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Magic numbers zeros & one’s set-list on 1.11.11

Numerology is one of those real weirdo sciences based on some sort of mathematical religion I won’t even begin to understand. What does interest me though is that our time on this giant landfill is limited so when there is … Continue reading

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Results for Tris McCall's 2007 Critics poll Albums, Singles and Misc.

Ah, besides Christmas, the end of January is the time where my silo listening skills sometimes aligns with the masses and sometimes i’m like wtf or how did i miss this… This time there is no surprises. I missed and … Continue reading

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Best of 2007 – Music Critics poll for Dummies

The time of year is here again to put your ears where your mouth is and put in your 2 cents for the best of 2007. Damn where has the time gone? Did a whole years worth of crappy music … Continue reading

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