Christmas Playlist w/ Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra & more!

Christmas Playlist w/ Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra & more!

Elvis Presley Christmas Album Playlists!

HOLIDAY PLAYLIST: Here’s something new from the very classic lady Nancy Sinatra, something not so new from Elvis Presley and always christmas sounding Booker T & the M.G.s.

1) Santa Claus Is Back in Town MP3 by Elvis Presley [Shop Insound]
2) “Holly Holy” by Nancy Sinatra from Shifting Gears [iTunes]

3) Jingle Bells MP3 by Booker T & The M.G.s [Shop Insound]
4) Nothing For Me MP3 by The Muffs from Happy Birthday Baby Jesus VolI [Shop Insound]
5) Blue Christmas MP3 by The Platters from R&B Christmas – The Heart & Soul of Christmas [Shop Insound]
6) Little Saint Nick COVER MP3 by She & Him from A Very She & Him Christmas Originally written by Brian Wilson/Mike Love. [Shop Insound]

More to come!

More Christmas Playlists songs for you:
Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records
CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist by our very own cheery DJ Tone

Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records

Best Holiday Singles Round 1 from Ample Play Records

Best Holiday Christmas & Holiday SIngles via Ample Play Records

HOLIDAY SINGLES: We like holiday music around these parts. We scoffed in early November because it was just too early but now that the turkey has bought the farm. It’s on and time to annoy your co-workers! This new one is a great Christmas split stocking stuffer single via ample play records(UK)! Classic reverb drenching psych-rock with The Sudden Death of Stars on side A & the Beat Mark on side AA. “What is Winter Good for?” comes complete with a very groovy bass line and church bells. Sound very much early 60’s rock-n-roll in the vein of yardbirds. On the flip side sleigh bells get you in the mood for “Christmas Blossom” by Beat Mark. This will be be available Dec 9th.

If you enjoy classic big band sounds then Rory Partin featuring his wife Alexa James doing up the classic live “Baby It’s Cold Outside” might warm up your coal soaked heart. Yup fans of Frank and Harry Connick, Jr. will be humming this once again.

More Christmas playlists songs:
CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist by our own DJ Tone
No Christmas Cards to send X-mas playlist (Get Grinch Song!)
Music fan holiday gift ideas and tunes

CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist

CBGB’s Exile Christmas Playlist

CBGB's Exile Christmas 2011

Bowery Electric: CBGB's Exile X-Mas Jahn Xavier with Lenny Kaye, and Tish & Snooky

Here’s a very special Christmas Playlist treat straight from DJ Tone. Once upon a time there was a little club called CBGB’s OMFUG which was owned and operated by Hilly Kristal. He developed a home where a legacy of bands that defined NYC’s underground music from The Ramones, Blondie to the The Patti Smith Group could perform. Every month these wayard punks that defined an era of music get together once a month. Punks in Exile from that little club with the amazing sound system. I was lucky to play the stage myself at least a dozen times and be a witness to later era bands who graced the stage from Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth and Bongwater to name a few. The was a iconic cultural destination. I swear everytime I walked by the place there were always tourists taking photos in front. I’d say they enjoyed quite the walk-in crowd. Anyway, here’s a playlist from our own DJ Tone who made this holiday mix called “Carols Buddies Goodfortune Bounty and Much Joy to celebrate the Holiday Season in EXILE at Bowery Electric this past week. We’re 99% certain that all the bands on this playlist played CB’s or at least in Shane Macgowan’s case he at least had a drink there.

In memory of Laura Kennedy, Steve Mach, Claire O’Connor and Susan Palermo.
01) Jesus Christ MP3 by Big Star
02) I Wish It Could Be Christmas Ever MP3 by Lenny Kaye
03) Run, Rudolph Run! MP3 by The Fleshtones
04) It’s Cold Outside MP3 by Stiv Bators
05) We Three Kings MP3 by Blondie
06) Silent Night MP3 by The Dickies
07) Little Saint Nick MP3 by The Kustard Kings
08) Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) MP3 by The Smithereens
09) Santa Bring My Baby (live) MP3 by Marshall Crenshaw
10) Bundle Up (demo) MP3 by The Replacements
11) Christmas Weather MP3 by The Student Teachers
12) One Christmas Catalogue MP3 by Captain Sensible
13) Christmas Day MP3 by Squeeze
14) Fairytale of New York MP3 by The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl

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No Christmas Cards to send X-mas playlist

No Christmas Cards to send X-mas playlist

I can’t believe it’s December already! Where has the year gone? After this list the next big one I have to do is my year in review for 2k10 but first here’s a bunch of Christmas / Holiday songs for ya’ll to add to your X-mas playlist compilation. Some punk, alternative and some indie ones. Geesh, something for every body then I swear once this is done that’s it for me until next year. A few more presents to buy maybe I swear too! Need to figure out a way to slow the holiday down so we can enjoy it.

Christmas MP3s are here!
You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch By the Whirling Dervishes. If there is one thing you do this year is promise me you buy this version of The Grinch song on iTunes. once you’ve checked it out. They are a New Jersey band and I’ve been waiting a long time for them to finally get out there digitally. Check out Everlounge if you really want to boogie down.

Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) by the New Bomb Turks from the Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus – Volume 1 Compilation from Sympathy for the Record Industry. Classic Ohio Punk.

Assasination on Xmas Eve by Archers of Loaf Live. I have no idea where this was recorded but love it when it comes up in random play.

All Fucked Up On Christmas by Billy Filo and the Christmas Allstars. Mostly Hoboken and Jersey punks rocking on this jam. It’s actually a really good song.

Christmas At The Zoo by Flaming Lips from Clouds Taste Metalic

Chicken Crowing for Midnight (Christmas Song) By Lead Belly from Where did you sleep last night.

Christmas (baby please come home) By The Raveonettes from Wishing You A Rave Christmas

Rock Around The Christmas Tree by Daniel Johnston from Lost & Found

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town By Jimmy Smith from Christmas Cookin’. It’s got some jazzy organ and will blend in the background.

Happy New Year by ABBA

I could keep going but this should do ya for now.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Music fan holiday gift ideas and tunes

Music fan holiday gift ideas and tunes

Dear Santa-stress,
Lots of price points with a mixed bag of items for this Seasonal Holiday known as Chrismika. This list of present ideas is for your beloved music fan. Along with a few tunes to help ease the tension for the ensuing shopping.

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus - Volume 1

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus - Volume 1

Expensive Executive gifts:

  • Giant box of uber Beatles in a box set(279) or a 1970’s era Rolling Stones catalog of CD($179) complete with Book with essays by the Stones from Restoration Hardware. Your dad may just have the vinyl but doesn’t have them like this also will give you something to read while you are there. The spine of the Beatles box is cool because it has the spines of the LP’s on the side which is a minor detail a collector would like.

  • Gold Top Gibson Les Paul. A dude can dream. Cost: Priceless.

  • Joe Strummer Fender Telecaster

  • Joe Strummer Fender telecaster ($895?). If you can find this it’s a
    little more affordable and price of a fancy LV purse so the argument is built in just shop around. I played one last year and it was worn in just in the right spots.

  • Dan Electro 67′ Hornet reissue. This plays awesome, the bottom fret is a little gritty but nothing a little playing won’t cure. I got one last year in red for $299. I’ve seen them for $100 more now but well worth it if dig long next blues guitars.
    MP3 I Wish It Could Be Christmas Ever by the Devil Dogs from Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus – Volume 1 compilation

    For the Record Collector snob:

    Bay Area Funk I & II series from the California’s Ubiquity Records. Throw in T-shirt or one of series 7 inches for good measure and the snob will be happy. Hint I already have the first CD and it’s totally amazing.

    MP3 06 What It Is Pts 1&2(1976) By the artist known as Apollis from the Bay Area Funk series I. This is some serious groove making only credit I could find as of this writing is that it was produced by Soul Set Productions out of San Francisco for La Val Records on a 7 inch!

    Groove Merchant Turns 20! CD/lp ($22) – This too is super cool compilation I picked it up at the Sound Station in Westfield, NJ but is also avail from Ubiquity direclty. Great to add into the holiday music mix. Their anniversary T’s are hip too. Great site although mp3s are not available immediately after download it’s ok because they are old school.

    Kids Wood Xylophone from Drum Bum

    Kids Wood Xylophone from Drum Bum

    For kids ($20-30 range):

  • For baby’s this season I found this musical elephant.

  • For 2+ i found a oldschool xlyaphone. You hear these on all sorts of
    recordings all the time. This is a pretty nice one from Drum Bum.
  • Lullaby Renditions of your favorite alternative rock on CD is available by The Cure, radiohead, ramones, nirvana. Trust me you will go insane after 100x times listening to twinkle twinkle little star and this stuff is made by awesome musicians.
  • MP3 Come As You Are(Nirvana) Lullaby Rendition from Rockabye Baby

    Low budget:

  • 9 dollar blues harmonica in key of “C” for the stocking stuffer at restoration hardware or your local guitar center.
  • 3 black logo-less pocket T’s from target. You can’t go wrong here for your sweet rockstar.

    MP3 Just Like Christmas By Low.

    Great unheard Christmas songs

    Great unheard Christmas songs

    So i got lazy this year and plain old overworking. However you want to look at it but my friend Matt put his Christmas Playlist together. Actually he has been working on The Great Unheard covers project for many years. Check out the awesome covers by all the sorts of folks for music lovers. He sure did save me a lot of work so welcome him on the launching of his new mp3 site. glad I can check make killer Xmas playlist cd off my list. Good job Matt!

    I can’t believe another year’s gone o’well…

    Best Christmas Song mp3 blog posts of 2007

    Best Christmas Song mp3 blog posts of 2007

    As we all prepare for our office parties, some of us are thinking about the Xmas-holiday playlist for those miserable couple hours of small talk. Have no fear the Review Stalker is here!
    To start out with this list of lists. The Flamming Lips always have the best attitude toward this time of year. If you have seen them live before you know what I mean(there has never been a show of their’s where I didn’t walk away all fuzzy inside), where they wish it were Christmas all year around. Get their track from the is/yes blog “Christmas at the Zoo and A Change at Christmas (Say it Isn’t So)“. See them live. buy a record.

    Next up: You should visit: Bag of Songs who is posting a track a day until the grand day. I say just do it all at once but here are a few highlights so far. Elvis Presley – “Merry Christmas Baby” day 10,Ryan Adams – “Hey Parker, It’s Christmas” Day 9,
    and John Lennon’s – Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Day 8.

    For indie prog rockers check out The Dismemberment Plan – This Christmas. it’s not very jingly but Alas a cool track posted on can you see the sunset. If you dig the older rock, posted Redd Kross’s – “Super Sunny Christmas”,Ramones – “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight)” and Rufus Wainwright – “Spotlight On Christmas”. If you dig these you are now in the AAA market. (Adult Alternative)

    There is a Excellent 2 zip 45 song set here featuring, Yo La Tengo ~ “Rock N Roll Santa”, Jamaica All Stars ~ “Here Comes Santa Claus”, Neko Case ~ “Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis” and Mogwai ~ “Christmas Song” and a whole vatte full of other nuggets. Finally to add to your holiday misery office party
    dig these highlights: john denver – please daddy (don’t get drunk this christmas), the staple singers – who took the merry out of christmas?
    or steve martin – five wishes on christmas . go to site and down the leather canary xmas mix