Single Review – Japan Soul “Hey Yah Hey” drones!

Single Review – Japan Soul “Hey Yah Hey” drones!

Japan Soul Single review Hey Yah Hey drones!
SINGLE REVIEW: Art collective made-up of smart geeks is the quick high-level on Japan Soul. They have theorized that the beginning of the end started on or around 911 and life as we knew it in the 80’s has been spiraling out of control ever since. Their latest video/single shows us drones monitoring our every move with the track “Hey Yah Hey”. Apocalyptic yes. True? Probably.

Music pulp fiction and future storytelling is the great canvas that these brooklyn manipulators of sound have decided to tell on their dance pop release Plastic Utopia. This is the forth tease but no doubt in age of being able cut–n-paste our errors and revise your intention until it’s perfect here is another slice from the full release. So we’re sure it will sound as utopian and futuristically art-camp as they have shown previously. That is the irony of this all. When electronic music was still done to tape and mixed in analog you could tell there was a human element. It was man and the machine and his ability to reproduce things. So it’s the kind of thing if you have been revising history (as you work) it’s hard to wonder what is truth is even as it happens. The vocals are pitch processed with un-singable parts and with so many layers we’re always wondering if enough is enough already but hey we don’t have to try and reproduce things live. This is the magic of musical editing and the job a of a live band. Hell they could press a button and go from there or just let the DJ do the work. Anyway, enough of the semantics of this. The previous cut “transparent” was more on the Roxy Music side of things which shows more of instrument abilities but in all a good combo of the genre that started with kraftwerk and then co-opted by everyone. Regardless these dream pop rebels make good music and the lyrics are working to tell you real time what is happening as your every move is tracked by weird drones. I’m not sure why everybody would need to be tracked. That would be ridiculous like trying to read all of our email and making sense of it all. Oh Wait? Um, check them out.

Computer World(“Computerwelt”) MP3 by Kraftwork s/t (1981)
Wonderdrug MP3 by APB from Cure for the Blues (Link Records 1986)

RIYL: Haircut 100, APB, kraftwork, Roxy Music

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Belgian Fog – “You Drive Me To Madness” (Single)

Belgian Fog – “You Drive Me To Madness” (Single)

Belgian Fog You Drive Me To Madness Single by Review Stalker

SINGLE REVIEW: Seattle’s Robert Dale, aka Belgian Fog, wraps the ghostly apparition of Bryan Ferry into a coolly detached mist of dance floor dry ice in their ridiculously catchy, John Goodmanson-produced new single “You Drive Me To Madness.” This follow-up to the robotic bedroom synth pop of “Wait For Help” switches the Fog’s focus from late night noir to prime time light.

Meticulously composed, with pristine instrumentation and a none-too-subtle nod to the future-obsessed corner of the ’80s (the exact formula Daft Punk used to take your ears hostage this summer), ‘Madness’ slides in nicely alongside The National and TV On The Radio on $14 martini happy hour playlists. Gliding along almost too effortlessly, the suave thrust of ‘Madness’ leaves the distinct impression that the Fog, for now at least, are a 1-man show given the single’s uniformity of vision and execution. The instrumentation meshes and co-mingles as if all from the same seed.

While so many similarly-minded new(est) wave synth bands reduce themselves to well-dressed mannequins, drowning in their own monotonous detachment, Dale’s warm falsetto quiver gives human weight to the clinically precise, sleek new car shininess.
Another worthy entry into an already fertile field of artists genre and era-hopping through their laptops to make the old sound new again.
-Christian Uhl


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