Le Butcherettes Sin Sin Sin in Female Sin

Le Butcherettes Sin Sin Sin in Female Sin

Le Butcherettes Sin Sin Sin

ALBUM REVIEW: Le Butcherettes Sin Sin Sin is some sabroso (delicious) rock via nuevo feminist and the multi talented Teri Gender Bender (Vocals/Keys/Guitar). Originated as a experimental duo with drummer Auryn Jolene in Guadalajara Mexico in 2007. They made it about the show complete with real pig head props (Which I thought you could only get away with that shit in Tijuana). When she slops the blood around her face like she got cut in a Rob Zombie movie in the seemingly anti-male video “I’m Queen” it quickly reminded me of the Australian singer from the Divinyls Christina Amphlett live performances (when they were punk) slopping lipstick all over her face. Le Butcherettes are a lot less pop and this breed of punk are not exactly touching themselves. The lyrics are equal part titillating as they are taunting. This is a female driven brain game though for sure. I know I’m going back but her look reminds of her voice (see Divinyls Roxy Music cover below) really too. This band is as edgy as they were in their early days. And luckily Teri has been empowered with more talent than Bikini Kill could ever had dreamed of with a nice share of literary references sprinkled about in the songs. One of my favorite songs on the record is “Dress Of” which is her just ranting and singing with just the drums wailing “take my dress off, take my fucking dress off- honey- honey o-o-o”. Who says songs need other instruments? Right after that one she adds a keyboard to the mix with the drums on “Empty Dimes” that has a Spoon thing going on with no guitar to be found.

This music is about the uncomplicated deep honest parts. Fuzzed out keyboard sounds and simple rock akin to Greg Dulli(The Afghan Whigs) but the female version with a sultry delivery of which maple trees will just pore out their sweet nectar if she happened to walk by. When she gets vicious from the ladies side of bar like on a track like “Bang!” You can’t help but think there is some Courtney Love angst of course (but not the fake crazy kind). But I think you need to look beyond the man killer because Teri is doing it from her soul and sure it’s dark like most young artists. If she were locked in some dismally lit room her soul would blow it up with her writing & playing and escape. What may seem like random episodes of passion orchestrated directly at you are in fact a fuck you to Judy Blume. Look what you did Teri like on “Henry Don’t Got Love” is great follow-up lead single to “I’m Queen” so fasten your pants. I can only imagine what the Henry video is going to be like!

Teresa Suaréz (Aka Teri Gender Bender) is US born to parent actors, moved to Mexico, started a band, had some differences with Jolene, moved permanently to LA and is now with her third drummer and a bass player. The coming long player via Rodriguez-Lopez Productions features all new songs since their debut EP Kiss & Kill (2008). All of the elements are in place for her success with some serious management in place most bands would kill to have behind them. It will be interesting to see how intensity builds-up. A whole load of shows are coming. With her in this round she has drummer Gabe Serbian and bassist Jonathan Hischke to help round out Le Butcherettes as a trio. Anyway, SIN SIN SIN is coming your way this May. Don’t say I didn’t warn you but in meantime if you get a chance check them out live and report in.

Get some:
New York MP3 Short and sweet ode to golden whiskey and your hate. Ah the old grungy romantic nyc. Track 2 on SIN SIN SIN.
Henry Don’t Got Love MP3 She gives a shout out to Henry Miller on this #1 hit from SIN SIN SIN.
Kiss & Kill MP3 EP Title track

Sorta sounds like the naughty bits of:
Love Is The Drug MP3 Roxy Music music cover by Divinyls
66 MP3 by The Afghan Whigs from 1965.

Girls of the Indie Underground Part II

Girls of the Indie Underground Part II

Ok, here’s part two of the girls that rock the underground. If there is a young or unknown upstart you think we should know about please let us know and we’ll get their music out. These next ladies have been there and done that. Surely setting the bar for girls in rock.

Juliana Maxwells 05'

Juliana Hatfield – The years have encroached on Juliana but she’s somehow managed to make a lot of really consistant records since going solo after the break-up of the Blake Babies. She has long hair again in this video with Even Dando and compared to when I saw her a few years ago with really short hair (see how skinny in photo left -she’s a lot healthier looking now). Crap, I barely recognized her without the long hair as she was buying a whiskey next to me at the bar I thought she was a wanna be (ha!) but then my friend introduced her to me and then she sauntered on stage to play a set with her band. Anyway, she has always been super nice whenever I’ve met her. There’s a funny spam comment from Jule’s on my old blogger account offering up her panties for $20 as one of her minimal services. Never received any spam like that before so has to be her right? Yup, shit like that happens fellas if your’re a musician/music writer. Anyway you should check out here new self recorded home lap top album Peace & Love has lots of 70’s song sensibility – in particular the psychedelic cover art. She’s a real acoustic troubadour on this new one, it’s as if she’s right right in front of you playing these lovely tunes for you and you only alone in her room. To get some more flavor about this real gal check out Juliana’s tour blog. In her recent free-form rants she discloses some very personal and not personal insights. How she does not download music; even refers to her CD player as a Walkman. She’s truly a old fashioned girl and has issue with love as a childless woman (this has to be tough one) but yet she shares. Deep stuff and with her words you really get in her head and makes you fall in love with her talents all over again.

New Waif MP3 By Juliana Hatfield from Made in China
Every Breath You Take MP3 Police cover from Beautiful Creature (2000) but if I were you I’d buy Peace & Love to support her in the right now.

Neko Case is also known as the supporting singer in The New Pornographers and also having The Sadies be her supporting band along with some of JSBX. She has lots of rock friends. Also, has a knack for great country covers and it’s also said she’s banned from the Grand Ole Opry for exposing herself there once though she claims it’s because she was dying of heat. Regardless this super redhead has a sexy voice that can melt hardened lava with a strum of a guitar.
The Needle Has Landed MP3 by Neko Case from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (2006) [Buy]
Look For Me (I’ll Be Around) MP3 original by Sarah Vaughan. Which is totally oldschool.

Chan Marshall’s Cat Power – All artists struggle with sobriety of some sort and she is no exception. Beside the erratic live performance behavior that has been taken care of via some anti-pharma her music is mostly a sparse amd melancholy scene that is beautifully dark like the Velvet Undeground’s Nico but strong like Patti Smith it’s saying a lot of her talents.

Lived In Bars MP3 by Cat Power from The Greatest (2006) [Buy]
The End MP3 Nico covering The Doors (1974) [Buy]
Gloria MP3 by Patti Smith from Horses (1975) [BUY]

I realize we left off a lot music off here so far but check out women.

The Girls of the Underground Attack! Part I

The Girls of the Underground Attack! Part I

This is no way a complete list of alternative underground female singers. Not even close to a short artist list either. Lets call it the first entry. Mostly independent non-super-star artists who have stamp their name clearly in underground music. We’ll have to revisit for sure as this always part of the music discovery process. Mostly obvious choice with some new faces which is awesome to see and hear.

Liz Phair from a recent show at Maxwells doing the teenage dream song “fuck and run” because she was much better than that and she didn’t think it would happen again. Even with her best intentions Liz is still rocking, even panned for some time for joining in the majors she is a true heroin as she was not addicted to substance like a lot of her contemporaries. This mommy rocks and has a lot of fun doing it. She empowered a lot of women with the lyrics on Exile In Guyville and some of the fruits are starting to become apparent.

Soap Star Joe MP3 By Liz Phair from Exile in Guyville (1993) [Buy]
You Should Know Me MP3 from her new one Funstyle

Big Eyes – songwise I actually like this punkband better than Screaming Females for some reason because they remind me of songsters The Muffs a lot in their simple delivery -SF are still a powerhouse. Please don’t get me wrong Marissa Paternoster rocks and her solo no-fi effort called Noun is pretty cool too. Big Eyes have apparent melodies delivered in a pop-punk style though which pushes them out of indie ghetto. So super excited to see what comes next. Here’s a young Kate Eldridge doing “Since You Left” on the little video show If You Make it. She’s one to watch. Debut full length coming this for her band this coming May on DonGiovani Records.

Since You Left MP3 by Big Eyes from their Demo 7″
Outerspace MP3 by Noun [Buy] features Marissa Paternoster solo from Screaming Females w/ Miranda of Full of Fancy. Another killer track done with a piano is “Call Earth” — get it from [Buy]

Last one: Here’s a song by the California band The Muffs which is led by Kim Shattuck. They spent some time on Warner Brothers right out of the gate in with a single or two on Subpop. They are still playing with a recent reissue release with some extra bonus B-side called Kaboodle. She knows how to use a distortion pedal and is not afraid to use it. Check out the muffs blog.

Better Than Me MP3 by The Muffs from their s/t 1993 release [Buy some Muffs]

Big Eyes MP3 by Cheap Trick from the In Color Albini mix and recordings. Obviously not a gal band but love the homage to this song. If indeed they named the band after the song. [Buy Some Cheap Trick] You deserve it.