BANANAZZZ Punk Icon Band Film Finally Revealed

BANANAZZZ Punk Icon Band Film Finally Revealed


Finally the punk rock pseudo-punk Craig Evanhalen, a self-proclaimed “enigmatic genius” and leader of BANANAZZZ brings you into his version of reality. Not the life the rest of you posers live in. Incendiary (maybe) and semi limply heroic film is ready to put his spam all over the world. The 32 minute short film documents his world.The way he sees it and fights the injustices. In the end he even proves his parents wrong and erases the past fuck-ups by making it to SXSW. Yeah! SXSW fuckers! Can you believe it? That fucking music festival won’t just feature anybody. Talk about a total sell-out of a festival. Why tween boy bands like CUL8R find more success than him is beyond our comprehension. But we know he should and could have all of Vivivan’s Girls if he wanted them. Just like that. All New Brunswick millenials should know the myth and know why even gay boy band management wish they had a piece of him. Watch the film and find out before he does or brooklyn vegan does. Why he should just go goth before the 90s stop being the next big thing the youth is recylcing over and over again.

He’s Craig Evanhalen and he’s gonna change the fucking world.

His band has a bunch New Brunswick scensters in it who know they hop to ride his train to fame. It’s an idea long overdue not seen since Suburbia or any Dick Rude film for that matter.


The music below is not on the soundtrack but it’s actually good and should have been. And yes these are real band that we discover all the time. There is more music like this on our soundcloud fucking page.






– This is actually a 4-track recording from 1984 by Kids For Cash, Sohrab’s high school hardcore band from ye olde fault. Which should clue you into the fact that the 80’s are way cooler than 00′ or 10’s will ever be.


What was the New Brunswick Scene like in the 90s?

Best GoPro film soundtrack ideas – Captain Beefheart

Best GoPro film soundtrack ideas – Captain Beefheart

Safe As Milk Captain Beefheart

The GoPro Chronicles: I got introduced to Captain Beefheart in high school by a friend who was really into The Greatful Dead but I didnt’ really appreciate this type of music till much later. I went more prog then onto punk/alternative. The jury is still out on the Dead though. It’s these weird herky-jerky type of moody tunes that will make for great GoPro or movie soundtracks, when the cuts are quick and disorientating so your film seem to cruise along.

Anyway, here’s a few other songs I think that might be good for a variety of camera moves. The sound bed you lay down in the background is essential to your edit for your family film. Sets a mood you can’t put into words and sets expectations. The subtle way you transition to each scene from verse to chorus will make your edit seems like it’s moving faster or slower. When shooting don’t forget to pan left and right, up and down slowly and steadily for the best B-Roll. The GoPro is much more forgiving when you shoot a fast frame rate. Which on the silver is between 30-60 FPS. You can never have enough B-Roll. Ever.

Obviously, you might not be able to easily afford clearing these songs but to practice yours skills they are great; the point is its a important to be familiar with the song. Not everybody is going to be able to score their own music. That would be ridiculous. Obviously unless you are making a rock video and shooting specifically for that song. There are millions of songs that you can lay-in while you find the perfect one. But there is always the risk of falling in love with something that just does not work. Anyway, here’s some ideas to get you thinking for something moody. This was also my first GoPro shoot. There are just 25-30 transitions in this one(guestimate). So as always enjoy the tunes and thanks for watching!

Captain Beefheart – Zig Zag Wanderer MP3 from Safe as Milk (1967)
Frank Zappa –Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow MP3 from Apostrophe (‘)(1974)
R.E.M. –Camera MP3 from Reckoning (1984)
Throwing Muses –film (2013)
Residents –Boots from Meet The Residents(1974)
The Plugz –El Clavo Y La Cruz MP3 from the Repo Man Soundtrack (1984)
Built to Spill –I Dim Our Angst In Agony MP3 from The Electronic Anthology Project (2010)

Here’s some other edits that I did after first one that worked brialiantly.

MUDDERELLA 2014 NEW JERSEY – The Joy Formiddable w/ “Whirring”


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Kathryn Calder – Yellow Bird Project: A Matter of Time

Kathryn Calder – Yellow Bird Project: A Matter of Time

Kathryn Calder New Pornographers Yellow Bird Project Documentary Kickstarter

GOOD CAUSES: Jesus — the Kickstart trailer is gut-wrenching in this real life documentary of artist Kathryn Calder of The New Pornographers making a album for her mother as she disappears with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). The Yellow Bird project needs support to help finish this film called “A Matter of Time” which chronicles the making of a real album from the point of view of a survivor making an album for her mother while taking care of her. If you’re not balling after watching just the trailer below I don’t know what to do about your lime encased feelings (horrible pun) but the point is this is real “reality”. One can question what might drive an artist or person as the survivor to make such a experience; open for all to see. The hope is sharing this experience with you will bring more awareness to a disease we don’t yet know the cause of and for that matter have a cure.

“Our goal is for every person who sees this film, to leave with at least an understanding of what ALS is. That’s how we believe awareness can be achieved.” – Casey Cohen Film Producer

Some of the Kickstarter ‘goodies’ include copies of the soundtrack and DVD, signed merchandise, concert tickets, meet and greets with The New Pornographers for all you star-stalkers, personalized artwork from Kathryn, and more. Support this cause at your leisure.

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Randy Now Riot On Dance Floor City Gardens

Randy Now Riot On Dance Floor City Gardens

City Gardens Riot on The Dance Floor Randy Now film

City Gardens Riot on The Dance Floor film skate deck

As hard as we may try to write about new music the past keep coming up again and again like unwanted overgrown hair and reminds me just how truly awesome things were way back when the slang “that was so 10 minutes ago…” never crossed our minds because the landscape of haircuts were so diverse from band to band and scene to scene. We were constantly consuming so much great music at such a rate that personally I think you’d be a fool to stay affiliated to any one genre of music but lets just say punk and alternative music encompassed everything. Including the Skinheads, Skate punks, Ska fans, hardcore fans and metal kids all under one roof.

From about 1986 through 1995 or so I used to go to as many shows as I could at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ which was as dangerous as Newark. A couple times my friends and I showed up to a $5 show like Fugazi and it was just sold out with a line still wrapped around the 1,100 capacity cinder block club. This was pre-internet so the only way you’d ever know about a show in my area was by word of mouth or from a flyer. The best part was the diversity of bands that Randy Now used to book anywhere from The Ramones to Robyn Hitchcock to 24/7 Spyz. This club is where I stage dove for the first and the last time to Fishbone. I got kicked out of the club after falling on my back then paid my way back in again to see the rest of the show from the sidelines. Luckily it was raining and I convinced the door guy it was not sweat but I was just wet. I still think my back cricks from that fall but regardless it was so worth being part of historic venue and experience of really being in the mix at a live show.

There are a little under 5 days left to donate anywhere from $25 to as much as you want to become either a Crowd Surfer or attain Club Owner status over on Kickstarter page to help bring the story of City Gardens and Randy Now to the screen in the flick Riot On The Dance Floor. The more dough the better the soundtrack will be for this movie which; will help Director Steve Tozzi bring this film truly to life. Anyway, here’s some bands I can remember seeing and as I write I keep thinking of more bands I saw play there.

Some bands I saw at City Gardens:
good clean fun MP3 by Descendents from I don’t want to grow up
Knock It MP3 Fishbone from In Your Face (1986)
I Just Want Some Skank | Beverly Hills MP3 by Circle Jerks from Group Sex
The Godfather MP3 Dag Nasty from Wig-out at Denko’s (dischord)
Turned Out MP3 The Rollins Band from Lifetime (1988)
My Wife and My Dead Wife MP3 by Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians from Fegmania! (1985)
Waiting Room MP3 Fugazi from 13 Songs
Monkey Trick MP3 The Jesus Lizard from Goat
Ocean Size MP3 by Jane’s Addiction from Nothing Shocking
Hands All Over MP3 by Soundgarden from Louder Than Love
We Care A Lot (Slash Version) | Epic MP3 by Faith No More from This is it These two songs pretty much almost demolished the building. I remembering back at the bar trying to get drink and then running right into the mosh-pit when they played Epic. Fun times.

There are bunch more bands of lesser status but none-the less of same level of importance so maybe I’ll do a follow-up post of tunes. I know I’m leaving out a few or at least ones I know I saw!

Help me Win a Webby for Create or Else ok?

WHO: It’s not a huge trade secret or maybe it is that I work for a pretty big advertising company. You can follow my every madman move on the twitters if you want.
WHERE: Over the past year I’ve been working on this original creative content series called Create or Else that lives on a youtube channel and focuses on artists, creators and people who basically do some interesting shit.
WHEN: We revealed the channel last year in Cannes France and now we’re in the running to win a Webby People’s Choice Award. Total honor. The Voting ends April 28th.
WHAT: I need you to help us win by going to this Webby Awards link in the Online Film & Video category for documentary series. Just register quickly and VOTE so we can win. That is of course after you watch the above trailer and concur that this series is a good thing for creative types.

Here’s one of the videos we’ve been able to produce that features my pal Jack Rabid who publishes the epic music magazine The Big Takeover talking about the current state of music and how get started doing what he does.
Anyway if you like this mini doc would be super awesome if you voted — Thank You!

Music Playlist for creators:
All Tomorrow’s Parties (Single Version) MP3 by The Velvet Underground with Nico
Take A Chance On Me MP3 by ABBA
Wouldn’t It Be Nice MP3 by The Beach Boys from Pet Sounds
Everybody Is A Star MP3 by Sly & The Family Stone
Flavor MP3 by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from Orange
Artists Only [Live] MP3 by The Talking Heads
All In a Day MP3 by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros from Streetcore
Unfulfilled MP3 by Quicksand from Slip
He’s My Star MP3 by Poster Children from junior citizen

British Sea Power – Man of Aran

Man of Aran is a beautiful black and white silent film that British Sea Power created a sound track for that takes place in Ireland. In this segment the track No Man Is An Archipelago is featured. The song is similar to one on Do you like Rock Music? but it works beautifully. I don’t don’t care. Glad to hear such stellar music form these Brighton chaps.