[Mixtape] Re-Surch – “Popes Pond Legend” Yo check out the raw @resurch

[Mixtape] Re-Surch – “Popes Pond Legend” Yo check out the raw @resurch

VIDEOS: To make up for the months of a questionable hiatus from posting music and writing about I’m just going to post the newest random shit I have received has some merit besides the obvious half of a new wrens song we posted earlier today. Here is a Beck remix of looser and a original with some def rap skillz that I could never match. This stuff is raw and probably sounds great on cassette from Boston, Mass. Check em out Twitter | Web


Re-Surch – Nigga Nigga ft. Napoleon Velasquez, $.A.K
He says the word so many times in this it looses it meaning but very old school none the less and I suppose the whole point of the chorus. The imagery in this video is NSFW or small children but may be a good conversation piece around the confederate flag and why it’s fucked up that so many states were still flying it about their capitals.

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