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Soundcloud Launch New iPhone App

Music sharing has never been bigger The need for streaming and music sharing websites to broaden their scopes when it comes to pushing their product has heightened over the last five years. With the advances in technology, there has been … Continue reading

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Best April Fools Music Related Jokes

Situation wanted: 4th member for heavy metal tribute band (NJ/NY) Indie Rock die-hards Eastern Anchors change their thing to make money. This story is actually believable. You must have guitar chops and willing to travel on the weekends. Former straight … Continue reading

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NPR’s intern Emily White Vs some new Indie Music

Not sure I’d want to be Emily White from NPR’s All Songs Considered and I hope her friends are watching here carefully and she does get to keep her job. NPR’s blog has responded to David Lowery in her defense … Continue reading

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About Ween’s awesome brown sound

Ween is the kind of band that you either love or you hate. They originated from the 4-track cassette culture I grew up on so once you get over that hump you are half way there. They created this reality … Continue reading

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Really, What are the Grammys for anyway?

EDITORIAL: Grammys, 2012. Seriously, there was once a time when the Music Industry would spend millions of dollars developing bands and performers. At some point in time ( they blame the internet piracy thing) they sort of hammered away at … Continue reading

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The Court Tavern Closes my 20s & 30ths

Nobody knows the answer Why Bobby Albert Jr would one day wake-up on a cold January and decide The Court Tavern(124 Church St) would close it’s doors forever. Maybe he got an offer he could not refuse — but I … Continue reading

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Protest Songs for Denizens

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” -Seneca I was wondering that there really are no new and worthy protest songs these days. It … Continue reading

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Meh-Earthquake Glue by GBV Vs. Twitter

This is a cheap trick but somebody will be looking for it. Song for song Earthquake Glue by Guided by Voices Vs. The best twitter and Facebook posts by friends and enemies. I’m sure there are some good ones so … Continue reading

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Post-Mordem Record Store Day 2011

EDITORIAL: Over-all I feel Record Store Day was a smashing success all over the world and as I watched the tweets and the enthussiam eb and flow it’s apparent the fans sort of loosely fall into a few categories. 1) … Continue reading

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Emusic’s New deal with the Devil is not Fan friendly

I’ve been on eMusic since they began and have dealt with their changes and growth throughout the years. Always linking to them for almost every post in hopes of inspiring a purchase for other rabid music fans. This new deal … Continue reading

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