LOUD Is How I Love You – HUB CITY ebook series launch show

LOUD Is How I Love You – HUB CITY ebook series launch show

SAT MAY 5th 2016 at PINO’s in HIGHLAND PARK, NJ a whole slew of 90’s indie rockers will be playing some tunes and listening to book excerpt(s) describing main character’s boyfriend’s penis. It could happen and you won’t know unless you attend. We love Mercy Brown confident nature and sexy personality right off the wiffle ball bat when she doesn’t even take her own advice to not sleep with anybody in the band; as she digs deep in her Hub City e-romance debut series LOUD Is How I Love You.

The show is going to be very campfire style but with full on rock with 20 minute sets followed by a reading or just gabbing on the mic. Members from the different groups will be filling in for those that can’t make it to celebrating words and music from Mercy’s head. A big chunk of the New Brunswick 90’s local music scene will be here and there may or may not be Hello Biafra shots being served.

The book really throws one back to a very exciting time – pre-internet where you actually had to see a flyer, or talk on one of them landline phones devices, read a local paper or hang out in a record store in order to know what local bands were playing in the Hub City. While those in attendance will be tweeting and instragramming like like millennials; what will really matter most is the music that is being performed this evening.
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9pm Three to Six
9:30 The Urchins
10:00 Ex-Vegas/Prosolar Mechanics
10:30 Bionic Rhoda / Holly Hobbies
11:00 Buzzkill / Boss Jim Gettys
11:30 Aviso’Hara / Eastern Anchors
12:00 The Stuntcocks?

PS A new documentary film announcement is coming soon for NOISY BASEMENTS & BARS which will take a look backwards to the punk heyday of 1980’s, the birth of hardcore and the indie rock of the 90’s when music was dangerous and all the way up to the present day New Brunswick local music scene. For details visit VLH FIlms.

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Free Singles + MP3’s by Dead Heart Bloom, Daddy Lion, Paul Stanley, The Duskwhales & As Elephants Are

Free Singles + MP3’s by Dead Heart Bloom, Daddy Lion, Paul Stanley, The Duskwhales & As Elephants Are

Let Me Tell Ya Somethin' Else
Hilarious experts from Paul Stanley from Kiss. If you’ve ever seen them or listened to their live bootlegs. The ranting between songs is a pure rocknroll lesson in itself. You bands should take this as a free rockschool class. From us to you. Enjoy the whole hour and nine minutes! Totally reminded me in our old band Aviso’Hara I have a distinct memory of listening to Kiss Bootlegs for part of the drive up to play the Bugjar in Rochester,NY. This took our stage banter to a whole other level.

DOWNLOAD: Second-Chance-Girls MP3 by Aviso’Hara from goodnight sweetheart

dead heart bloom free single
Dead Heart Bloom – Check out this band’s latest tracks which were produced by Anthony Molina from Mercury Rev. For all of you music buffs who dig Swervedriver and shoegazer wash of sound. This is part of a 3 EP series. Kinda the way bands are doing it these days so there is not too much time between releases. Used to be years. Either way the group was formed by Boris Skalsky and guitarist Paul Wood from the ashes of their former band Phaser. Enjoy this great stuff.

DOWNLOAD: Broken Babylon MP3 by Dead Heart Bloom from So It Goes EP

Daddy Lion RS Single Reviews
Daddy Lion – Do you remember the 80’s when adding a keyboard to a song was a bold move and it was just new wave all of a sudden. This tune “No Solution But Resolution” has go some early APB feel to it but not as casio scary or mucking up the whole song with single notes. Accents. Decent little meandering melodies accompanied by hook guitar parts. Straight forward in the right ways. The whole EP is a bedroom thing that after some research has four dudes helping make the music now. We’re looking forward to the next stuff already. Get their whole record on the bandcamp.

RIYL: Bob Mould (Workbook), feelies, Lets Active, APB

DOWNLOAD: No Solution But Resolution (Radio edit) – MP3 from Habitat

Duskwhales swim single reviews
The Duskwhales – Here’s some indie music from a band from Northern VA who have been doing their thing since 2010. A baby band in rock years. Check this tune out, it’s pretty good, in ode to all this inclement weather everybody is beginning to love so much.

DOWNLOAD: The Duskwhales – Swim – 08 Cold But No Snowfall MP3 by The Duskwhales from Swim (2014)

As Elephants Are – If you like brit pop and the band We Are Scientists then these dudes shalt be your thing. Lots of 16th notes in the drumming department. “Hand Prints” is pretty radio friendly.
RIYL: British Sea Power, We Are Scientists,

Archers of Loaf Reunion Show Cat’s Cradle 2011!

Archers of Loaf Reunion Show Cat’s Cradle 2011!

We love the Archers of Loaf around these parts. I’m not sure if Indie Rock as I knew it would have any real meaning without Icky Mettle. Seriously, the record is wholesome college noisy indie rock with just the right amount of grit and sing-along to make it a true college radio break-out. They got weirder as they went breaking boundries staying under the radar from major airplay. Meaning no top 40 hit but all hits on every record in their own right. So it’s about time they did a reunion show. Don’t get me wrong big fan of Eric Bachman’s post AOL band Crooked Fingers which was more neuvo folk with a huge following all on his own but there is no denying the Loaf. I’ll have to find out more about this show and if there are any more shows planned? The past year there has been a bonanza of reunions…

Archers Of Loaf Live Maxwells -IckyMettle Tour

Here’s a live show from 1998 that Captain’s Dead posted last year. The pic above was 1994 or so I think. I don’t remember that era as it was a total blur of some amazing music coming out every month that it was hard to keep up. Also, nice live review of the show on Sunset in the Rearview; apparently some nut from Jersey traveled down to North Carolina based solely on a rumor AOL was going to be playing.

1. Telepathic Traffic by Archers of Loaf from Harnessed In Slums Alias 7″ Single [Buy]
2. Distance Comes In Droves LIVE MP3 -awesome version of this song Live (Like i was saying no clue what show this is from but it’s good)
3. Smoking Pot in The Hot City MP3 instrumental from Private Street For Bu-Bu- [get some vinyl records]

Cue up the tape to the right spot as I remember playing a Sunday night show at the old Brownies around 2000 in the loweast side with Aviso’Hara and for some odd reason (really fucking stupid actually) I left my bass at the front of the stage so I had to return the next night to pick it up right before the Monday night show. The door guy let me in and thank g*d it was there hiding in the shadows. I think we actually got the club a noise pollution ticket and then they became a old hipster disco. Anyway, Then on my way out I run into Joe from Plug Spark Sanjay and a couple other Hoboken friends who had shown up to see Mr. Backman play a solo set with just him and his guitar with a bunch of effects. So I stayed and was blown away and have been a fan ever since hearing and seeing this reimagined style of folkish indie rock. Music is about accidental discovery sometimes and that night was one of those instances. [Get some back catalog Archers]

Crooked Fingers Live Shows:
Jan 21st The Grey Eagle, Asheville NC
Feb 19th The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY

1. The Rotting Strip by Crooked Fingers from Bring On The Snakes (2001)
2. New Drink For The Old Drunk MP3 from s/t [Buy]

3. Hit it nowMP3 by Plug Spark Sanjay from Regular Pinto (1999). We’ll have to revisit this record and band properly very soon (actually I think I lost this record so need to get a burn from somebody – help!?) but if there is anything new you’ve never heard of and this is it; you should download this right now. Don’t pause for even a second. It’s the opening track to their debut and it’s a #1 hit and it’s catchy as all get out.
4. Accidental (Moron) MP3 by Aviso’Hara from Our Lady of The Highway. Recorded at The Pigeon Club in Hoboken, NJ by Wayne Dorell. More Our Lady by Aviso’ this way »

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Ex Models live at the Court Tavern

Ex Models live at the Court Tavern

I was digging in the archives a few months ago looking up video footage to lend to the Cruel but Fair movie [CBF on Facebook] and i cam across half a set by Ex Models from a Aviso’Hara Record release show for Made From Scratch. Anyway. The banter is funny and if you dig these guys you should enjoy these live nuggets which are not available anywhere else.

Ex-Models live @ The Court Tavern 2000 mp3s
Girlfriend is worse
the fun system
The Mechanic

The pic is from a earlier EM show in 1999 way before they broke…note the plug spark sanjay t-shirt.

Mr. Thumb Flowers are not Evil

Mr. Thumb Flowers are not Evil

Based out of New Brunswick, NJ in the early 90’s there was prog funk alternative rock metalish band called Mr. Thumb. The group had two singers and a running gaggle of drummers. Above is the cover for a 3 song ep called “This time it’s gonna fuckin’ Hurt” on Hub city label Well Primed Records. The track we are featuring in this post was supposed to appear on a follow-up 7″ and self titled album on Behemoth Records but it never was released due to financial issues at the time(isn’t this always the case?). The band recorded its full length at Trax East in South River New jersey with Eric Rachel and Steve Evetts. Drumming on said record was Dave Rosenberg (AKA Dave Crayola from Deadguy). The original singer Karl Munzel only appears on the Well Primed released. For the rest of the duration of the band the torch was carried by D.Buzz operating the bassness, Bil Weis vox and Jhon Thumb as the nutty jazz rock professor on guitar. You can still catch the Jhon Thumb band or something very close to it. If you ever get the opportunity to see him play it comes as a highly recommended live experience. The kind of thing you should see before you die in lieu of seeing Frank Zappa, Hendrix or a wasted John Frustrante. D.Buzz went on to form Aviso’Hara.

Grab some mp3 trax:
Mr. Thumb “Flowers are not Evil
Deadguy – “Running with Scissors” b/w “Police Story” (black flag cover) [ buy some ]
Aviso’Hara – “Conspiracy Au Go Go” [ buy some avisohara

Support Artists on last.fm just by listening!

Support Artists on last.fm just by listening!

The time has come where every small town garage band can get paid directly by advertising depending on songs played directly on last.fm by their Artist Royalty program! (Not download)I didn’t believe it at first when announced this past January but only time will tell when the first reports come in this October. This is a huge leap for music fans supporting their favorite artists. Caveat is you don’t belong to a online collection company that has the online rights and you must own world wide distribution. I’m no lawyer but I think US $10.00 @ .005 a play is 200,000 plays? That is a lot of ad revenue or page views! So start listening to stuff online as much you like.

Start playing and get some Free music by:
The smooth indie rock sounds of The Slow Wire
The almighty noise rock anthems by Aviso’Hara | Own it on Emusic
The old-skool classic jersey alt-punk-rock of Psychic Fair
Albini produced and tweaked indie rock of Bubblegum Thunder
Brought to you by your fine friends from Headphone Music Recordings.

Here is the payment terms fine print:

>for the free radio service, 10% of the Share of Last.fm’s Net Revenue from the free radio service.

for the personalised premium radio service, the greater of 10% of the Share of Last.fm’s Net Revenue from the personalised radio service or US $0.0005 for each complete transmission on the personalised radio service of a track which forms part of Your Content transmitted on the Last.fm service.

>for the free on-demand service, 30% of the Share of Last.fm’s Net Revenue from the free on-demand service.

>for the premium on-demand service, the greater of 30% of the Share of Last.fm’s Net Revenue from the premium on-demand service or US $0.005 for each complete transmission on the prepaid or subscription on-demand service of a track which forms part of Your Content transmitted on the Last.fm service.

Court Tavern mini short video

sThis is a pretty well done montage of New Jersey’s infamouse roadhouse biker bar known as The Court Tavern. Tons of local like prosolar mechanics and regional bands [like superchunk, butthole surfers, moistboyz, faith no more] missing that have played the Court but none the less a good job.

You should check out one of them which features Walter from Aviso’Hara, who has just released a FREE online album of the month with The Fireside Chats called FCII: We Will Bring You Champions. The best track is “You Call This a Comeback?”. Walt is also playing tonight, Sat 3/24, with other band Eastern Anchors @ The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ with The Groucho Marxists which features Chris Pierce from Doc Hopper. Later.