Best Covers of the Artist formerly known as Prince (1958-2016)

Best Covers of the Artist formerly known as Prince (1958-2016)

Rest in peace Prince we now know when doves cry and every once in awhile we get crazy for covers and nostalgia of some amazing sexy song writing, so we felt it appropriate for us to add to the Prince Covers bin and share some we’ve collected or have been contributed from RS blog music fans and our special muse(s). Great music like his is something special that connects people through auditory pleasure like the sound of a baby laughing or the tone of a voice that makes you happy except with a beat you can dance or get funky to. That feeling you get when people applaud something great you have all witnessed or shared my dearly beloved music fans. That happiness is what great music does when you experience it either in your car, at home, a concert or at the gym when you work-out. Wherever or when ever. Music like his has the universal power to join us through the sound we hear and interpret in our own way. Thus always great to hear a rendering of art by somebody else which reminds us how great it is; as it transcends life and the afterlife. Music is basically magical like his and many other greats.

If you are a good musician it’s pretty damn hard to fuck-up a Prince song unless you can’t sing; as his songs are perfect canvas for other artists to put their own spin on things, so here is a variety of indie artists doing their thing. Enjoy and live life without any regrets because you never know when your time will be done.

PRINCE covers Creep by RADIOHEAD.

CROOKED FINGERS covers When You Were Mine by Prince

CYNDI LAUPER covers When You Were Mine from her debut 1985 album She’s So Unusual.

JAMES EDGAR Little Red Corvette from official Studio Sessions

MONTAGNA & THE MOUNT Little Red Corvette from their CD L’avenir

AVISO’HARA cover Raspberry Beret by Prince featuring Claude Coleman Jr from Ween on vocals from the vinyl EP Mature & Satisfied [BUY 7″]

WEEN covers Let Me Lick Your Pussy from God Ween Satan The Oneness (1990)

DAMIEN RICE covers When Doves Cry from Like A Version Vol. 1

MUSE covers Sign O’ The Times live on BBC 1

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Mint 1967 classic rock-n-roll covers

Mint 1967 classic rock-n-roll covers

I think it was almost a year 1/2 ago or more when Neil Sabatino mentioned to me he was planning on putting out a covers release on his label Mint 400 Records but the twist was all the songs were originally written or released in 1967! That is like 47 year ago people. 1967 was a significant year in music and this covers compilations just scratches the surface with current group who are re-interpreting for posterity their own unique takes and in our humble opinion do it justice 100%.


So much psychedelic music and a whole era of uncharted waters in pop music, far too much to mention here as there are whole blogs that really blow it out better than our little brain can handle. The First Pink Floyd album came out then and whole bunch of groups like The Kinks or The Creation had releases that we are still unearthing today. Was basically like the 90’s but the original 90’s if that makes any sense. A musicology student finding this download in the future will be very grateful when they discover this in a meta archeological dig. They say every 30 years popular music re-invents itself and we have yet to see anything as original as this era. Musically we have been borrowing ever since. So we will see what happens but here is a great set of re-interpretations of some amazing songs by 21st century bands and artists like The One & Nines, Fawn and Rabbit, The Duke of Norfolk, Fairmont, Jack Skuller, The Maravines, Moscow Centre, Murzik, Neterare Fan Club, Tri-State and Zach Uncles. This is a great idea because these bands actually don’t give a shit about EDM? Some things should just be honored and set free. So here it is. Stalk the label and download some nuggets need that re-discovery. facebook | Twitter


Here’s a few 1960’s pop selects:
Let’s Spend The Night Together MP3 Cover The One and Nines – Original by The Rolling Fucking Stones.
To Love Somebody” MP3 cover by Fairmont. Originally released June 1967 by The Bee Gees
I’ll Be Your Mirror” MP3 cover by Murzik. Originally released by The Velvet Underground original lead vocal by Nico.


Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records
Choice download links for band The Creation
Documentary Movie review: “David Bowie Is” is a bunch of bullshit By Keith Hartel

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Throw it back covers with Sonic Youth, Erectus Monotone, Redd Kross + More

Throw it back covers with Sonic Youth, Erectus Monotone, Redd Kross + More

Here’s a few covers from the FREEDOM OF CHOICE compilation album released on Caroline Records in 1992.

01: CA Plane Pour Moi MP3 Performed by SONIC YOUTH. Originally written by a Belgian born Roger Allen François Jouret in Plastic Bertrand (1977)

02: Rock And Roll Girl MP3 Performed by The Muffs, originally written by Paul Collins from the band called The Beat.

03: Destination Unknown MP3 Performed by Erectus Monotone, originally Written By the Bozzio’sand Cuccurullo in their group Missing Persons.

04: How Much More MP3 Performed by Redd Kross, originally by The Go Go’s

05: 5′ 1″ MP3 Performed by the Hoboken based band Tiny Lights. Originally written by James Newell Osterberg, Jr. AKA Iggy Pop

06: Pump It Up MP3 Performed by Mudhoney, originally composed and performed by Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus AKA Elvis Costello in 1978.

07: The Wait MP3 Performed by Das Damen, originally by The Pretenders.

08: Tainted Love MP3 Performed by The Finger, originally written by Ed Cobb for Gloria Jones but made famouse in the new wave scene by the Soft Cell version in the 1980’s.




Soft Cell – Tainted Love (1981) – Original Music Video from Francis Craig on Vimeo.

Check out Northern Soul for more like this. Incredible sounds.

09: Wishing MP3 Performed by It’s OK, Original by A Flock Of Seagulls. From what I can tell It’s OK was a session band that put a cover together. Anybody?


10: Dreaming MP3 Performed by Yo La Tengo, original by Blondie, Make sure to catch YLT on wfmu’s fund drive marathon where they play a all request a cover set!

11: Wuthering Heights MP3 Performed by White Flag originally by Kate Bush

12: I Got You MP3 Performed by The Connells, Originally written by Tim Finn from New Zealand from the Split Enz.

13: Homosapien MP3 Performed by Big Dipper, originally written by Pete Shelley from The Buzzcocks.


14: Mexican Radio MP3 by Polvo, originally written and performed by Wall Of Voodoo. The original one for this was one of better MTV videos back in the day. Also song is full of hooks. So there is that.

15: Antmusic MP3 Performed by Hypnolovewheel, originally by Adam and The Ants.

16: Don’t You Want Me Baby MP3 Performed by Chia Pet who were a Kokopop band one of Kramer from Shimmy Disc off-shoot labels. This song was originally by Human League.

17: Hero Worship MP3 Performed by Permanent Green Light, Originally written by Ricky Helston Wilson (RIP 1953-1985) from The B-52’s.

18: Girl U Want MP3 Performed by Superchunk, originally written by Casale and Mothersbaugh from Devo.

Give this a liker, you liker.

Sound Station Presents – Black Wine (Live Videos)

Sound Station Presents – Black Wine (Live Videos)

Black Wine Live - Don Giovanni Records bands
Here’s a few videos of one our favorite Don Giovanni Records bands playing live called Black Wine at a Sound Station presents show. They are just as much retro SST-punk and forward unpunk as it gets. Also on the bill that night was our house band Eastern Anchors, Tri-State, Dollar Store Riot and a bunch of other local locals. BW have a new record called Yell Boss and it’s coming out in early June on the New Brunswick label Don Giovanni Records. You heard it here first folks. They recorded their new album at Volume IV in New Brunswick with Brian from Risk Relay and we can’t wait to check it out. Miranda the drummer/singer for the band also recently started a talky podcast called Totally Bitchin that she does with Jamie from a new band called Small talk. They have about 10 episodes already and worth a listen if you are jonesying for yet another decent podcast. Their most recent show is a interview with Miranda’s hub Jeff who used to play with The Ergs! They are mainly focusing on the local NJ music scene which we think is great. Subscribe iTunes | Tumblr | Libsyn.





Black Wine – Freedom of Choice (Devo Cover) LIVE!

Recommended Podcasts:
Live from the Barages – Recorded live every Friday night from a garage that is bar in Queens, NY. They add “s” to everything and are a bunch of cassette listening chooches. Interviews with dudes who fuck dolphins, Krokus tapes, people who go to mars and lots of band talk – plus a few music breaks inbetween.
Sound Opinions – Based out of Chicago. Pretty main stream indie. they cover the basics SXSW and other popular genres.
Low Times – Short interviews for short attention spans.
You Can’t Stop the Signal – Fast talking, over talking music indie based podcast by Conan and his bandmates. They land good guests.

Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records

Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records

Beach Boys Pet Sounds covered by bands

COVERS: Today in the covers bin is a whole concept. A whole album in fact from front to back of the famous Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. Mint 400 Records presents bands like The Duke of Norfolk, Fairmont, Cropduster, Michael Ambrose, The One & Nines, The Ashes and The Multi-Purpose Solution doing different variations on some wonderful music. Which arguably are all one long song because the production uses similar tricks and vocals approaches it has this amazing sound all on it’s own. So it’s cool to see some bands attempting to repurpose and reconstruct the otherwise brilliant recording. Oh and the best part this shit is it’s free. So here’s a few choice tracks but let that stop you from enjoying the whole thing because the label is just making the whole thing completely free. nice right?

That’s Not Me MP3 by Cropduster
God Only Knows MP3 by Fairmont [Catch them live this Friday 12/19/13 w/ Eastern Anchors & Tri-State at Rent Party]


Wilco covering “Color Me Impressed” w/ Tommy Stinson

It does not get much more rock-n-roll than this. Here’s Jeff Tweedy just being a lead singer guy while Tommy Stinson from the temporarily reformed Replacements playing “Color Me Impressed” on guitar. This is at some festival in Mass we think. Looks fun. This is the rocking wilco we like.

For more up to date shit like this facehookers stalk us over there.


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Summer cover songs – Kendra Morris does Radiohead & The Rolling Stones

Summer cover songs – Kendra Morris does Radiohead & The Rolling Stones

Kendra Morris covers Radiohead and The Rolling Stones
Because we’re equal parts exploiters (not just punks with decent haircuts) and mostly men over here at the mighty Review Stalker Music Blog. We like decent looking women who can sing and do pretty chill alternative covers every once in awhile. Here’s two summer jams by Kendra Morris doing “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones and “Karma Police”. We knew it would come to this one day. Nobody can write a good song so they they wrap themselves on a lesser known artist’s “hit” songs. Granted if we saw her singing at an outdoor bar in the Hamptons or for a wedding band we would be pretty impressed. Don’t get me wrong she does a real good job on both. Good instrumentation. These kind of tracks are good in particular when you are stuck at block party and everybody hates your music anyway. This here is white lady blues I tell them. It’s all good. My damn neighbors only know one song by Thom Yorke anyway… Enjoy.

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Built To Spill playing a covers at a secret show

Built To Spill playing a covers at a secret show

Built To Spill Secret show
This is a amazing set of covers by Built to Spill playing a secret show at this Cafe in San Jose California. I think bands who have a certain unique sound should entertain their roots and songs that inspired them because chances are the experience will be completely natural for them. Maybe not at first when you are looking for that sound but for fun. It’s a way to help connect the fans to real music once again with the ultimate cover band who you know will make you feel it. Enjoy!

Built to Spill: Covering Beast Of Burden – The Rolling Stones

Built to Spill: Covering most of New Order’s Age Of Consent- Cuts off towards end though.

Built to Spill: Covering “Southern” Girls by Cheap Trick

Built to Spill: Covering “Train in Vain” by The Clash

Built to Spill: Covering “Soulful Strut” – Young-Holt Unlimited

Built to Spill: Covering Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult

Built to Spill: covering “How Soon Is Now?” by The Smiths

Built to Spill: Covering “here” by pavement

Built to Spill: Covering “Abba Zaba” by Captain Beef Heart

Relations on 100M records vs Lightouts

Relations on 100M records vs Lightouts

Relations 100 M records Review
MUSIC REVIEW: Relations EP by the band known as Relations on 100M Records is synth-punk duo from New York City. The guitars on this are fiercely savage in the way Wire or Wedding Present drive you with subtle use of feedback. They got good tone. The bass peddles you around the bases of this EP with somewhat of Joy Division factory influence here which we think you should check out being there is a drum machine employed as part of the backing band. This EP is over before it begins and we’re already looking forward to more. Don’t know a lot other than to wonder why so much black and white art bands? Why??

Download: Take No Sides MP3 by Relations

Light Outs Cure cover Push Review
We’re big Lightouts fans here on the RS music entertainment blog. We like bands who do good covers and here is yet another one by these guys on their latest called The Big Picture single. This is one of many collections they’ve put out in the past year. Consistent quality always catches our ears. They know 80’s and 90’s alternative rock without the hairspray or use of corny keyboards.

DOWNLOAD: Push (The Cure cover) MP3 By Lightouts [Get some schwagg]

Sounds like this:
The Baby Screams MP3 by The Cure from Head on the Door
Swan Lake MP3 by Public Image Ltd Second Edition
Totally Wired MP3 by The Fall from the Rough Trade Anthology

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Nothing but sexy Prince Covers

Nothing but sexy Prince Covers

Princes Covers Everybody loves this little purple man. He can sling a riff smoother than silk.
Call him whatever you like Artist, Maven or a pompous Perfectionist he kows how to write a song so if you make it sound like shit it’s because you suck.

Little Red Corvette MP3 by Montagna & The Mouth to Mouth from their CD L’avenir. First time I heard this it took me totally by surprise. I mean what’s not to like about a really well done Prince cover right?
Raspberry Berret MP3 by Aviso’ Hara. This originally came out on 7″ EP called Mature & Satisfied. Features Claude Coleman Jr (Ween/Skunk/Amandla) on backing vocals. Best pop punk version of this song ever in my humblest of opinions.
L. M. L. Y. P. (Ween Is In Trouble Dudes) MP3 by Ween from God Ween Satan The Oneness (1990) – This song is called “Let Me Lick Your Pussy”. Saw them do this once at the Court Tavern in 1991. Was awesome.
When Doves Cry (Prince Cover) MP3 by Damien Rice from Like A Version Vol. 1

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