The Big Takeover Music Doc Part 3 with For Against

The Big Takeover Music Doc Part 3 with For Against

More talking by a fan of the Big Takeover music magazine outside for the 30th Anniversary Bell House show featuring For Against! For Against are this wonderful combination of New Order meets bubble-gum dream scapes from the meadows of Nebraska. It’s no wonder BTO has been their champion. If you dig the prettier side of shoegaze without the drug fuzz haze any tunage out of this trio will suffice. Check them out after you see this live track.

Here is Part 2 with Jon Auer of The Posies and Part 1 with The Sleepover Disaster.

For Against live at Bell House Brooklyn
Aftertaste MP3 By For Against from Shade Side Sunny Side (2008)
Fuel MP3 by For Against from Coalesced (2002)

More alternative sounds like this band:
Ceremony MP3 by New Order from Substance
Strange MP3 by Pains of Being Pure of Heart from Belong (2011)
Real Thing MP3 by The Wedding Present from Saturnalia

Big Takeover Anniversary Show with Jon Auer

Here’s the second installment from the 30th Anniversary Big Takeover show documented at Bell House in Brooklyn last summer with Jon Auer from the The Posies playing solo. This one features Billy the engineer chatting it up bit. He helps produce the internet radio show Rabid in the Kennel on breakthrough radio for Jack Rabid. Jon Auer did a lot of great songs during his set and was quite the personality – i had no idea he was so dark and funny at the same time. This is the encore and judging by the slew of covers you can find he really loves music. All good things. no wonder he was part of the Big Star thing. We also have the opening song he did on video covering a Chameleons songs.

Next Week: For Against!

Here’s the first video with the Sleepover Disaster

The Year Of Our Demise MP3 from Songs From The Year Of Our Demise by Jon Auer
Grant Hart MP3 by The Posiesfrom the DGC release Amazing Disgrace (1996) doing a song about the drummer of Husker Du.
Solar Sister MP3 by The Posies originally from Frosting on the Beater(1993). I got this classic jam from Poptopia! Power Pop Classics Of The ’90s.
Green Eyes MP3 by Jon Auer from 6 1/2. Yes this time a husker du cover.
Swinging Party MP3 covering a Mats song! Live at Schubas 05/17/2006

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The Big Takeover 30th Anniversary Show Documented

The Big Takeover 30th Anniversary Show Documented

I’m going to try and keep these documentary style installments coming. Part II is already done. Here’s Part 1 of the what will be a Über trailer from a truly american shoegaze treasure as Jack puts it – The Sleepover Disaster. Long story short this is part of larger “non-musical” documentary project I work on called create or else about inspiration or at least that is how this started – I ended up with a ton of footage. So these are the musical fruits of which I intend to share all the great moments with you rock fans. When it’s done it will be a nice short documentary on Jack Rabid’s Big Takeover fans, friends and bands he featured last summer at the Bell House in Brooklyn. So subscribe to the RS channel on the Utubes or RS in the twitterverse to be in the know. Lets see I can keep this up all summer long! Lord of the rock gods like Krokus only knows I have enough music to make it so. So your encouragement will be needed. I’m just psyched to watch my editing skills get better with each one. We’ll see.

Next week: A song by Jon Auer of The Possies.

The Sleepover Disaster at The Big Takeover's 30th anniversary show

Shoegaze fans:
Dark Star MP3 by The Sleepover Disaster from their release called Hover. Somewhere between space walking and swimming in a clear ocean where you can breath the elements is where the beauty of this Fresno California band’s shoegazer music lives. Get Some »

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100 Million MP3 by Sunny Day Real Estate from How It Feels to Be Something On
Confess MP3 by Catherine Wheel from Chrome (1993)
Only Shallow MP3 by My Bloody Valentine from Loveless (1991)
Sci-Flyer MP3 by Swervedriver from their album Raise (1991)

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Joe Strummer Know your Rights

Joe Strummer Know your Rights

Direct from Julien Temple’s movie The Future is Unwritten a great bit from Joe Strummer (RIP 1952-2002)when he’s waxing philosophic, he says “without people, you are nothing”. What I think Joe was driving at is we live in a insulated society and we need to pay attention to those around us to make our and their lives richer. Still to this day with dominance of office culture in our social networks this fact is even more true. Your head is down trudging along to the next email. In a recent interview, with my now friend Jack Rabid (for a project I’m doing), who had the pleasure of buying Mr. Strummer a beer when he interviewed him for his magazine The Big Takeover. I saw this intensity for people in Jack’s eyes and in how hiss a passion for the people who make music, and in the things he said, and in particular when he recalled said interview. I won’t be the spoiler until it’s released on Create or Else just yet. but somehow the vibe was transferred to guys like Jack and between the sub-text and fascination with culture and class that The Clash and Joe cared about so much. The notion that you can affect the future even if it is one soul at time is pretty great. Here are few tracks that if anything will enrich your day but for a moment every time you listen to them or they randomly come up on your ipod. They do for me anyways. Enjoy.

Joe Strummer’s Midnight Dream – By Angledust featuring Chris Harford and Andrew Weiss
Without People, You’re Nothing” – Joe Strummer from The Future Is Unwritten (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Clash Live Passaic NJ 1980 (When everything happened)
Guns of Brixton
Spanish Bombs
Police & Thieves
Complete Control
Tommy Gun

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NYC's Flower reunited

NYC's Flower reunited

This photo is from The Big Takeover’s 30th anniversary show at the Bell House in Brooklyn taking place this weekend. The opening band EDP broke-up a week prior so they did not play but was amazing to finally see Flower(ex-Versus and Cell/French) and hear Jack say as he was rocking out right up in front “that they sound as vital and fresh as they did 17 years ago!”. To say the least the first night of these two shows was a raging success. Great energy and people meeting for the first time was among the chatter. Was very cool to see the nyc scene come out and give their support to The Big Takeover and see rabid shoegazer fans from all over the country who came to listen and play this one-off festival(or is it?). If you are in the neighborhood you should go to Night 2 which starts at 4pm. Oh and if you are worried about finding a place to eat around there; for this event there is a charcoal grill out front called Dirks Burgers; which you can feast on and bring inside to eat at the fest. If you ask nicely they might even make you a veggie burger. Lastly bring a wad of cash because the merch table has some pretty great stuff. Including a BTO beer cozies and back issues of the mag. More pictures soon!

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The Big Takeover turns 30! (Lots of Mp3s)

The Big Takeover Turns 30!

The Big Takeover Turns 30!

Wow, Jack Rabid has been publishing The Big Takeover for 30 years! Impressive. I must be really old now. F*ck! To celebrate he’s throwing a rockandroll party at the Bell House with all these amazing bands. I don’t remember 30 but please step into the time machine over here:

FRIDAY JULY 30, 2010
THE AVENGERS – Open Your Eyes San Fran ’70s punk legends, featuring Penelope Houston & Greg Ingraham!
CHANNEL 3 – Manzanar – Early 80s L.A. manic punk. Like screaming and hollering with tweeky guitars.
VISQUEEN – Beautiful Amnesia – Great singing on this track. Female-led Seattle post-punk rockers’ first East Coast shows in 5 years
SPRINGHOUSE – Enslave Me – Jack playing his first show with original lineup in 8 years, playing a “normal” set.
LIBERTINES U.S. – Bad Memories Burn Are you feeling the nostalgia yet? Reformed Cincinnati ’80s greats first-ever NY show!
FLOWER – Empty Head New York postpunk band’s first show in 16 years! I think i have a actual LP lying around somewhere for these guys but I do remember all the bass strumming. Cool sheet alla GVsB.
EDP – Wallflower The guitars wrangle and rattle on this one – get your zero T-shirt out and grease the scooter to catch their set. Check out New York’s hard-hitting, Jam-like, mod revival band.

MARK BURGESS – On The Beach – Get yer ecstasy broker lined up. Manchester England’s Chameleons star. Playing Acoustic and full band!
FOR AGAINST – Aftertaste – A little proggy track w/ what sounds like some serious slap back on the snare from Lincoln, NE post-punk legends. Their first East Coast show in 15 years.
SPRINGHOUSE – Asphalt Angels – Jack and Co whip out the delay and phaser pedals; playing their second LP, Postcards From the Arctic, start to finish. Spoiler alert this is the opener!
THE SLEEPOVER DISASTER – Hold My Tongue This Fresno shoegazer band sounds something like Black Angels and British Sea Power. Come support their first-ever East Coast appearance.
DON MCGLASHAN – While you Sleep New Zealand’s ex-Mutton Birds in his only U.S. appearance.
STEVE DREWETT – When the Oil Runs Out by Newtown Neurotics main man makes his U.S. debut.
JON AUER – The Year of Our Demise Seattle’s Posies star and 17-year Big Star member.
THE SHARP THINGS – Now That I’m Back by New York’s acclaimed orchestral poppers!
PAUL COLLINS – She Doesn’t Want To Hang Around With You Big starish Poptopia track. Former member of The Nerves and of Paul Collins’ Beat fame.
THE CURTAIN SOCIETY – Cave In by veteran Boston shoegazers, also backing Burgess for part of his set. Vocals a little Bryan Ferry a little Sunnyday. Enjoy.

ADMISSION: $25.00 per night or $40 for both
LOCATION: THE BELL HOUSE @ 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
DOORTIMES: Friday @ 6:00PM and Saturday @ 4.00PM