Singles and Bands to Watch: Sex Scheme, Dead, Barrows & De Duiven

Singles and Bands to Watch: Sex Scheme, Dead, Barrows & De Duiven


Sex Scheme – “Feel Me” – We’ve gone all dark and goth blues on you fuckheads. Actually you’re all fuck-heads because this music is your punishment by the group known as Sex Scheme. We don’t know much except their drummer wrote all this “music”. You can order this 7″ for $5.00 from their bandcamp page which is four songs that bleed into each other with such stellar deft. You should be whipped because with songs like “Dog Slut” and “Eat It” how could you go wrong? Seriously, do you need to know anything because if you do I might need to stab you.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Feel Me by Sex Scheme

Dead – from France VERSE’ EP is hybrid punk and just the smallest bit of electronic bullshit we’ll allow to stream through our ears and on the RS blog. Music for vampires probably. Who cares its pure hot lava that will eat right through your soul and doesn’t sound anything like Gerry Garcia because that would be weird. Blast this.

Barrows Red Giant metal single
Barrows – How metal instrumental are you? If you like the deafheaven but without the annoying screaming then you will dig Los Angeles instrumental rock quartet Barrows tune “Red Giant”. Lots of grinding bass and lead guitar hammering. Head bang at will and download this jem.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Red Giant by Barrows

De Duiven – DU – Probably one of the weirder videos we’ve seen in a long time. No hot german chick here for sure but there is a blonde rolling a keg around. Not sure why. This is akin to– Fucking hell if I know. Even when you thought it could be possible to be less wordy than “Da Da Da” by trio. You’ll just have to watch and take our word for it. Dream pop gone wrong. What in the Benny Hill? Does not even begin to justify the next four minutes. We’ll say this. De Duiven has more integrity than “What would the fox say” and that is a giant compliment. Like the facebooks for more german art school humour.

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