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Singles and Bands to Watch: The Young Wild, Manna Frost Trio and Galkin

Ok vacation is over but still working to get real life going, in particular my new business venture for making videos on a full time basis and digital support for viva la hara films + digital. Please take a moment … Continue reading

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Gillard’s New Album ‘Parade On’ is Guitardedly Good.

ALBUM REVIEW: Some of you know who Mr. Doug Gillard is even without actually having his phone number in your contacts or perhaps you got his digits from his previous release Call from Restricted. If we lead you to any … Continue reading

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Singles & Bands to Watch: by The Great American Novel, Afghan Whigs, wyd:syd & Otherkin

SINGLES/ BANDS TO WATCH: We’re going to try and keep this weekly post going. Give us a chance to say our peace about the latest singles that have been slamming our inbox without going on too deep. An extension of … Continue reading

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RIP Maxwells Hoboken NJ (Gutted)

Well it’s official; Maxwells as we all knew it is being ripped apart from the inside out. Today on the facebook Maxwells group Steve Fallon one of the former owner posted the “execution” photo of his and our beloved music … Continue reading

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GRIZZLOR – Destroys your alien face

MUSIC REVIEW: This is a noisy punk band by definition. Big mucky-pup dumb guitars with distorted “alien-like” vocals in the vein of Gibby Haynes from the butthole surfers and when you add bigger dumb punk drums; the formula gives you … Continue reading

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Free Singles + MP3′s by Dead Heart Bloom, Daddy Lion, Paul Stanley, The Duskwhales & As Elephants Are

Hilarious experts from Paul Stanley from Kiss. If you’ve ever seen them or listened to their live bootlegs. The ranting between songs is a pure rocknroll lesson in itself. You bands should take this as a free rockschool class. From … Continue reading

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Best Electronic and Indie tunes for the week

The listening process is painful and sometimes it’s amazing. AMAZING. We don’t like being the curmudgeon that has heard it all. We’re not a bearded music historians yipster either but when we hear music that reminds of some cool things … Continue reading

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Best of Rock News – NJ and NY Rock shows – Jan 2014

MUSIC NEWS: We recently started a NJ/NY rock shows page on the Review Stalker music blog ( oh hey that’s us) so we can keep track of everything we get invited to go to on our facebooks and are normally … Continue reading

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RIP LOU REED – Rock-N-Roll Animal Machine

RIP: Dead at 71 Mr. Lou Reed was an idle to the nyc art scene and beyond. Somewhere in heaven he’s telling a band they suck and all we have left is David Bowie, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. They … Continue reading

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Chokebore reissues Anything Near Water and Motionless

So it’s CMJ and we honestly don’t give a flying fuck. Fans of real awesome sadcore as was coined back-in-the-day and was brewed when the 90′s were a confusing time in rock history may have missed Chokebore all together in … Continue reading

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