GoPro Chronicals: Mudderella 2014 New Jersey

GoPro Chronicals: Mudderella 2014 New Jersey

Muderella 2014 New Jersey
GoPro Chronicals: So much fun was had at this years New York/New Jersey Muderrella event. Here’s the video I edited and put together within 24hrs of the mudfes. There were 5 miles of obstacle, tutus, and team Comradery at the fest. Was a marathon to say the least running around the course catching all the action without falling on my ass or loosing a show in the sticky mud. Every group took off down the motocross field every hour after a little warm-up. 1,000’s of people running amuck (haha) through the course. Everybody we captured on film genuinely seemed to be having a great time and showed their spirit animals. I would of loved to have a drone to capture more overhead shorts but maybe next year right?

Music in this video by The Joy Formidable and a song called “whirring” from their amazing album THE BIG ROAR (2011). I hope they don’t get to mad but I think it really captures the energy of these tough mudders and we hope it brings some notice to some of the Muderella organization’s partners Futures without violence and refuge.

Here’s the group of ladies that were in the first wave. I finally caught up with them on the CRUSH IT slide at the last obstacle before the finish line.

Mudderella group Shot 2014 New Jersey

GoPro Chronicles: Chemtrail vs Contrails – GeoEngineering over NJ?
Best GoPro film soundtrack ideas – Captain Beefheart
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GoPro Chronicles: Chemtrail vs Contrails – GeoEngineering over NJ?

GoPro Chronicles: Chemtrail vs Contrails – GeoEngineering over NJ?

GeoEngineering over NJ? Chemtrails or Contrails
GOPRO CHRONICLES: Nobody looks up into the sky. Lets admit it. We might glance up at the stars every once in awhile but during the day we either see clouds or blue skies. The reality is that this real-estate is managed by air traffic controllers, the Airforce and known flight patterns that we know of; but besides that we the people are not really aware of any thing else that goes on up there in our airspace. Who is doing things that affect our environment? Our necks work and we can see when the weather man confirms it’s going to rain or snow. But they say never anything. They just read what is in front of them. That is what “news” anchors do. This video was shot last week, february 20th & 19th 2014. There are a lot more questions than answers. Watch this video.

Background music by My Bloody Valentine “No More Sorry” from their album Isn’t Anything (1988)

Last winter we experience about 25″ of snow in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area. This year it’s double the amount of snow. The reality was though that it was very warm and we’ve had these crazy catastrophic and paralyzing storms like Sandy, etc and down in Atlanta that have never had snow. This year it’s dramatically different and I wonder who is driving the weather? And Why? What is in the stuff that is in the sky? What aren’t we being told? We hear about global warming and slowly people are starting to wake-up but is our “government” doing something the issue without causing wide spread panic and recognizing the facts. The technology has been there to create man made snow on sky slopes for decades but not at this scale.

fIREHOSE –Chemical Wire MP3 from Ragin’, Full-On (1986)
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Chemical, Chemical MP3 from The New Romance (2003)
Aviso’Hara –Better Living Through Chemistry MP3 from goodnight sweetheart (1999)

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Geoengineering – This video explains the issues of aluminum in the sky pretty well. Even fox news is asking questions.

Best GoPro film soundtrack ideas – Captain Beefheart

Best GoPro film soundtrack ideas – Captain Beefheart

Safe As Milk Captain Beefheart

The GoPro Chronicles: I got introduced to Captain Beefheart in high school by a friend who was really into The Greatful Dead but I didnt’ really appreciate this type of music till much later. I went more prog then onto punk/alternative. The jury is still out on the Dead though. It’s these weird herky-jerky type of moody tunes that will make for great GoPro or movie soundtracks, when the cuts are quick and disorientating so your film seem to cruise along.

Anyway, here’s a few other songs I think that might be good for a variety of camera moves. The sound bed you lay down in the background is essential to your edit for your family film. Sets a mood you can’t put into words and sets expectations. The subtle way you transition to each scene from verse to chorus will make your edit seems like it’s moving faster or slower. When shooting don’t forget to pan left and right, up and down slowly and steadily for the best B-Roll. The GoPro is much more forgiving when you shoot a fast frame rate. Which on the silver is between 30-60 FPS. You can never have enough B-Roll. Ever.

Obviously, you might not be able to easily afford clearing these songs but to practice yours skills they are great; the point is its a important to be familiar with the song. Not everybody is going to be able to score their own music. That would be ridiculous. Obviously unless you are making a rock video and shooting specifically for that song. There are millions of songs that you can lay-in while you find the perfect one. But there is always the risk of falling in love with something that just does not work. Anyway, here’s some ideas to get you thinking for something moody. This was also my first GoPro shoot. There are just 25-30 transitions in this one(guestimate). So as always enjoy the tunes and thanks for watching!

Captain Beefheart – Zig Zag Wanderer MP3 from Safe as Milk (1967)
Frank Zappa –Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow MP3 from Apostrophe (‘)(1974)
R.E.M. –Camera MP3 from Reckoning (1984)
Throwing Muses –film (2013)
Residents –Boots from Meet The Residents(1974)
The Plugz –El Clavo Y La Cruz MP3 from the Repo Man Soundtrack (1984)
Built to Spill –I Dim Our Angst In Agony MP3 from The Electronic Anthology Project (2010)

Here’s some other edits that I did after first one that worked brialiantly.

MUDDERELLA 2014 NEW JERSEY – The Joy Formiddable w/ “Whirring”


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