Osama Bin Laden is dead – Now what?

Osama Bin Laden is dead – Now what?

How much did it cost to kill an Arab?

I’m not sure how Joe Strummer would feel about “free” world revenge but him being killed 8 years later is an acitivity we must question. Was justice really served? Was this our only option? Shouldn’t we have just taken him prisoner? Is the cost of his martyrdom something we’re willing to pay? Sure, the cost of lives and cold hard cash are one of the things that have been hitting us through industrial complex and then there is the loss of feeling secure by our boarders.

Total mind changer.

For the record we normally like to keep this blog poli-agnostic. But here’s a selection of some of the tweets from the last 24hrs capturing this event which may envigorate the beehive in ways we have yet to understand. From an extremists point of view Osama Bin Laden is/was their JFK. Crazy like Hitler but none the less a scary figure like Kadafi. Filmmaker Michael Moore was on fire!

Here’s what the twittersphere has been saying:
@MMFlint Cost of war to the U.S. since 2001: 1.2 trillion dollars. Interrupting Celebrity Apprentice: Priceless. (via Mike Olpin)

@MMFlint via Michael Moore
FOX News: Elderly Man on Dialysis Killed by Young African-American Male

@MMFlint CNN reports Osama buried at sea. Am I the only one that smells something funky?


@GhostOsama via Osama Bin Laden
Well this sucks…I accidentally enabled location on my tweet

@andersoncooper Anderson Cooper
Does anyone else find it moving hearing people singing our national anthem outside the white house gates? I do.

@williammullin Bush just choked on a pretzel. #binladendead

@JennyJohnsonHi5 by Jenny Johnson
Obama says the US sent a clear message to the Taliban following bin Laden’s death, that message was a text which read “WTF! ROFLMAO! xo USA”

@UncleRUSH Russell Simmons
I’m not saying I’m not glad we got Bin Laden I’m saying the loud celebration outside my apt (world trade) hurt my spirit.

Osama jokes and Jack Bauer tweets are SO last night, people.

“When you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don’t learn nothing, cause hey, it’s not your fault, it’s his fault, over there.” -Joe Strummer

Playlist for Black Op helicopters:
Somebody Got Murdered MP3 by The Clash
Killing An Arab MP3 by The Cure
Bela Lugosi’s Dead MP3 by Bauhaus
Rock the Casbah MP3

Music for Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac sign

Music for Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac sign

Is Ophiuchus the 13th Zodiac Sign? Let me see if I can figure this out. The issue has been debunked by some astrology experts in order to save their books and mythical practice because the zodiac is moon based per The Babylonians, but what the scientists are saying is that the constellation and earth’s axis moved for sure making “alignment” off by 30 or so days. Also, the earth, sun and constellation does not align like it did 3,000 years ago but this you all knew right? You see there is nothing “new” perse that was uncovered but seems like the shift is real science and astrology is what it is. I was reading that there were originally 13 signs even as far as the Babylonians recognized but because it did not fit as a nice and even number with the seasons and their calendar they had created way back in A.D. they let serpent man go (AKA Ophiuchus or Serpentarius interpreter of dreams, healer and a misunderstood leader see more »). The Romans were making mythology all up as they went along too and Julius Caesar created Libras for some time to signify justice and for political reasons. The scales represented Justice for Scorpios for the Greeks. It’s all convoluted huey but according to this Nasa article all constellations reside on this imaginary line — which has moved! The thirteenth one is Ophiuchus and this constellation aligns with sun and earth for about 18 days a year! This very simple star finder explanation for kids helped explain it all to me. So in reality scientifically speaking I’m a Virgo not a Libra. Um what? So just remember Astrology is not a science like Astronomy it’s mythical entertainment to help us figure people out and any Ophiuchuses(Nov 30 – Dec 17) out there.

1. Zodiac by the Melvins from their Chinese Pinyin: gong1 niu2 based record Bullhead
2. Zodiac Lung by Monster Magnet from the stellar record Spin of God. Which also has bull on the cover. What gives? What other Zodiac songs are out there?

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