine from their album NEW LOVE out Feb 17 – USA (Indica Records)

2013 – Christmas Playlist w/ Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra & more!
2013 – Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records
2012 – On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…
2011 – CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist by DJ TONE
2010 – No Christmas Card To Send
Music fan holiday gift ideas and tunes


Christmas Playlist w/ Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra & more!

Christmas Playlist w/ Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra & more!

Elvis Presley Christmas Album Playlists!

HOLIDAY PLAYLIST: Here’s something new from the very classic lady Nancy Sinatra, something not so new from Elvis Presley and always christmas sounding Booker T & the M.G.s.

1) Santa Claus Is Back in Town MP3 by Elvis Presley [Shop Insound]
2) “Holly Holy” by Nancy Sinatra from Shifting Gears [iTunes]

3) Jingle Bells MP3 by Booker T & The M.G.s [Shop Insound]
4) Nothing For Me MP3 by The Muffs from Happy Birthday Baby Jesus VolI [Shop Insound]
5) Blue Christmas MP3 by The Platters from R&B Christmas – The Heart & Soul of Christmas [Shop Insound]
6) Little Saint Nick COVER MP3 by She & Him from A Very She & Him Christmas Originally written by Brian Wilson/Mike Love. [Shop Insound]

More to come!

More Christmas Playlists songs for you:
Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records
CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist by our very own cheery DJ Tone

On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…

On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…

Although my facebook friends only got to the eighth line their hearts and twisted minds were in the right place. Merry Christmas from the Review Stalker music blog.

On the first day of the Apocalypse my true love gave to me…
A Haz-Mat suit filled with candy
[ Unsane – Hazmat MP3 }
An extra hour of sleep ( because you’re playing with the casino’s money)
3 crashing asteroids
[ The Platters – Blue Christmas MP3 }
4 firey fault lines
[ Archers of Loaf – Plumb line MP3 ]

5 Golden ruins…
{ The Posies – Golden Blunders MP3 ]
6 tsunamis surging…
[ Mochipet – Jingle Crunk MP3 }
7 jackass church dudes…
[ The Church – Already Yesterday MP3 }
8 Octomoms Stripping
[ Jet Boys – Merry Christmas, Fuck You MP3 ]

Ok now it’s your turn in the comments to help finish this off. Thanks

Dear Protestors- Can we protest you on Mayday?

Dear Protestors- Can we protest you on Mayday?

Andry Pacifists protesting on Mayday

Dear Protestors protesting something:
Get a fucking job already. I don’t care if you flip burgers or take tickets at a theater Do something so you’re not sucking off your parents tit already. Learn a little respect and then once you realize how complicated things really are maybe you will contribute a little something to society. I don’t care if it’s in back-alley or on the corner even that is a service but as the Butthole Surfers say

…it’s better to regret something you’ve done than something you haven’t…

Whatever it is; unless your a farmer you can’t live off the land because even begging takes effort and you are reliant on some other working fools to work. So unless you have mental issue or nobody ever gave you break. Get a Mcjob you can’t intern your whole damn life.

Working stiffs unite and protest the protestors.

Here’s a bunch of songs associated to work:
I Can’t Wait to Get Off to Work MP3 by Tom Waits live in Berlin 1977
Paperwork MP3 by Hot Snakes from Suicide Invoice
Working Girls (Sunlight Shines) MP3 by The Pernice Brothers from The World Won’t End.
Work All Day (Sleep All Night) MP3 by The Creation from We Are Painterman

Irish Music of The Pogues & The Frames

Irish Music of The Pogues & The Frames

There are many many great bands that I’d say are truly Irish and tons of no name heroes who play the traditional stuff in pubs around world. Obviously there’s U2 but just as important to me are The Pogues and The Frames. Both of these bands embody some pretty stunning lyrics and music that really captures this culture of travelers along with the spirited charm of the Irish. Lets not forget songs about the green beer.

I remember seeing Glen Hansard the singer for The Frames play at this small gallery called Be in Asbury Park, NJ to about 50 people with all these other singer songwriters playing sets before he went on. Oh and by the way I used to hate this genre but seemed like a mellow evening. Mostly because I associated the genre to James Taylor (whole other story there). That is until I saw Glen perform. Holy Cow. On personality alone he’s a great Ambassador to his country on another note he embodies all this stuff I list above. He’s a meastro of his audience and makes some pretty dynamic music and to me I thought there was a whole band behind him when it was just him. Then you see his band (4 or 5 times over the years) and you understand this troubadour. You probably just know him from that Once movie with Marketa Irglova. Regardless if you ever get a chance go out of your way. Even if you only know a few songs he’ll have you singing songs; even ones you don’t know.

On the other end. What I always thought of with Irish bands were The Pogues. Smoking and drinking at the pub, dancing the ghig and good old fun until your liver gives out. The beauty beyond all these things have always been the lyrics and stories as sung by Shane Mcgowan. Lord knows you can’t understand them if they are not singing but it’s what makes these songs like living poems. Anyway here’s a a couple from each band. I think you know what U2 sounds like.

Here’s some music:
Sally Mclennane & Dirty Old Town MP3s by The Pogues from Rum, Sodomy & the Lash [Buy]
People Get Ready MP3 by The Frames Live at Lollapalooza 2006.
What Happens When The Heart Just Stops MP3 from a live frames album called Set-List. Totally half comedy and song about a dog followed by the saddest song in world. [Buy]

Misc Irish Drinking Songs:
Whiskey, You’re The Devil MP3 by The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
Drink It Up Men MP3
Beer, Beer, Beer MP3
Bugger Off MP3

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Thanksgiving Day Massacre by The Chinese Stars

Thanksgiving Day Massacre by The Chinese Stars

The Chinese Stars

Thanksgiving Day Massacre MP3 by The Chinese Stars

You dig prog and are anti-holiday then you will love “Thanksgiving Day Massacre” by The Chinese Stars from their 2009 release Heaven on Speed Dial from Anchor Brain label. Think Deerhunter but with more screwed up vocals. A perfect track for to screw people up in your holiday music mix. Features Craig Kureck and Eric Paul formerly of Arab on Radar in this noise unit + another from Six Finger Satellite make up this bastard rock. Chances are if any of these guys were invited to your Thanks Giving celebration they certainly would say something uncomfortable to help get party going or start a fight. Like did you know that in “In 1868 you could get a room, a hooker, and a bottle of whiskey for $2.75. Those were the days… Now that costs $1570.53” – Joke courtesy of @kirkfox. Ok maybe we’re taking you way out but that is sort of the point with music. It’s dark, creepy and surly. Enjoy!

Short music mix for fisting turkeys and waddlers:

Thanksgiving Day Massacre MP3 by The Chinese Stars [Buy]
My Mind Is a Muffler MP3 by Arab on Radar from Yahweh or the Highway [Buy]
Hot Food MP3 by Six Finger Satellite from A Good Year for Hardness [Buy]