Risk Reward, Lightouts, Eastern Anchors & Joshua Jesty

Risk Reward, Lightouts, Eastern Anchors & Joshua Jesty

Don Pedro Brooklyn The Club is open
DON PEDRO, BROOKLYN PHOTOS SUN JAN 6th 2013: Here’s a post-mordam photo review of what could said to be the first unofficial – official ReviewStalker.com Show in 2013. Jake from Don Pedro was nice enough to let us host our own show from start to finish and it sure was nice to be able to put together a bunch of bands we dig or have written about all on one bill. We hope to do it again in the near future. If you have a venue where you’ll give us total creative control just let me know. Here’s some photos from the night.

Joshua Jesty Don Pedro Brooklyn
We realize Joshua Jesty’s band from Ohio has a convoluted band name and we’re not even going to dare mess it up right now. They did a good job of covering the replacements I must say and we all were grateful they made 9 1/2 hour trip from Cleveland in 11hrs to play the show. Don’t ask.

Eastern Anchors Don Pedro Brooklyn 2013

Photo by Jeff Schioppa

To not be total self serving concert hogs Eastern Anchors went on promptly at 10pm. Served up our version of indie rock tuning. Go ahead and grab a free Eastern Anchors MP3 from rollingstone.com posted back on Dooms Day. Remember to set-back your Mayan Calendar another 1,000 years while your at it.

Lightouts Don Pedro Brooklyn, NY< Next up were the Gawanus band known as the Lighouts. They have been deligently been working on their new record a months and months. Recording singles which we’ve featured here and finally they are seeing the light. They are musician and as today’s modern rockers do they have been working yet another video which we’re excited to see. There is something to say about ladies wearing nude liatards. That is all were going to say.

Lightouts Don Pedro Brooklyn Center Stage

We were all glad when Queen’s Risk/Reward played the anchor slot as they basically wipped us all upside the head volume wise. Not only can they rock but they also host a Friday night live Podcast called Live from Barage. It’s a bar in John Houlihan’s garage. Get it? Yup their banter is much more refined than most stand-up comedians we suggest you tune-in to both things. They fuckin’ rock.

Risk/Reward Don Pedro Brooklyn Pink Tele
Like well conditioned Rock jocks that they even managed to do a instrument switcheraroo and showed their Sugary side. Still gritty and loud. They closed the night with a hit.

Risk Reward Don Pedro John Houlihan on Guitar
Here’s a verison of what they closed the school night with at the Live at PRF BBQ last year in 2012. Enjoy!

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Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Soon enough review stalker Dave returns from his extended holiday in the sun.  Before he gets his blogging groove back on I have one more guest posting of summer playlist tones for y’all.  Here’s 4 more that reflect upon the time of year.

Something old:

Appears the unusual heat dome has broken and the temps are now near 90 degrees in most parts of the country.  That’s a bit of relief after the sweltering 100 degree dog days of last week.  Some of that was broken up with a scattering of precipitation.  Every time it rained it poured and each time I kept humming this oldie but goodie.  Next time it rains this summer hum this chestnut and try and get it out of your head.

Summer Rain video by Johnny Rivers from the album Realization (1968)

Something New:

The Fiery Furnaces have been making some nervous art rock for over 10 years.  The Brooklyn based duo have had moments of greatness on some of their albums. But it appears Eleanor had to leave her brother behind to record her sweet NYC tribute album. Included on her debut album, ‘Last Summer’ are songs about city ‘hoods Bensonhurst, Roosevelt Island, Coney Island and Owl’s Head Park. The lead track ‘My Mistakes’ could be the summer song of 2011.  Check out the video and you’re sure to be sold with its inspiring imagery and catchy melody.  It’s a hook laden beauty of a tune.

My Mistakes video by Eleanor Friedberger from the album Last Summer (2011)

Something Borrowed:

When it comes to songs about this time of year fellow Brooklyn-ite George Gershwin nailed it. In 1935 he wrote the music for the American folk opera ‘Porgy & Bess’.  The hit song from the show has been covered countless times by so many including Janis Joplin, Sonny & Cher, Billy Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Sam Cooke, Brian Wilson, Sinatra and numerous others.  But when Terry Hall took a stab at the classic in ’82 he ho-hummed his way through it while his “Fun Boys” from The Specials chanted away.  An inspired and inventive take on the standard that sums up the season quite nicely whatever year it is.  Hush little baby don’t you cry.

Summertime video by The Fun Boy Three (1982)

Something Blue:

When Jack White married British super model Karen Elson he may have subconsciously had plans to record her.  Once the 6 year marriage ended her debut album was released.  She had been singing occasionally over the years with Robert Plant, Cat Power and with the NYC “cabaret” group, the Citizens Band.  The album is a haunting countrified treat that includes a song about the season that Bananarama (The Fun Boy 3’s girls) also complained about back in the’80s.  This is not that happy new wave ditty but one that is extremely sad and blue.  It’s a tearjerker that may require a tissue.  Can’t help but wonder, did she write this for Jack?

Cruel Summer video by Karen Elson from the album The Ghost Who Walks Out (2011)

The Big Takeover 30th Anniversary Show Documented

The Big Takeover 30th Anniversary Show Documented

I’m going to try and keep these documentary style installments coming. Part II is already done. Here’s Part 1 of the what will be a Über trailer from a truly american shoegaze treasure as Jack puts it – The Sleepover Disaster. Long story short this is part of larger “non-musical” documentary project I work on called create or else about inspiration or at least that is how this started – I ended up with a ton of footage. So these are the musical fruits of which I intend to share all the great moments with you rock fans. When it’s done it will be a nice short documentary on Jack Rabid’s Big Takeover fans, friends and bands he featured last summer at the Bell House in Brooklyn. So subscribe to the RS channel on the Utubes or RS in the twitterverse to be in the know. Lets see I can keep this up all summer long! Lord of the rock gods like Krokus only knows I have enough music to make it so. So your encouragement will be needed. I’m just psyched to watch my editing skills get better with each one. We’ll see.

Next week: A song by Jon Auer of The Possies.

The Sleepover Disaster at The Big Takeover's 30th anniversary show

Shoegaze fans:
Dark Star MP3 by The Sleepover Disaster from their release called Hover. Somewhere between space walking and swimming in a clear ocean where you can breath the elements is where the beauty of this Fresno California band’s shoegazer music lives. Get Some »

More music like this:
100 Million MP3 by Sunny Day Real Estate from How It Feels to Be Something On
Confess MP3 by Catherine Wheel from Chrome (1993)
Only Shallow MP3 by My Bloody Valentine from Loveless (1991)
Sci-Flyer MP3 by Swervedriver from their album Raise (1991)

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A Midnight Spin RocknRoll Mojo story

A Midnight Spin RocknRoll Mojo story

MUSIC REVIEW: Putting hair on a band based out of Brooklyn that sounds like a real rock band is not so difficult. I’m personally tired of bands with headbands and mustaches. That’s so 2010 on the bad breath-o-meter. Give me regular dudes who make music with a tight rythem section and a singer who has some British swagger although from North America and can hit some notes alla Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) on vocals any day and we’re in good shape. A sense of humor is optional at that point but sticking with any carny’s breakfast heroes storyline protects the Mojo community pretty well. Add some milk and Jack Pot, Chocferatu, Anton Tigrrre, Admiral Munch and Tweaks Bunny will tell you a story that will go on in infamy. So, here’s a concept video that came about after Jim the guitarist for Midnight Spin saw a mural in Williamsburg of cereal mascots decked out like murderous villains (You know like serial killers with a itchy trigger finger) with some help from Model Citizen Productions; whoala a rock crime caper video right of the box for their debut EP Through the Mojo Wire. Nice start for a new band as they prepare for their first tour and figure out how to keep gas in the van. The bass riffs on “Brooklyn’s Weary” and “Mr. Slate” have this cool distorted thing going on too as John Paul Jones is my witness. In fact the whole EP has charms that are worth chewing on. The Rivers Cuomo rock-n-roll mojo fan club is proud.

The band formed around 07 with some parts Boston and DC to solidify the line-up and your usual craig’s list nightmare auditions. It’s short and sweet and not a clunker to be had. Thus a EP you can take for a drive. Who wants filler anyway unless it’s in a donut? File under: Alternative rock with just enough grit and bounce to make the girls dance. Check them out!

DOWNLOAD & LISTEN: Trigger Finger Itch MP3 by Midnight Spin.

Other songs about 12 0’Clock:
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Automatic Midnight by Hot Snakes s/t
Midnight Cowboy by Cows from Cunning Stunts(2000)

Arizona the glowing bird band

Arizona the glowing bird band

Album Review: Glowing Bird by the band known as Arizona. I had a dumb idea for a comp the other day which would feature 50 bands from 50 states. Probably do-able but you would end up with some crap. Although we’re a little late to the game we are always weary of a band falling through the cracks. The good news is that these guys would be a good opener for said project. No doubt about it.

Studio geeks beware of the state of the band Arizona currently 3/4 parts Asheville North Carolina and 1/4 part of course Brooklyn. One band guy is still holding on apparently. Pretension aside, this band has none, this review is about the art of making an album. Something that is missing these days in 9/10 of the releases out there. More than likely because it’s so easy to make a record on a computer but composing one like this is a whole other level. It’s obvious they worked hard at the knob twiddling to create the ear candy on this shinning release borrowing
some from the reverb playbook with their brand of folk-electronica guitar rock and things that sounds like a melotron and um’ talent? Yes, it’s a damn fine release put out by echo mountain records with so many layers of feel good harmony in the vain of yes the Beatles (on the McCartney side), Sunny Day Real Estate, and contemporaries Okkervil River. A complete pleasure to listen to the two singers trade the lead role seamlessly that they seem as one. At times they get a little proggy and southern rock with their guitar jamming but it’s ok we forgive them for thinking big and letting it rip on the title track. They are best on the last couple simple ditties like “The Fairly Light” and “Whiskey Or Wine” which is mollusk-esque(Ween) but I say just go for it all. You can’t go wrong.

Mp3 The Fairly Light