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Album Review: Gustave Tiger At The Idyll’s End

ALBUM REVIEW: Gustave Tigers – At The Idylls End starts off with a art school spoke Azalia Snail self titled diatribe which I tuned out on at first. Then the music quickly picks up the pace in what this Budapest … Continue reading

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Dear Protestors- Can we protest you on Mayday?

Dear Protestors protesting something: Get a fucking job already. I don’t care if you flip burgers or take tickets at a theater Do something so you’re not sucking off your parents tit already. Learn a little respect and then once … Continue reading

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Scratch Acid Just Keep Eating

I guess I was a David Yow fan before I even knew what a Yow was. I was a lucky enough young hipster to have a great local record store called the Music Staff that put all the cool looking … Continue reading

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Music to play during Lunar Eclipses

There is a total lunar eclipse tonight or early Tuesday around 1am – 3am which will be the first time one has fallen on a winter solstice. So here’s some music to play while you check it out. No wolf … Continue reading

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If only you were braindead thank you Black Angels

ALBUM REVIEW: Working too much. Too tired to write or listen to music most of the time. I am so pathetic but i did just manage to pick-up Phosphene Dream by The Black Angels. It’s killer psych and i am … Continue reading

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Butthole Surfers reunion tour starts tonight

Mommy why is daddy insane? What is acid like? Who is Gibby and Timmy? Why are they playing in New Jersey at Asbury Lanes tonight? Can I go with Dadddy? What do the butthole surfers sounds like live circa 1988!? … Continue reading

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