ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

ALL AGES ROCK MATINEE: Eastern Anchors, Overlake, Sink Tapes, Dollar Store Riot, Galanos, Rock n Roll Hi Fives

What is important to know about this awesome line-up is that it’s ALL AGES. Put together to fill a desperate gap in music. ROCK MATINEE wants Dads & Moms, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles to introduce the kids in their life to music other than what is on the damn Disney Channe! ALL KIDS UNDER 10yr old it’s FREE admission. This organization wants different cities around NJ to host monthly events and help grow the ROCK MATINEE network. There is no hub yet but feel free to email headphonemusic @ for advice.

Come see 6 kick ass bands at one kick ass NJ club at a matinee, all ages shows (yes, bring the kiddies)….$8.00 @ Door!

-Rock N Roll High Fives: 1:00 PM
-Galanos: 1:50 PM
-Dollar Store Riot: 2:40 PM
-Sink Tapes: 3:30 PM
-Overlake: 4:20 PM
-Eastern Anchors: 5:10 PM

ROCKNROLL HI-FIVES Joe Centano and family. Joe used to play in local indie rock heroes Plug Spark Sanjay. His family rocks.

the RocknRoll HiFives – "Good with the Bad" from Joe Centeno on Vimeo.

GALANOS is favorite band around review stalker camp and we’re very psyched to be able to see them on Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

DOLLAR STORE RIOT Maplewood, NJ noise rock.

SINK TAPES – Indie rock from the basements of New Brunswick, NJ

OVERLAKE – Break-out shoegaze music from New Jersey. Features the ever present Tom Barrett on Vocal and Guitar. On Killing Horse Records.

EASTERN ANCHORS Been rocking forever making melodic noise rock features members of Aviso’Hara on Viva! La Hara Records.


Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

Eastern Anchors + Zero For Conduct Split = Melodically Pounding Sonic “Ummph….”

So when was the last time you jumped out of your workstation chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of your co-workers after discovering the kick ass sound of that next big band? Yeah, I don’t remember either since it rarely to never happens, but I did just that when I stumbled upon Eastern Anchors.

Researching them after learning my comrades in Tri-State were sharing the stage with the Red Bank trio at Parkside Lounge, NYC somewhere back in 2013.  I stumbled across their 2012 full release,  Drunken Arts and Pure Science which boasts a consistent shit-load of hits (“James the Viking”, “Crown Vic”, “Far From OK” “Herzog, Help Me” and on and on and on…).  The heavy but melodic, sonic, ball-crushing of their sound is just that and beautifully so.

Then they released their 2014 single release “Above Your Station”.  I wish I could honestly say I jumped out of my work chair and shouted “holy fucking shit” at the (un)shocking dismay of my co-workers again but I recently upgraded to an office.  Again, the onslaught of a perfect blend of melodically sonic “ummph” continues like a speeding train of alternate tuning, chugging bass and earth-shaking drums, charging full steam ahead and not stopping for shit.  If this track is just an appetizer, I can’t wait the main dish.  Check out the cute video for the tune below….

Flip the 7 ” over and you will find the delightful sounds of Zero For Conduct and their catchy single “Average Marks Makes Shitty Sparks.”  I don’t know much about this New Brunswick two piece except that I like this first release, though I can’t help thinking post-hardcore DC bands of the late 80s/early 90s, especially early Jawbox between the pounding forward, off the rails music and the singers J. Robbins-ish vox.  Nevertheless, I dig it and looking forward to more from them.

Overall a solid release from the Nefarious Industries label…..let’s hear some more….!

Buy From: Viva La Hara Records | Nefarious Industries

TONIGHT: at The Rock Shop Brooklyn – Eastern Anchors, Gladshot & Adam Rubenstein

TONIGHT: at The Rock Shop Brooklyn – Eastern Anchors, Gladshot & Adam Rubenstein

The Rock Shop Brooklyn Shows

TONIGHT WEDS JUNE 26th: This should be a great night of redefined indie rock all around at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. First on the bill is Adam Rubenstein who was an ax-man in the band Chamberlain. Who is evangelizing his release Excavator via Arctic Rodeo Recordings.So get there early. Like by 8:15.

Following his jams wil be Review Stalker Music Blogs’s house band Eastern Anchors. If you don’t own any Anchor swag you should. Since you already have all music right if not get on the bandcamp? Seriously, folks come for the handsome and leave with the rock stapled back in their heart. Do check out the latest lead track called “It Made Me Cry” on the Songs for Molina Compilation put out out by Steven Vineis which was recently featured on My Old Kentucky Blog.

Sewing up the night will be local, locals Gladshot. We hear their previous release was done up by our twitter pal John Agnello. He owes RS Blog a cocktail but either way from way back during a Male Bonding rant last year. Either-who they will be bringing melodies galore.

Singer-songwriters Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill front this quintet…great harmony-laced pop with a touch of 70s California. Infectious songs like “Feel You” and “Running Past Rosetta” should be drop-kicking inferior tripe off radio playlists everywhere. They have everything – sing-a-long hooks, strong harmonies, efficient but great guitar solos .. Gladshot is one of the nicest suprises I have had all year
– Pop Matters




Risk Reward, Lightouts, Eastern Anchors & Joshua Jesty

Risk Reward, Lightouts, Eastern Anchors & Joshua Jesty

Don Pedro Brooklyn The Club is open
DON PEDRO, BROOKLYN PHOTOS SUN JAN 6th 2013: Here’s a post-mordam photo review of what could said to be the first unofficial – official Show in 2013. Jake from Don Pedro was nice enough to let us host our own show from start to finish and it sure was nice to be able to put together a bunch of bands we dig or have written about all on one bill. We hope to do it again in the near future. If you have a venue where you’ll give us total creative control just let me know. Here’s some photos from the night.

Joshua Jesty Don Pedro Brooklyn
We realize Joshua Jesty’s band from Ohio has a convoluted band name and we’re not even going to dare mess it up right now. They did a good job of covering the replacements I must say and we all were grateful they made 9 1/2 hour trip from Cleveland in 11hrs to play the show. Don’t ask.

Eastern Anchors Don Pedro Brooklyn 2013

Photo by Jeff Schioppa

To not be total self serving concert hogs Eastern Anchors went on promptly at 10pm. Served up our version of indie rock tuning. Go ahead and grab a free Eastern Anchors MP3 from posted back on Dooms Day. Remember to set-back your Mayan Calendar another 1,000 years while your at it.

Lightouts Don Pedro Brooklyn, NY< Next up were the Gawanus band known as the Lighouts. They have been deligently been working on their new record a months and months. Recording singles which we’ve featured here and finally they are seeing the light. They are musician and as today’s modern rockers do they have been working yet another video which we’re excited to see. There is something to say about ladies wearing nude liatards. That is all were going to say.

Lightouts Don Pedro Brooklyn Center Stage

We were all glad when Queen’s Risk/Reward played the anchor slot as they basically wipped us all upside the head volume wise. Not only can they rock but they also host a Friday night live Podcast called Live from Barage. It’s a bar in John Houlihan’s garage. Get it? Yup their banter is much more refined than most stand-up comedians we suggest you tune-in to both things. They fuckin’ rock.

Risk/Reward Don Pedro Brooklyn Pink Tele
Like well conditioned Rock jocks that they even managed to do a instrument switcheraroo and showed their Sugary side. Still gritty and loud. They closed the night with a hit.

Risk Reward Don Pedro John Houlihan on Guitar
Here’s a verison of what they closed the school night with at the Live at PRF BBQ last year in 2012. Enjoy!

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James The Viking single by Eastern Anchors

James The Viking single by Eastern Anchors

Eastern Anchors Single James The Viking

Dear friends of Review Stalker land,
Here’s the new Eastern Anchors single called “James The Viking” for your listening pleasure. This song is dedicated with love to EA’s friend, James Elias Hulsizer who past this recent winter. The band asks that you make a donation to the SPCA to honor James’ honor who loved animals, meat and beer. There is a B side called “I’d Spend Everyday Like This” which you can get on the band’s bandcamp page where you can name your own price. The B-side is not on their forth coming album Drunken Arts and Pure Science on Viva! La’Hara Records. The illustration is a likeness drawn by comic book artist Cliff Galbraith who founded the Asbury Park Comic Con happening this coming weekend Sept 29th.

Download:James the Viking” MP3 by Eastern Anchors from Drunken Arts and Pure Science

Catch Eastern Anchors live:
Tues 10/8 Maxwells, Hoboken 7pm w/ Victory & Associates + Stuyvesant [FB Invite]
Thurs 10/18 Asbury Lanes, NJ 8pm w/Mariachi Riot

Sounds sorta like these sounds man:
Triumph of Venus MP3 by Torche from Meanderthal (2009)
Peeled Out Too Late MP3 by Chavez from Gone Glimmering (1995)
There’s No Here MP3 by Dinosaur Jr from The Farm (2009)
If I Told You MP3 by Hüsker Dü from New Day Rising (1985)
The Pod MP3 by Hum from You’d Prefer An Astronaut (1995)

Eastern Anchors – Long live Indie Rock Maxwells 3.23

Eastern Anchors – Long live Indie Rock Maxwells 3.23

Maxwells Shows

Friday March 23rd, 2012

This Friday Maxwells in Hoboken will host the indie rock by Eastern Anchors, Roadside Graves, The Brixton Riot and Lieder. We think you should go to this show and make it your night. Because Friday Night’s are meant for dancing…

00 Keep It Like A Secret MP3 by The Brixton Riot [BUY IT]

Mix tape: If you like music like this…
01 Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape MP3 by Titus Andronicus from Mixtape Vol.1
02 Territorial Pissings(cover) MP3 by Surfer Blood
03 This Machine MP3 By The Wrens from Abbott 1135
04 Public Witness Program MP3 by Fuigazi from In on the Kill Taker [Albini Demos]
05 The Vicelords MP3 By Boston Spaceships from Let it Beard
06 Pentagram Ring MP3 By Chavez from Gone Glimmering (1995)
07 How Does It Feel to Feel MP3 by The Creation from We Are Painterman (1966)
08 Old Haunts MP3 by The Gaslight Anthem from American Slang
09 Terms Of Psychic Warfare MP3 by Hüsker Dü from New Day Rising (1985)
10 Mouth Breather MP3 by The Jesus Lizard from Goat (1991)
11 perfect shot MP3 by Lync from These Are Not Fall Colors (1994)
12 Whirlpool MP3 by My Dad is Dead from The Taller You Are the Shorter You Get (1989)

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Eastern Anchors Court Tavern w/ Wreaths + Zero for Conduct

Eastern Anchors Court Tavern w/ Wreaths + Zero for Conduct

Most cop cars are Crown Vics. Any kid could tell you this. You don’t drive unmarked one’s in bad neighborhoods without locking them up and driving one will give you a certain amount of highway respect – even if you are not a cop. Which makes it perfect fodder for a song title. That’s an easy bet. Here’a new song by Eastern Anchors which is every bit Chavez as it is HUM sounding. All good things for consumerists of the noisy rock variety. This Anchors song is stealth though like most cruisers with tinted windows and weird guitar tunings disguising itself as a good pop song once its intension are revealed. Check it out. Various other such musical crimes will be committed live this forth coming Friday night but you’ll need to attend in person to be a witness. Because the kids won’t say shit unless you put the cuffs on them.

Live Rock Show
Eastern Anchors
Zero for Conduct
Dewey Decimal and the System
Court Tavern
FRIDAY 3.11.11 New Brunswick, NJ

Crown Vic MP3 2011 Demo by Eastern Anchors rev-up the crown vic
Summer Whites MP3 by Eastern Anchors [Buy Some]

Some of these bands sound like these:
The Flaming Gong MP3 by Chavez [Buy]
Riddle of the eighties MP3 by fIREHOSE from fROMOHIO
New Math MP3 By Drive Like Jehu from Yank Crime [Buy]
Lionize MP3 by Helms Alee [Buy]
The Heat Is Here MP3 by Young Widows from Old Wounds [Buy]

Dig the noise rock? Dig the Eastern Anchors from NJ

Dig the noise rock? Dig the Eastern Anchors from NJ

Hey so Eastern Anchors are about to drop anchors on our shores as they dock up at Trax East and begin the mastering process for the full length debut. The sirens are talking and it may include LP version. If you like trail of dead, sonic youth, hot snakes, hum or poster children chances are these mates are right up your alley. For a few ale swilling downloads grab some free tracks from The album has been a long time coming.

Eastern Anchors Interview and Brighton rock Sat March 29

Eastern Anchors Interview and Brighton rock Sat March 29

The Eastern Anchors have been planning this day for awhile, countless hours of drinking beer at practice, breaking strings, smoking breaks. Walter Verde even joined the Glass Trees for a week so he could go to SXSW; but like the good indie rock celebrity he is he took the time do an interview to promote the first show of the year for the Asbury Park press. Read the Eastern Anchors interview Making Some Noise. The article almost 100% accurate. Album is in the works but probably won’t be out for at least a couple months and is as of yet untitled.

Eastern Anchors

w/ Bald Guy Black Suit (featuring morgan and brian) 10pm
Sat 3/29
Brighton Bar

long branch, nj the home of Jacko one of the oldest bearded punks with pirate breath. Also on the bill are The Thieves of Leviticus and Dose.