Best New Podcasts and Radio shows based out of NJ and NY

Best New Podcasts and Radio shows based out of NJ and NY

WPRB Jon Solomon Radio show

We love radio. We grew up on it and before there was the crazyness that is internet these days we relied on college radio that was located on the left of the dial. Here’s a few of Best New Podcasts and Radio shows based out of New Jersey and New York. I’m sure there are more so if you do a show and want to get listed just let us know and follow us on twitter and with the other facehookers. We’ll post a update.


AUDIBLE AFFECTS via WTSR by Jerry Lardieri
We love Jerry Lardieri’s taste in rocknroll music. We dig his band too The Brixton Riot. He’s only had a couple shows but so far he’s off to a roaring start. It’s a great way to spend a friday morning as he plays the very best new and old REAL alternative music has to offer all in one tight set of music. Dig it. Here’s his website and facebook

Audible Affects – Episode #2 (Original Air Date 9/05/2014) by Audible Affects on Mixcloud

No Format Radio via WRSU by Jeff Wertz
Jeff used to do a show called Flexible Vinyl only show for years and years. He’s since passed the torche to Doug Vizium so the punk flame carries on. This is more free-format but well worth tunning in.

No Format radio 6/16/14 WRSU FM by Jeff Wertz on Mixcloud

WPRB Radio Jon Solomon at Home radio show

Keeping Score at home on WRPB by Jon Solomon
For folks who know any thing about the deep New Jersey music scene Jon is practically a house-hold name. Even on Christmas when he does a 24hr xmas show. He posts meticulous show notes about what songs he spins. Here’s his website to see waht I am talking about Follow him on twitter or better yet xatch him on Weds 7-10pm on WPRB.

Flexible Vinyl on WRSU by The Slugger
Ok while you won’t hear anything pre 1990 on this radio show and that is pushing it – don’t panic because the hour long show is a lesson in punk music. Shit if you heard of half the bands you’ll be way more punk than me. Seriously awesome show.

FVRS 9.18.14 by The Slugger on Mixcloud

More podcasts David Yow Vs Live from The Barrage
Conan Nuetron on Radio Thursday 11AM EST
Our old podcast – Review Stalker Show #34

Great Radio MP3 by Bongwater from The Power of Pussy
Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio Cover) MP3 by Local H from Awesome Mixtape #1
Radio MP3 by Nude Beach from II
Radio Free Europe MP3 by REM from Murmer

I’m sure there are like a million songs about radio we missed. Name some in comments!


10 Songs About Pot, Marijuana & Ganja You Never heard

10 Songs About Pot, Marijuana & Ganja You Never heard

smoking a joint photo
420: Here’s a bunch of songs about pot. So much great music has been inspired by the Weed and on the weed it’s hard to imagine that the shit is slowly being legalized finally and the government has finally figured out the business of marijuana and that they could tax it like the alcohol and cigarettes to get them out the debt. For a while that is until they fuck it up again and spend their take. Remember the war on drags? What the hell happened to that Gestapo? The really scary part is all the conversations behind the scenes Big Tobacco companies having. Preparing themselves for this day and negotiating with the government on how they can make it work for them — their end of the deal. So we’ll see what happens in the coming years once we’re over the medicinal hump in most of the States. I’m in no way an expert. Anyway, the drug was once vilified and was seen as a harbinger of evil, sex and gluttony. If you’re too high don’t drive. In some cases marijuana is supposed to help people with their some pain, anxieties and as medicinal cancer treatment. So seriously can’t be that bad. You can even make clothing out of the pot. We know we can’t hang with the chronic at all because that stuff has crystals and will make us barf but either way for some other people it’s their beer and we’re ok with that. Life is too boring not to get high on something. To celebrate 420 here’s some songs about pot you may never of heard of before. Please suggest some other songs in the comments below.

“420 Mix” by Ecletic Method – Movie’s best Pot moments mash-up
Let us re-introduce you to Jonny Wilson of Eclectic Method. He’s been a video mixologist and mash-up king before it was a thing. He started out physically splicing together music, TV and film and has been setting high-energy beats made exactly for shaking your groove thing. He’s worked with Brian Eno and is no ordinary VJ. His medium base is Video mixing and he’s always pushing what you can do. We first featured a mash-up of his a few months ago when he shared “A Brief History of Sampling” with us so we hope you enjoy this one. He loves to take current popular culture and bring it to the club, The Colbert Report, soundcloud and anywhere where music is. Hard to keep up with all of his output honestly but once you latch on we promise you will be hooked.

Ok the downloads are below…

Sinsemilla Black Uhuru

The Smoke –have some more tea MP3
Fela Kuti –Expensive Shit (afrobeat) MP3
Willie Nelson –Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die MP3 w/ Snoop Dogg, Jamey Johnson, Kris Kristofferson
PSD Mac Lee –Every damn day i smoke dank MP3
Stoned Jesus –I’m The Mountain MP3
Porter Wagoner –Green Green Grass of Home MP3
Mighty High –Drug War MP3 from Legalize Tre Bags(2012)
Muddy Waters –Champagne & Reefer MP3
The Clash – Safe European Home MP3 Give them enough Rope Because they’ve got the potthey got the palm trees…
Black Uhuru –Sinsemilla MP3 from Sinsemilla (1980 Island Records)

CLASSIC TV EPISODE: Taxi “Latka’s Cookies” [full episode]

Nobody makes TV like this anyway – what amazing show which totally features cociane. Now click that facebook link below and share this pot article with your friend ya’ll! Thank you.

Love Stinks – Hated and Beloved Valentines Day Songs

Love Stinks – Hated and Beloved Valentines Day Songs

“I got you Babe” by Sonny & Cher and “Nothing Compares to you” by Sinead O’connor are a couple of those songs I can’t stand sometimes but we all can admit love stinks right sometimes? Mostly because it’s so hard to explain as we go and as the explanation gets fuzzier and fuzzier and we turn into some stale marshmallow on the couch. Love’s meaning changes as you go through different stages of life too but one thing is for sure; there are songs that strike a note in our blackened caverns and makes us all light headed as if we just got the wind knocked out of us. How many ways can I break your heart? Here’s a 13 pack of some of the most “hated” and beloved Valentine’s Day songs. You probably have yours but here’s some of mine.

You might be fans of this kind of love or unlove:
13) True Love Will Find You In The End MP3 Daniel Johnston from 1990. [Buy] Also covered by that poser Beck
12) Fists Of LoveBig Black from Atomizer [Buy]
11) Ever Fallen In Love_ MP3 Buzzcocks taken from Singles Going Steady. [Buy]
10) I’m Not In Love from The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads MP3 Live (1978) The guitar playing on this is awesome. [Buy]
09) I Am Trying To Break Your Heart MP3 by Wilco Live at Troutdale (2007) [Buy some Wilco]

One of the saddest fucking love songs:
08) I will follow you into the Dark MP3 by Death Cab For Cutie from PLANS

Some classic and eclectic Love Songs:
07) Love Stinks MP3 by The J Geils Band (1980) [Buy]
06) To Love Somebody MP3 by Nina Simone w/ a little intro by Joe Strummer from the Future is Unwritten soundtrack [Buy some Nina]
05) Will You Love Me Tomorrow MP3 by The Zombies doing Carole King and Gerry Goffin song Live At BBC 1965-1968.
04) Love Is For Lovers MP3 by The DB’s originally from the 1982 record Like This. Taken from the Poptopia! Power Pop Classics of 1980’s Compilation.
03) I Don’t Love Nobody MP3 performed by Jerry Lee Lewis -Originally written by Roy Brown. This is from the Sun Rockabilly Meltdown comp I high recommend compilation.
02) Between Two Sheets MP3 by Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns taken from the Mojo compilation James Brown’s Funky Summer

She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo. Love, love actress Zooey Deschanel from She & Him.

01) My all time favorite love song is Roky Erickson’sYou Don’t Love Me Yet” MP3 performed by Bongwater. Check out one of the 7″ Friday posts where we go in deep on this magnificent NYC band.

You don't Love me yet

00) Here’s the original psychedelic version by Roky You Don’t Love Me Yet MP3 from You’re Gonna Miss Me: Original Soundtrack. I think the song was originally released in the UK in 1988 as a 12″ by Roky Erickson & Evilhook Wildlife (ET) and also a single on Fundamental Records Pray 7.

Emusic is going to obscure the indies with Sony BMG

Emusic is going to obscure the indies with Sony BMG

So I opined on my tech/life blog the other day about SonyBMG screwing the Emusic pooch with the coming of a mostly lame catalog from the behemoth label that has such great chart topping artists like Jefferson Airplane, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Faithless, Kelly Clarkson, Dolly Parton, Judas Priest according to Ok I of course like Cash and sorta is like blasphemy or communism not like Elvis but C’mon. Really?

Which if you take a close peak at the metrics on there it equals 420 Million unique listeners for the combined fans of those groups who scrobble their music from iTunes alone! Holy F*ck batman! That is a lot of freaking band equity. There will invariable be a few issues they will have to deal with this marketing conundrum.
(1) They might start crashing because of the boon of new subscribers. Which in most cases is a good problem to have but much better to grow steadily than over night.
(2) They will or in process of obscuring the indies and fans who have helped build up emusic for the past 7-8 years (see the thread). New music fans take risks with on all these artists because of the low entry cost. Angry user will need to appeased one way or another.
(3) Financially, sorta supporting point above, the indie 00′ band hey day is in serious jeopardy. There is huge set of emerging artists that will be competing with releases older than 2 years. You know that will change once the price point start to turn over fast there could be roll back. These are just mp3s in the over-all scheme of dismal cd sales there are lessons to be learned from the past. Remember the beta and VHS war? Lower quality always wins for mass distribution with right price point (So markety i know). Slowly emusic may (hopefully not) start to obscure these artists for moving volume. If I were them my immediate course of action would be to segregate the “Majors” in the charts like they do in record stores sometimes (remember those?).

Personally, I am going to be on pins in needles as this fiasco unfolds PR nightwares get sorted out. I’m not going to up my emusic subscription and I’m not going to cancel it either. I’ve been a loyal customer since Jan05. It’s still the best deal out there these days and people gotta eat. It will slow my support and consumption of the indies since I’ll only be able to afford on average 3 albums a month as opposed to 5 and half a month in previous plan in this new budget. I would have preferred a subtle 10-20% rent increase but oh’well. Quite a slow down in my music consumption. Again, not that I always downloaded my whole 65 tune subscription previously. Emusic secretly loves that kind of customer with their use it or loose it rule. Which was a great revenue stream for them. Lets see what happens for now there was a Alice Cooper song I wanted to buy… Seriouly it’s bit of sell-out but somebody had to give my only hope is that it benefits all the little guys in the long run or short run. Somehow.

Mp3 – The Big Sell-Out – Bongwater – BUY SOME WHILE IT’S CHEAP