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The best Sublime Summertime remixes – Doin’ Time

REMIXES: I know we all hope summertime gets here fucking soon. This winter has been miserable and especially for people down south who have never seen snow! I remember a summertime many moons ago where I was working at the … Continue reading

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Your Techo Funk Soul Playlist Revisited

Here’s a perfect example of what we were talking about recently with PE & Gil Scott Heron influencing the many borrowing and sampling from the best with a permanent effect on pop music. This can’t be denied. Give The Drummer … Continue reading

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Sound Station Grooves & Collectibles

PLACES: Sound Station, Westfield NJ. You can always count on Bob and Liz to have some great stuff right there on the waterfall rack begging for you take them home. So if your’re wondering where to take a drive to … Continue reading

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Make it a funky New Years – Happy 2011!

Here’s a few last minute funky jamz to ring in the New Year! Any of these tunes will spruce up your set-list. Happy Downloading: Let’s Rave On by The Ravenettes from Chain Gang Of Love Flavor by JSBX from Orange … Continue reading

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Eclectic Psychedelic Funk Artists

I’ll admit I am a late comer to the Psychedelic Funk genre and i meander into stuff that is little more drum and bass but currently I’ve been mindlessly picking up things that look interesting. Here’s a few tracks from … Continue reading

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Keep it funky and groovy by Lefties Soul Connection

I was in the mood for some funky sheet and it all found me today so sharing it with you. Lefties Soul Connection’s record Skim skimming The Skum is the real deal. Meters dig it and so should you. Recorded … Continue reading

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