Mint 1967 classic rock-n-roll covers

Mint 1967 classic rock-n-roll covers

I think it was almost a year 1/2 ago or more when Neil Sabatino mentioned to me he was planning on putting out a covers release on his label Mint 400 Records but the twist was all the songs were originally written or released in 1967! That is like 47 year ago people. 1967 was a significant year in music and this covers compilations just scratches the surface with current group who are re-interpreting for posterity their own unique takes and in our humble opinion do it justice 100%.


So much psychedelic music and a whole era of uncharted waters in pop music, far too much to mention here as there are whole blogs that really blow it out better than our little brain can handle. The First Pink Floyd album came out then and whole bunch of groups like The Kinks or The Creation had releases that we are still unearthing today. Was basically like the 90’s but the original 90’s if that makes any sense. A musicology student finding this download in the future will be very grateful when they discover this in a meta archeological dig. They say every 30 years popular music re-invents itself and we have yet to see anything as original as this era. Musically we have been borrowing ever since. So we will see what happens but here is a great set of re-interpretations of some amazing songs by 21st century bands and artists like The One & Nines, Fawn and Rabbit, The Duke of Norfolk, Fairmont, Jack Skuller, The Maravines, Moscow Centre, Murzik, Neterare Fan Club, Tri-State and Zach Uncles. This is a great idea because these bands actually don’t give a shit about EDM? Some things should just be honored and set free. So here it is. Stalk the label and download some nuggets need that re-discovery. facebook | Twitter


Here’s a few 1960’s pop selects:
Let’s Spend The Night Together MP3 Cover The One and Nines – Original by The Rolling Fucking Stones.
To Love Somebody” MP3 cover by Fairmont. Originally released June 1967 by The Bee Gees
I’ll Be Your Mirror” MP3 cover by Murzik. Originally released by The Velvet Underground original lead vocal by Nico.


Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records
Choice download links for band The Creation
Documentary Movie review: “David Bowie Is” is a bunch of bullshit By Keith Hartel

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Black Manila’s psych drink is called ‘Fiasco’

Black Manila’s psych drink is called ‘Fiasco’

Black Manila Fiasco
SINGLE REVIEW: We like our jangle garage psyche and this track by Black Manila called “Fiasco” is right in the sweet spot of all groovy things 60’s. Naming their top 5 influential bands as The Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart, T-Rex, The Stooges and John Lee Hooker. These are some pretty big corner stones that Liam Ramsden, Conrad Armstrong and Gareth Hoskins aka Sun King are taking on but would also say something a little New Wave is ingrained too. This new track by them is less drone than the VU with more of a sculptured song as there is an actual guitar solo to beef it up. Repetition is form in itself and they apply this keenly. We also thought the kids were afraid of guitar explorations, whilst J Mascis he is not (none are honestly) there is enough original guitar slang here to bring this track to the next level. Way above the haze for the acid test. They say this song is about being on a higher plane when imbibed with drink. Been there so we appreciate this so cheers and beers we say to this unsigned band. These grooves will be available 30th April for download & safe keeping with a UK pride B-Side called “England”.

Here’s one from their previous release called Hazy Daze MP3 by Black Manila

Tour & Holiday stops:
4/20 Buffalo Bar, London
4/28 The Finsbury, London
5/16 Capanno Blackout, Prato (Italy)
5/17 Caffe Del Teatro, Aradeo (Italy)
5/18 Villanova, Pulsano (Italy)
5/19 Blue Dhalia, Marina Di Gioiosa Ionica (Italy)
5/20 Chromazone, Atripalda (Italy)
6/4 Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London (Gibson showcase)
6/8 Green Door Store, Brighton

Some hand picked songs by Black Manila:
Death Letter Blues MP3 by Son House from The Delta Blues of Son House (Liam likes this)
Hedi’s head MP3 by Kleenex from Liliput (Gareth Likes this)
England Made Me MP3 by Selfish Cunt from English Chamber Music (Conrad likes this noise- thumbs up on this one)

We hear some of this:
Tom Tom MP3 by The Creation from We Are Painterman (1967)
Talking To The Dog (Live) MP3 by Obits Live at the Cake Shop 1/12/08. First Show!
In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul MP3 by The Clean from Mister Pop (2009)

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Casey Kasem Vs Dick Clark (RIP)

Casey Kasem Vs Dick Clark (RIP)

Dick Clark American Bandstand Jukebox photo
I always confused Casey Kasem (1932-present) and Dick Clark(1929-2012) to the detriment of Richard. Banal music personalities who introduced top 40 to America. Eventually Danny Terrio from Dance Fever did a number on the youth but Dick’s show held on for a long time.

Agreeably Dick Clark America’s Oldest Teenager show American Bandstand initially broadcast from Philadelphia then moved to Hollywood lasted from 1957 to 1987 and was more popular but Casey’s explosive diarrhea moments made him infamous. Here he is sampled in the U2 song “I Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” covered by the California group Negativeland. I suppose you could consider this is a early mash-up. I also did not know Casey did the voice over for Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Anyway, when somebody dies you learn so much about the people around them but in Dick Clark’s words “For now, Dick Clark…so long.” We’re still here at the Morbid Channel so for now be well.

Here’s some songs about your youth.
Teenage Wasteland MP3 by Left & Right from Miss Virginia (2010)
Teenage Lobotomy MP3 by The Ramones from Rocket to Russia (1977)
The Way Gene Would Groove It MP3 by DICK CLARK from JUST BLUES Reflections of the Artistry of Gene Harris
Waving My Dick In The Wind MP3 by Ween from The Mollusk a ode to Jimmy Wilson
Death Of A Disco Dancer MP3 by The Smiths from Strangeways Here We Come
Psychotic Reaction MP3 by Count Five from Psychotic Revelation: The Ultimate Count Five
Chicken Fat MP3 by Dave Clark Five And The Playbacks (Crown Records)

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The Bats Pajamas is for Meyer & Kern fans

The Bats Pajamas is for Meyer & Kern fans

Bats Pajamas Totally Music review
MUSIC REVIEW: The Bats Pajamas from Toronto Canada are a dirt rock party mixing some booze and punk all in one no frills sleepover on their EP Totally. If you like the noisy parts of the Unsane the first track “Breaking Sabbath will resonate with you. The rest is more AM/REP in the vain of the Cows and general sick fun dripped in enough reverb that you will gladly download this Free EP! They do a great job in their single video for the track “Sarai”. This is not your regular Bollywood black and white flick. I would say more Richard Kern fantasy meets Russ Meyer go go fest with some slap stick gore-light thrown in for good measure. This is NSFW because of one nip slip but just click play and you’ll see what we mean. A whee bit cow punk on another track called “Red Scared” which we dig very much with just enough variety to not bore us to death. Thanks and enjoy!

Red Scared MP3 by The Bats Pajamas from the Totally EP [GET MORE]

Some other sounds similar to these sounds man:
How Far We’ve Come Now MP3 by La Sera from See the Light (2012). How do buzz-band morph so quickly into other bands these days? This track is via Katy Goodman from Vivians’s Girls with a side project. Not sure why you would do another take of the same thing when what you were doing sounds the same but anyway. Lets not judge and enjoy the output. This is more like the chic band The Like. Sure to appear in your next surfer girl movie.
Bath MP3 by Unsane (1991)
Black Car MP3 by Black Tambourine s/t (1999?)

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue Part 2

Soon enough review stalker Dave returns from his extended holiday in the sun.  Before he gets his blogging groove back on I have one more guest posting of summer playlist tones for y’all.  Here’s 4 more that reflect upon the time of year.

Something old:

Appears the unusual heat dome has broken and the temps are now near 90 degrees in most parts of the country.  That’s a bit of relief after the sweltering 100 degree dog days of last week.  Some of that was broken up with a scattering of precipitation.  Every time it rained it poured and each time I kept humming this oldie but goodie.  Next time it rains this summer hum this chestnut and try and get it out of your head.

Summer Rain video by Johnny Rivers from the album Realization (1968)

Something New:

The Fiery Furnaces have been making some nervous art rock for over 10 years.  The Brooklyn based duo have had moments of greatness on some of their albums. But it appears Eleanor had to leave her brother behind to record her sweet NYC tribute album. Included on her debut album, ‘Last Summer’ are songs about city ‘hoods Bensonhurst, Roosevelt Island, Coney Island and Owl’s Head Park. The lead track ‘My Mistakes’ could be the summer song of 2011.  Check out the video and you’re sure to be sold with its inspiring imagery and catchy melody.  It’s a hook laden beauty of a tune.

My Mistakes video by Eleanor Friedberger from the album Last Summer (2011)

Something Borrowed:

When it comes to songs about this time of year fellow Brooklyn-ite George Gershwin nailed it. In 1935 he wrote the music for the American folk opera ‘Porgy & Bess’.  The hit song from the show has been covered countless times by so many including Janis Joplin, Sonny & Cher, Billy Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Sam Cooke, Brian Wilson, Sinatra and numerous others.  But when Terry Hall took a stab at the classic in ’82 he ho-hummed his way through it while his “Fun Boys” from The Specials chanted away.  An inspired and inventive take on the standard that sums up the season quite nicely whatever year it is.  Hush little baby don’t you cry.

Summertime video by The Fun Boy Three (1982)

Something Blue:

When Jack White married British super model Karen Elson he may have subconsciously had plans to record her.  Once the 6 year marriage ended her debut album was released.  She had been singing occasionally over the years with Robert Plant, Cat Power and with the NYC “cabaret” group, the Citizens Band.  The album is a haunting countrified treat that includes a song about the season that Bananarama (The Fun Boy 3’s girls) also complained about back in the’80s.  This is not that happy new wave ditty but one that is extremely sad and blue.  It’s a tearjerker that may require a tissue.  Can’t help but wonder, did she write this for Jack?

Cruel Summer video by Karen Elson from the album The Ghost Who Walks Out (2011)

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

Summer Tones Playlist 2011: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Part 1

While Dave’s away I’m filling in with some stalker style posting.  So while the review stalker soaks up the sun and catches those great big waves of the Pacific the NYC pavement soaks up the heat and humidity making it time for more songs inspired by the summer and the weather.

Something Old:

With 90-plus degree temperatures in most of the country this week I cant help feeling and singing this song. It’s the Velvets at their most poppiest. It’s sure to get stuck in your head especially throughout the heat wave.  Who really loves the sun?  Not everyone.

Who Loves The Sun MP3 by The Velvet Underground from Loaded (1970)

Bonus cover alert!  Here’s a faithful version performed by Scotland’s favorite jangly pop band.  They most certainly don’t love that fireball in the sky.

Who Loves The Sun video by Teenage Fan Club from Sparky’s Dream single (1995)

Something New:

These new brit-rockers channel the Ramones clocking in at 1 minute and 39 seconds of sheer pleasure.  They even name drop and mention that great Queens thoroughfare, Cross Bay Boulevard!  Joey would be so proud.  And all for the love of this pretty Danish face. Guaranteed satisfaction after watching this clip.

Norgaard video by The Vaccines from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines (2011)

Something Borrowed:

Mods rule as they collect soul singles, tear up the dance floor and wear real cool clothes.  Witness all of that as The Who were captured here live from London’s Marquee Club in February of ’65 while being filmed for a French TV documentary, Les Mods as they rip through their version of the classic Martha Reeves and the Vandellas song about the weather.  Try not to break out in a sweat.

Heat Wave video by The Who from A Quick One (Happy Jack) (1966)

Something Blue:

It’s time to chill out with the wind down track for a hot summer’s day. It’s so beautifully haunting.  Follow it up  with a big ol’ glass of ice cold chardonnay or sparking rose.

Summer Wine video by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood from  Nancy & Lee (1968)

Stay tuned for part 2 sometime next week.  Try and keep cool.

Magic numbers zeros & one’s set-list on 1.11.11

Magic numbers zeros & one’s set-list on 1.11.11

Numerology is one of those real weirdo sciences based on some sort of mathematical religion I won’t even begin to understand. What does interest me though is that our time on this giant landfill is limited so when there is a awesome calendar that ends on 2012 you have to begin to wonder what the Mayans knew? What is going to happen from a year from now? Obviously their civilization did not stick around or maybe they just got on the good ship, put on their sneakers and got out of Dodge. Whatever the reason when ever there are songs that include some sort of integer it gives the song some meaning that we attach to it I like them usually. Here’s a few odd songs with numbers in their titles. I left out some of the obvious ones and just went in order of what has randomly come-up on a search in my music library then filtered on time, years or when something is counted. Whatever came first you could probably rationalize this post all freaking day!

00. Carry The Zero by Built To Spill from Keep It Like A Secret [Buy some BTS stuff]
01. One PM Again by Yo La Tengo from I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One [Buy]
02. Two Sunspots by The Stranglers from meninblack
03. Three Bullets by Poster Children from Tool of the Man [Get some Pkids music]
04. Four Horsemen By The Clash from London Calling [Career Opportunities the one’s that never knock]
05. Four Horsemen By The Stranglers from meninblack
06. (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Take It from the Man! [Buy]
07. Seven Seas by Echo & The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain [Buy some amazing music]
08. Eight Day Hell By Trail of Dead from So Divided
09. Number Nine by The Twilight Singers from Blackberry Belle [Buy]
10. 9 Fingers on you by Shudder to Think from Pony Express [Get Your Goat is good too!]
11. Clock Strikes Ten by Cheap Trick from In Color (Albini Mix)
12. Thirteen(live) by Elliot Smith
13. When Yer Twenty Two By The Flaming Lips from Transmissions from the Satelite Heart [Support Wayne Coyne]
14. Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard by Wilco from More Like The Moon EP [Buy]
15. 59 Times The Pain by Hüsker Dü from New Day Rising [Buy]
16. 66 by The Afghan Whigs from 1965 [Best sexy albums]
17. Flight 96 by Chavez from Ride The Fader [Ring the register]
18. 1976 by Red Kross from Third Eye
19. 1969 By The Stooges s/t [Iggy Pop rocks]
20. 2000 Man by The Rolling Stones from Their Satanic Majesties Request [Get stoned]
21. 9 Fingers on you by Shudder to Think from Pony Express

60ish Surf Music

60ish Surf Music

I’m not a huge fanatic of Surf Music genre but there are a bunch of great bands that have kept this type of homage alive to 60’s nostalgia, drive-in movies and the Hawaiian shirt. Ok a lot of images come to mind when you think of tunes drenched in fender reverb, fast guitar picking instrumentals and hot babes. Crap they’ll write a song about anything. The greatest thing is the music is devoid of pretense and rarely a is there a vocal melody to be had. The guitars do the talking in it’s purest of white-bread Americana.

Drag Strip by Link Ray w/ The Fenders Benders from Some Kine of Nut Vol.3. Yeah, this guy single-handedly pretty much defines quality control for Surf Music having recorded probably more than any other or even lent his gear to folks recording his kind of music. Frederick Lincoln AKA “Link” Wray Jr.(1929 – 2005) was first known for his song “Rumble.”

Fathom This! by The Fathoms from Boston, Mass. Are you noticing a theme with all the water related names? Noticeable pun perhaps or just good surf marketing? Is there such a thing as bad surf music marketing? Some of these bands brought back the genre in 1990’s and others are just some of the originators, which there are 100’s of.

Six Pack by The Phantom Surfers. Yeah a cool a song about beer. What kind of beer? Does it even fucking matter? I could and will some day write a whole blog post about beer. From San Francisco according to their MS page and

“Better than Most Surf Bands, Not as good as Some”. Have put out records on Estrus, Look-out you name it. Crap i don’t even think the artwork is right but whatever…

Psychotronic by The Insect Surfers from the compilation Rock Don’t Run Vol.3. A lot of great stuff on here. One song or band is more brilliantly titled after the next. Also features tracks by Los Straightjackets, Boss Martians, and The Tiki-Tones. Coming up with the kookie surf band names is a fun drinking game. TIS claim to be the longest running “modern” surf band.

Wave by Satan’s Pilgrams from Around The World With Satan’s Pilgrims. I was introduced to this band by Empty Records back in 94-95 and I loved them ever since. They took their name from 60’s B-flick Satan’s Sadists. Great shit. [Buy]