The Big Takeover by Jack Rabid – A Super Fan

The Big Takeover by Jack Rabid – A Super Fan

Dear CMJ Friends, here’s the one guy who has had the honor of drinking with Joe Strummer, seeing the music industry implode and basically keeping one of the most in depth music magazines alive for the past 30 years – The Big Takeover. This humble guy is Jack Rabid. His army of devout writers and friends have helped carry the torch for music with heart and that matters in a time when we need it the most. If you love music and understand the creation of it as one of those things that makes life meaningful. Then this is the essence what Jack and co have captured in print for all these years. I always talk “oh-crap – how did I miss this band or that band”. Jack Rabid and company don’t miss a beat or least twice a year they feature many not so obvious bands. What is super unique and whole reason in of itself to back-issues is he’s never posted one word of the content featured in the pages of his magazine. So you’ll only what I am talking about if you read and subvert this whole social media thing.

Back story: As I embarked on working on this Artist series for Ogilvy; little did a I know that myself as a super fan of his magazine, and a random music post about his 30th anniversary show that it would lead to episode in this mini documentary series. The topic is so close to my heart as the blood is in my veins that having him end up being featured has seriously made my year. So I am happy to share this video and I hope you dig it. Plus some of the others artists and tremendous talent I have been privileged to have met so far. Who should I interview next?

(The Create or Else Team: L-R Nancy H, Myself, Jack and D.Zellerford)

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A short playlist for friends:
I Didn’t See It Coming by Belle and Sebastian from their new one Write About Love [BUY]
Second Life Life by Gang of Four from the Second Life EP [BUY]
Nothin’ ’bout Nothin’ by Joe Strummer. This track is music Joe Recorded after disbanding The Clash. I didn’t know it existed until i found this comp from Permanent Records. [BUY]
Big Takeover b/w Attitude by Bad Brains self titled (1982) – [BUY]
Aftertaste by For Against from Nebraska. Featured in the video above. [BUY]