Singles and Bands to Watch: Yes Sunshine, Friendly Faux, Colour of Bone, Drunk Robots & Ryan Joseph Anderson

Singles and Bands to Watch: Yes Sunshine, Friendly Faux, Colour of Bone, Drunk Robots & Ryan Joseph Anderson

Here’s the latest singles and bands to watch with some really great tunes and sounds from the US and across the pond.

Yes Sunshine band mint 400 records

Recently added to the Mint 400 Records roster is a fast mod psyche band called Yes Sunshine from Coventry,England. We think they embody that fast paced feel we dig from UK type bands like Pete and The Pirates and a more polished version of The Jam.
Yes Sunshine band on Mint 400 Records
Here’s a quick 5 question interview with the band Yest Sunshine to peak your interest. They will be featured on the coming Mint 400 Records Compilation “Patchwork” which is due out this September! So watch our twitter space for more.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?
Well we consider our music to be a mixture of indie,rock,and punk. We are heavily influenced by artists such Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Oasis, Pixies, Libertines and of course The Beatles.
What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)
Well our songs are mainly about, social observations, experiences, teenage angst, and I guess you could say of course love and girls.

What are the differences you see between US rock and British rock at the present moment?
At present we are really enjoying the current New York scene. Bands like Skaters and Drowners are really influencing us. I think there is a visible punk vibe at the minute that new wave UK bands are representing more than US bands.

What has been your biggest challenge as a songwriters? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
The biggest challenge has been over coming the brick wall. Some days nothing clicks, tensions run high and you can’t even string a sentence of lyrics together. We find that the process of song writing can’t be forced. If it’s going to happen, it will happen when it’s ready. When it does, everything falls into place and everything flows. There’s a buzz and you know you’ve got a worthy song.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Be committed. Make the necessary sacrifices. Never give up. And practice, practice, practice.

Friendly Faux three left EP review
Psyche, Grunge, Alternative rock whatever it is if it has distortion delivered like Friendly Faux we like it and if they “don’t make any rights” is what I’m usually known to say to my driver when I’m skunk drunk I think we’ll get along here people. We’re super simple this way especially if the bass player is digging in like he is in this mother fucker. Seriously, check out these Columbus Ohio rocksters who can swing the blues big time if they want and rock it out with a few classic arena rock Alice in Chains type backing vocals but yet keep it dirty like a diesel monster truck drag racing down main street. I’m a sucker for power trios and these guys hit it and quit it in all the right places with their no frills rock. These tunes are from their second digital release EP called Three Lefts and we think you should grab the whole thing from them on their bandcamp. The s/t lead track is the dope we’re talking about and make it one louder.

DOWNLOAD: three lefts MP3

Colour of Bone sympathiser single

Next up is the UK’s Colour of Bone – which is this weird electronic mix of big house bass romp and roc-rave music on their single called “THE SUPERSTITIOUS TWIST”; whilst I’m not sure why all songs must yell at me in capital letters. This one at 80hz is sure to leave you a little deaf perhaps. The artwork is explosive in that BIG DATA kind of way but i guess people like their head exploding. Classify ‘Sympathiser’ under Alt-Elec-Rock along with your mescaline and speed. This music brings out certain musical texture you don’t actually need to be high to understand. It grunges out when need when the Beasties bring that beat around.

Drunk Robots glorious noise

I don’t know much about this electronic slow dub project called Drunk Robots from Portugal but I like it. Here’s a track called “have you seen my glasses” from the 22 track album organiosed. Good experimentation with noise, ambient sounds and electronic rock. Pretty mellow but not put you to sleep mellow. Creepy yet carries a melody like Air intrumentals. Drop-off and explore Drunk Robots.

“Fortune and Fate” by Ryan Joseph Anderson from his record The Weaver’s Broom, which was recorded in Nashville by engineer/producer Andrja Tokic (known for his work with Alabama Shakes). Good alt country. Very dark stop motion video which is back by a great whiskey voice teetering on to raspy but much better than Deer Tick’s country swagger. We like this Ryan Joseph Anderson fella.

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Singles and Bands to Watch: Sex Scheme, Dead, Barrows & De Duiven

Singles and Bands to Watch: Sex Scheme, Dead, Barrows & De Duiven


Sex Scheme – “Feel Me” – We’ve gone all dark and goth blues on you fuckheads. Actually you’re all fuck-heads because this music is your punishment by the group known as Sex Scheme. We don’t know much except their drummer wrote all this “music”. You can order this 7″ for $5.00 from their bandcamp page which is four songs that bleed into each other with such stellar deft. You should be whipped because with songs like “Dog Slut” and “Eat It” how could you go wrong? Seriously, do you need to know anything because if you do I might need to stab you.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Feel Me by Sex Scheme

Dead – from France VERSE’ EP is hybrid punk and just the smallest bit of electronic bullshit we’ll allow to stream through our ears and on the RS blog. Music for vampires probably. Who cares its pure hot lava that will eat right through your soul and doesn’t sound anything like Gerry Garcia because that would be weird. Blast this.

Barrows Red Giant metal single
Barrows – How metal instrumental are you? If you like the deafheaven but without the annoying screaming then you will dig Los Angeles instrumental rock quartet Barrows tune “Red Giant”. Lots of grinding bass and lead guitar hammering. Head bang at will and download this jem.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Red Giant by Barrows

De Duiven – DU – Probably one of the weirder videos we’ve seen in a long time. No hot german chick here for sure but there is a blonde rolling a keg around. Not sure why. This is akin to– Fucking hell if I know. Even when you thought it could be possible to be less wordy than “Da Da Da” by trio. You’ll just have to watch and take our word for it. Dream pop gone wrong. What in the Benny Hill? Does not even begin to justify the next four minutes. We’ll say this. De Duiven has more integrity than “What would the fox say” and that is a giant compliment. Like the facebooks for more german art school humour.

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Singles & Bands to Watch: Mutes, Stagnant Pools, Milan Jay, The Van Doos and Distortion Girls
The Great American Novel, Afghan Whigs, wyd:syd & Otherkin

Official Trailer: Amphetamine Reptile Records Documentary – The Color of Noise

Official Trailer: Amphetamine Reptile Records Documentary – The Color of Noise

Color of Noise Amp Rep Documentary

The Color of Noise Third Man Record is going to premier the film by writer/director Eric Robel May 30th 2014 in Tennessee. The film has been in the works for over the past few years. In this documentary Robel interviews all of the bands that were on Tom Hazelmeyer’s record label Amphetamine Reptile Records(AMREP). These were mostly the bands that made the 1990’s notorious in a few small cirlces of fanzine, artists and record geek’s worlds like myself. Most of these bands never went on to do anything else except be on tour but one thing was certain they were all part of a gang that appreciated the same aesthetic sonically. There were many and I can say that The Research and Development picture disc series was an example of somebody with vision. Every 7″ was something you might find in a very twisted S&M gallery. Many underground artists before basement shows were a huge thing that you may have ever heard. Tom (HAZE XLL) had it under control and gladly put things out there in the hopes of grabbing your attention even if he never really was able to “cash-in”. DOPE-GUNS’N FUCKING IN THE STREETS 7″ compilation EP series was another of my favorite comps from this era of noise rock. You got a great bang for your buck. usually four bands and zero complaints. One’s you might have heard of like Mudhoney and rest were there laying to waste your turn-table for the afternoon. In this series there was always a simple illustration right smack in the middle of the custom typography were items like a used condom, needle or vibrator. All these Bands were part of this world that bands like Helmet and the Cows played. These were my go to bands to see play live at CBGB’s and other parts of NJ and NYC. If I didn’t know about them Tom made sure that 50 of us did so music by Tar, Janitor Joe, Unsane or Hammerhead had a small but loyal audiencee. A club within a club of punk because this music was not necessarily as popular as Nirvana got to be or would it ever become. It was dangerous and the poster Artwork for the show alone made it intriguing with guys like Derek Hess, Coop and Kozik. Album art produced by Hazelmeyer made the point clear this was something unique and a one time thing. You should proceed with caution while you blow your ear-drums out and annoy your neighbors but this is something that won’t ever be replicated – a close facsimile maybe. This type of music was an under appreciated sub-genre of grunge because what happened to grunge was a obmination compared to what it really was. Here’s the evidence.


Dope Gun's and Fucking in the streats Amphetamine Reptile Records series

COWS – Almost A God MP3 [SHOP AM-REP]
Lonely Moans – Lots O’ Life MP3 [SHOP AM-REP]
God Bullies – Mussolini MP3 [SHOP AM-REP]

Check out this band from Australia which totally oozes the amp rep sound

Original Trailer Color of Noise. PLUS a couple of more downloads (helmet/cows)

10 Songs About Pot, Marijuana & Ganja You Never heard

10 Songs About Pot, Marijuana & Ganja You Never heard

smoking a joint photo
420: Here’s a bunch of songs about pot. So much great music has been inspired by the Weed and on the weed it’s hard to imagine that the shit is slowly being legalized finally and the government has finally figured out the business of marijuana and that they could tax it like the alcohol and cigarettes to get them out the debt. For a while that is until they fuck it up again and spend their take. Remember the war on drags? What the hell happened to that Gestapo? The really scary part is all the conversations behind the scenes Big Tobacco companies having. Preparing themselves for this day and negotiating with the government on how they can make it work for them — their end of the deal. So we’ll see what happens in the coming years once we’re over the medicinal hump in most of the States. I’m in no way an expert. Anyway, the drug was once vilified and was seen as a harbinger of evil, sex and gluttony. If you’re too high don’t drive. In some cases marijuana is supposed to help people with their some pain, anxieties and as medicinal cancer treatment. So seriously can’t be that bad. You can even make clothing out of the pot. We know we can’t hang with the chronic at all because that stuff has crystals and will make us barf but either way for some other people it’s their beer and we’re ok with that. Life is too boring not to get high on something. To celebrate 420 here’s some songs about pot you may never of heard of before. Please suggest some other songs in the comments below.

“420 Mix” by Ecletic Method – Movie’s best Pot moments mash-up
Let us re-introduce you to Jonny Wilson of Eclectic Method. He’s been a video mixologist and mash-up king before it was a thing. He started out physically splicing together music, TV and film and has been setting high-energy beats made exactly for shaking your groove thing. He’s worked with Brian Eno and is no ordinary VJ. His medium base is Video mixing and he’s always pushing what you can do. We first featured a mash-up of his a few months ago when he shared “A Brief History of Sampling” with us so we hope you enjoy this one. He loves to take current popular culture and bring it to the club, The Colbert Report, soundcloud and anywhere where music is. Hard to keep up with all of his output honestly but once you latch on we promise you will be hooked.

Ok the downloads are below…

Sinsemilla Black Uhuru

The Smoke –have some more tea MP3
Fela Kuti –Expensive Shit (afrobeat) MP3
Willie Nelson –Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die MP3 w/ Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johnson, Kris Kristofferson
PSD Mac Lee –Every damn day i smoke dank MP3
Stoned Jesus –I’m The Mountain MP3
Porter Wagoner –Green Green Grass of Home MP3
Mighty High –Drug War MP3 from Legalize Tre Bags(2012)
Muddy Waters –Champagne & Reefer MP3
The Clash – Safe European Home MP3 Give them enough Rope Because they’ve got the potthey got the palm trees…
Black Uhuru –Sinsemilla MP3 from Sinsemilla (1980 Island Records)

CLASSIC TV EPISODE: Taxi “Latka’s Cookies” [full episode]

Nobody makes TV like this anyway – what amazing show which totally features cociane. Now click that facebook link below and share this pot article with your friend ya’ll! Thank you.

Singles & Bands to Watch: Mutes, Stagnant Pools, Milan Jay, The Van Doos and Distortion Girls

Singles & Bands to Watch: Mutes, Stagnant Pools, Milan Jay, The Van Doos and Distortion Girls

Mutes shoegaze band UK

Here’s your weekly dose of excellent FREE singles and MP3s from around the globe of indie. Some of them are even exclusively found here. We highly suggest you fan them, then support likes of The Van Doos, Milan Jay, Stagnant Pools, Mutes or The Van Doos when they do their thing live. Dudes in bands need fans and if you happen to be a hot chick or handsome bloke even better. Tell them Review Stalker sent you. Because we too like it when bros and gals buy us beers at our local pub. Makes this all worth while as we really do try and filter everything we get to bubble nothing but the best. Enjoy!

Mutes – We love our shoegazer around here and here’s something to crank on the autobahn. This comes out in May on One Note Forever. It’s a washed out track made of faded dreams drenched in sweet delicious reverb. This should actually make you stand straight-up so you can get a better listen right into the speakers and turn this up. facebook them and shit and us to while you’re fucking at it.

DOWNLOAD: M.P.D.G MP3 by Mutes fromt their coming EP

Stagnant Pools – We dug these noisters when we first discovered them last year and we’re still fans. they have a another record coming out June 10th called Geist on Polyvinyl Records. Very sonic youth oriented in all the right ways.

RIYL: Jesus and Marychain

Milan Jay – OK the best way to describe this dirty bass, rap music from Ireland if you took “Gratitude” by the Beasties and mashed it up with KFDM or ministry with some white dudes rapping on it. It’s pretty good. They call themselves a electro band but we think it’s much better than most EDM shit. Here is their track called “Get Ghost” – which you can get on bandcamp and throw them a couple euros.

RIYL: HIP HOP, WARTIME (Andrew Weis, Sim Cain, Rollins)

The Van Doos – Yes, bandwagonesque riff rock that is very very much English in all the right ways. Big loud and crunchy snares hits tilts this to some early oasis or radiohead(pablo honey). Very catchy taster that is going to be on their debut album Fingertips. Highly recommend you download this baby we’re looking forward to the rest already. Their video is pretty cool too and we would be pretty deft if we didn’t point out the artwork looks exactly like our web background skin. Get with the program facehookers.

DOWNLOAD: Airborne MP3 by The Van Doos

Distortion Girls – Evol era (yet a another sonic youth reference) space psyche slow jam. Female led drone vocals that is like slow fucking that is super errie with the organ doing it’s thing in the background. It’s sexy in a very gothic kind of way. If you speed it up to 45 might seem weird. Like them you facehookers. They now have exactly 2 people talking about them.

More free MP3’s
Last week’s Singles & Bands to Watch by: The Great American Novel, Afghan Whigs, wyd:syd & Otherkin

Schtick Bands: The Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress

Schtick Bands: The Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress

Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress
Dear Punks,
We know that many of you debate things like this topic all the time and ask yourself who is your favorite schtick band? Does it have midgets playing kiss covers? “If not then I’m not interested.” But then you promptly go back and listen to bands like these and it’s easy to see the appeal. In our high-court; the debate was settled in a pretty swift duel with our facehookers. Everybody voted democratically to the side of the one that sounded most like AC/DC. Was 4/1. We were also trying to figure where have all the good schtick bands gone? RIP to Oderus Orungus who fronted the #1 band in the solar system in this genre but who else is out there? Besides like mock metal bands like The Darkness. We did find The Weirdest Band Blog to bring us up to speed on some. Which will have to take a dumpster dive and see if any of these other “weird” bands can rock as hard and be as witty as The Upper Crust because you are the audience and we are the entertainment. You deserve to be snobbishly entertained by the best our high-society has to offer. What was fun about seeing is that they made it all about the audience and if you could keep from spitting out your beer betwixt songs you were doing well.

According to one of our in-house rock historians Ray Kubian (Drummer Dean Ween Group, True Love, etc). “The Crust were best as a 5 piece with Lord Rockingham(Ted Widmer), whom also sang lead on some songs and happened to be one of Bill Clinton’s speech writers. When they became a foursome ‘roque’ band Nat Freedberg (Aka Lord Bendover) continued in true aristocratic fashion with other the fops. Nat previously had The Satanics and a band called The Titanics. Both equally awesome bands. Chris Harford does a song called “Broken Man” on his Time Warp Deck album which was penned by Freedberg.” It is rumoured they still continue to play since they began in 1995.

Now on the other side of the make-up for us; seeing a schtick band perform live is the main thing. Clowns for Progress played through solid state amps or at least it sounded like they did versus all of the vintage gear(of course) thee Upper Crust used. All guitards would be drooling by the candle warmth of their sound – the clowns sounded like every other band on epitaph or look-out. We remember the Clowns being kinda brown and pompous dicks at times being NYC darlings of “pop punk”. We didn’t understand and saw them a few times and had a good time either way. Anyway, we digress. Their songs were good on paper but personality wise we just enjoyed poofs more. Let us know what you think. We want to know. We like the Clown’s taste of covers so we will generously give them that.


Clowns for Progress
Hurt Me Baby MP3
Martian MP3
Kids are alright (The Who Cover) MP3


Upper Crust
Rock ‘n’ Roll Butler MP3
Let Them Eat Rock MP3

We’re Finished With Finishing School

Wu-Tang Clan’s – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin – Is not an Album

Wu-Tang Clan’s – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin – Is not an Album

This object will be encased in a silver and nickel box crafted by British-Moroccan artist Yahya

This object will be encased in a silver and nickel box crafted by British-Moroccan artist Yahya

SIGN WITH BEYONCE’S BLOOD HERE __________________________:
Technically speaking WU-TANG CLAN’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is not an Album. This is 100% a transparent marketing stunt they are claiming will be art with a ridiculous million dollar price tag on “it” that nobody has even heard yet. Sure music, which is written and recorded, is a form of Art but this might as well be a hologram at this point. No fucking argument, but is something this exclusive need to be treated like Noah’s Ark? Shouldn’t music be intended for the masses to make it accepted? We’re clapping with one hand at the extremeness but it does distort the concept of making affordable art in the adopted album formats. In particular music like Hip-Hop was created for the voice of the people in streets. These folks actually might want to hear these hardcore rappers do their 90′s thing again. I know I do. Music is best when it’s a communal experience where everybody can take part. Makes it functional. This stunt is what is for sale. Maybe the music was blessed by Chinese monks and recorded in a high-priest monastery in order to keep a lid on its existence. Even if these collected pieces of recorded music travels around the world will it not be a silent auction? People will be padded down and checked for recording devices before they can swap on some swank headphones for an exclusive listen. We can’t even tell you any thing about what the recording sounds like or if it has any value as a collection of songs but allegedly it’s supposed to revert to their original beats. People will hopefully be able to take their picture with said shiny object and then swarm the Internet with more hype. We’ll make a prediction that this recording will eventually be leaked, as its existence is no longer a “secret”. A real stunt would be cementing a Boombox in Times Square playing the double album or in a loop under the Brooklyn Bridge as an installment for the people.


RZA WU-TANG CLAN This is not an album
One of the reasons vinyl is making a comeback for a growing chunk of music fans is they want something tangible and exclusively theirs. Something they can hold, cherish and listen to with their friends. Even cassettes are making a comeback and those things sounded awful. Even if music these days is so devalued according to their leader RZA. The reality is most Millennials have never walked into a record store; so how do they even know what an album is? So we ask you can Once Upon a Time in Shoalin even claim itself to be an “album”? Lets also keep in mind RZA’s net worth is reportedly over $18 Million and we’re sure this ploy will add-up with ticket and merchandise sales for the group. That is where the cash money really is. Additional “sales” or streams are just a fraction of the culture they are selling back. It’s not really about the music anymore for groups that are as successful as WU-TANG. Sure enough this is just another karate chop right to the wallets of music fans.

Wu-Tang Clan –side b MP3 Original Freestyle Tape
Wu-Tang Clan –Mystagogue Vol. II MP3 (prod. by RZA) (1996)
Wu-Tang Clan –Deadly Darts MP3 Artist: Ghostface Killah feat. Streetlife & Method Man Album: Deadly Darts/Sunshower (Vinyl 12″ single)
Produced by: RZA Year: 1996/1997 – This last track is the original version off the song “Box In Hand” from Ghostface Killah’s debut album Ironman.

Eclectic Method brings you – A Brief History of Sampling
MORE DOWNLOADS: Your Techo Funk Soul Playlist Revisited
Goodbye Kiss.FM –DJ Red Alert Goes Bazerk
Gil Scott-Heron televised the revolution

RIP Maxwells Hoboken NJ (Gutted)

RIP Maxwells Hoboken NJ (Gutted)

RIP Maxwells Hoboken

Photo by Steve Fallon

Well it’s official; Maxwells as we all knew it is being ripped apart from the inside out. Today on the facebook Maxwells group Steve Fallon one of the former owner posted the “execution” photo of his and our beloved music club. Time to cry a little. There are too many bands to list that played there over the past three and 1/2 decades! To try this task would be completely feutal. Anywhose, there is some action at the White Eagle building in Jersey City which is supposed to be the new location where the owners are going to open up shop one day. Which can not come soon enough! Leave a comment about your favorite experience at Maxwells if you want.

White Eagle? Photo by Mike Sylvia from Killing Horse Records

White Eagle? Photo by Mike Sylvia from Killing Horse Records

In the clubs honor we found a bunch of videos on the youtubes and converted some of the “best” sounding tracks and made this quick playlist for you. Thanks youtubers!

Live at Maxwell’s:
…And You Will know us by the trail of dead –And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead MP3 (2012)
Black Lips –Raw Meat MP3 (2010)
Crooked Fingers –Disappear MP3 (2003)
Dahlia Seed –Punch and Get Out MP3 (1996)
Liz Phair –Help Me, Mary MP3 (2010)
The Muffs –A Little Luxury MP3 (2013)
The Replacements –Can’t Hardly Wait (1988)
Freedy Johnston –This Perfect World MP3 (2010)
The Raveonettes –Hallucinations MP3 (2008)
Screaming Females –adult army MP3 (2011)
Shades Apart –Tainted Love (Soft Cell Cover) MP3 (2012)
Unrest –So Sick b/w Suki MP3 (2010 Teen-Beat Records Anniversary
Tom Tom Club –Time to Bounce MP3
Thurston Moore –Pretty Bad
Yo La Tengo –Pretty in Pink (Psychedelic Furs Cover) MP3 (2010)
Zeke –Holly 750 MP3 NJ (7/21/12)


NIRVANA (1989)


Final Moments at Maxwel by DJ Antone That Summer Concert Feeling

Giving Pet Names and totally unpunk missed connections

Giving Pet Names and totally unpunk missed connections

Pet Names connections review
We’re not going to call a EP sized music offering a EP anymore. We’re just going to thank the artists for omitting the 2nd half of the album or maybe the bad bits when we can. Pet Names lead off track “Empty Fortune Cookie” from their release Missed Connections and following “Something I said” are a good intro to this band. Has the formula and “unpunk” hooks we liked so many moons ago about Green Day. A working mans band that leaves off the fluff but keep the nuts and bolts of the tune in tac. If we hate it we’ll just talk about the “single” and then ask for the check. Pet Names is straight up good indie rock. Rock from Wilmington North Carolina to be precise. Little did they know (maybe they did) that their beach town has a special place in our heart. We learned what Indie rock was all about from our friend Kenyata Sullivan. What good friends you could make 100’s of miles away from your home eventhough they live 10 blocks away.

Anyway, Missed Connections is totally about unpunk connections we make -either by chance or dumb fucking luck. Basically indie rock well disguised as song craft in wolfs cloths. This record makes it count but that is the stuff you cant describe until you get into it a few laps. Vaguely familiar story lines that don’t throw a jab and don’t undermine your choice of brew at the bar. Throw in a acoustic song and before you know it your not cool like us. It’s better -They will be huge so don’t forget to breath in the proces because it will be over before you know it and you’ll hit play again or flip the tape– Whatever happens in the future. You ‘ve just been consumed by a good band laying it down. No gimmicks. Just rock-n-roll. What music discovery is supposed to be like here at the review stalker music blog. We look forward to more. You can totally name your price on their bandcamp page so throw them a couple bux in their guitar case. They deserve it. Alright Fifi?

RIYL: Green Day, Garden Variety, knapsack, GBV

Pet Names –Empty Fortune Cookie MP3

Review Stalker compilation punk rock girl legs Here’s some tunes to mix in with Pet Names and your next mixed tape to listen to on whatever device you prefer.
00. The Anderson Council –Gardening Man MP3 from Looking at the Stars
01. Knapsack –Less Than MP3
02. Silver Scooter –Pumpkin Eyes MP3
03. Hurl –This Numbness MP3
04/ Burning Airlines –The Escape Engine MP3
05. The Queers – Punk Rock Girls MP3

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Free Singles + MP3’s by Dead Heart Bloom, Daddy Lion, Paul Stanley, The Duskwhales & As Elephants Are

Free Singles + MP3’s by Dead Heart Bloom, Daddy Lion, Paul Stanley, The Duskwhales & As Elephants Are

Let Me Tell Ya Somethin' Else
Hilarious experts from Paul Stanley from Kiss. If you’ve ever seen them or listened to their live bootlegs. The ranting between songs is a pure rocknroll lesson in itself. You bands should take this as a free rockschool class. From us to you. Enjoy the whole hour and nine minutes! Totally reminded me in our old band Aviso’Hara I have a distinct memory of listening to Kiss Bootlegs for part of the drive up to play the Bugjar in Rochester,NY. This took our stage banter to a whole other level.

DOWNLOAD: Second-Chance-Girls MP3 by Aviso’Hara from goodnight sweetheart

dead heart bloom free single
Dead Heart Bloom – Check out this band’s latest tracks which were produced by Anthony Molina from Mercury Rev. For all of you music buffs who dig Swervedriver and shoegazer wash of sound. This is part of a 3 EP series. Kinda the way bands are doing it these days so there is not too much time between releases. Used to be years. Either way the group was formed by Boris Skalsky and guitarist Paul Wood from the ashes of their former band Phaser. Enjoy this great stuff.

DOWNLOAD: Broken Babylon MP3 by Dead Heart Bloom from So It Goes EP

Daddy Lion RS Single Reviews
Daddy Lion – Do you remember the 80’s when adding a keyboard to a song was a bold move and it was just new wave all of a sudden. This tune “No Solution But Resolution” has go some early APB feel to it but not as casio scary or mucking up the whole song with single notes. Accents. Decent little meandering melodies accompanied by hook guitar parts. Straight forward in the right ways. The whole EP is a bedroom thing that after some research has four dudes helping make the music now. We’re looking forward to the next stuff already. Get their whole record on the bandcamp.

RIYL: Bob Mould (Workbook), feelies, Lets Active, APB

DOWNLOAD: No Solution But Resolution (Radio edit) – MP3 from Habitat

Duskwhales swim single reviews
The Duskwhales – Here’s some indie music from a band from Northern VA who have been doing their thing since 2010. A baby band in rock years. Check this tune out, it’s pretty good, in ode to all this inclement weather everybody is beginning to love so much.

DOWNLOAD: The Duskwhales – Swim – 08 Cold But No Snowfall MP3 by The Duskwhales from Swim (2014)

As Elephants Are – If you like brit pop and the band We Are Scientists then these dudes shalt be your thing. Lots of 16th notes in the drumming department. “Hand Prints” is pretty radio friendly.
RIYL: British Sea Power, We Are Scientists,