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Top 5 iTunes albums for 2013 …the confusion ensues

It’s funny if you strictly go by what I’ve listened to the most this year The top 20 are mostly old bands that have been around for more than 10 plus years. My go to bands. Then again you have … Continue reading

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Top Albums from the year of the dragon 2012

When I listen to things that i come in via the internets or that I pick-up myself in the store i look for a few things in a band’s music. Firstly does its sound rings authentic in a way that … Continue reading

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The Best Of The Best Albums of 2011

There is no scientific methodology to picking the best of album of 2011. Every year it does not seem like any good music is on the horizon then the music that matters start to tickle our ears. We go with … Continue reading

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Songs About Love & Giving Thanks

As we prepare to feast today I thought I’d post some songs about love and giving a big thanks to the Review Stalker readers, Twitter Followers, music fans and bands. All 3 of you know who you are so a … Continue reading

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Meh-Earthquake Glue by GBV Vs. Twitter

This is a cheap trick but somebody will be looking for it. Song for song Earthquake Glue by Guided by Voices Vs. The best twitter and Facebook posts by friends and enemies. I’m sure there are some good ones so … Continue reading

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Lucky 13 Best Albums of 2010 – Part II

Continuing, overall this year was a bountiful one musically with our best of list deserving 13 great albums. Yeah! Shit I cut a bunch just because they would have only eeked in based on the merits of previous releases but … Continue reading

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Lucky 13 of the Best Albums of 2010 – Part I

Welcome, here’s the first 7 of my best of lucky 13 albums for 2010. I’m breaking it up so you get a chance to listen to this first batch. Lots of albums will be in a different list all their … Continue reading

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Hey it's 2010 and the Oldsters are kicking Brooklyn ass (Mostly)

Hey ironic mustaches! Can you focus on the music and less on your retro brown pants? I dig the tats but those will get saggy in due time. I dig openness but most of you will get conservative soon too … Continue reading

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Holy Crap Best of 2008 lists

I found the craziest list which I think was compiled by a nutcase programmer. Check out Largehearted boys 2008 Year-end round-up list o’ lists. Has every damn site best of listing — everybody’s list! We’re still listening and trying to … Continue reading

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