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Singles & Bands to Watch: Dead Waves, Street Eaters, Weird Womb and Hive Bent

Lots of heavy as shit singles and bands to watch for you today on review stalker. Keep things coming and know that we do listen and share things first on our soundcloud. To start check out the A-side off this … Continue reading

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What was the New Brunswick Music Scene like in the 90′s?

PART 1: Before todays bustling New Brunswick, NJ basement scene, Screaming Females and Don Giovanni Records there were 6 clubs to play a gig at that were not sequestered or are hard to find in the 1990′s. The times o’ … Continue reading

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Interview: Are you ready for The Doug Gillard Electric?

INTERVIEW: He might not mention Johnny Marr or Ed from Ohio as his guitar heroes but Mr. Doug Gillard is one of those guys who you should just know as such. For Christ’s sake just one glance at his wiki … Continue reading

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Rock Vidoes by Speedy Ortiz and Sex Jams

I like days when we get a bunch of great songs that somehow magically all gel together. That or the RS fans are getting smarter of what they send us. Anyway, here’s are two videos by bands we dig: Speedy … Continue reading

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The Story of Mule

We’re long time fans of the Quarterstick Records band from Michigan known as MULE. We got to see them a bunch and even played a show with them on their first tour at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick NJ … Continue reading

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rusty by Rodan

In 1994 1/4 Stick records put out Rodan‘s rusty album. Which you would think the singer is a dead ringer for Albini on vocals but in reality it was just the attitude for this musical indie prog nighmare. They’re proverbial … Continue reading

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About Ween’s awesome brown sound

Ween is the kind of band that you either love or you hate. They originated from the 4-track cassette culture I grew up on so once you get over that hump you are half way there. They created this reality … Continue reading

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Speedy Ortiz is Hipsterer than you

SINGLES: Every month we look in our inbox and wonder what sort of banal crap are we going to have to weed through now. Every once in awhile we go down the nostalgia road and try and relate with the … Continue reading

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The Court Tavern Closes my 20s & 30ths

Nobody knows the answer Why Bobby Albert Jr would one day wake-up on a cold January and decide The Court Tavern(124 Church St) would close it’s doors forever. Maybe he got an offer he could not refuse — but I … Continue reading

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The Men of Chavez on Fallon

So this week one of New York’s premier guitar bands Chavez did yet another performance except this time on Jimmy Fallon. This is about a week after playing All Tomorrow’s Parties. Now that their songs are at least 16 years … Continue reading

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