Schtick Bands: The Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress

Schtick Bands: The Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress

Upper Crust vs Clowns for Progress
Dear Punks,
We know that many of you debate things like this topic all the time and ask yourself who is your favorite schtick band? Does it have midgets playing kiss covers? “If not then I’m not interested.” But then you promptly go back and listen to bands like these and it’s easy to see the appeal. In our high-court; the debate was settled in a pretty swift duel with our facehookers. Everybody voted democratically to the side of the one that sounded most like AC/DC. Was 4/1. We were also trying to figure where have all the good schtick bands gone? RIP to Oderus Orungus who fronted the #1 band in the solar system in this genre but who else is out there? Besides like mock metal bands like The Darkness. We did find The Weirdest Band Blog to bring us up to speed on some. Which will have to take a dumpster dive and see if any of these other “weird” bands can rock as hard and be as witty as The Upper Crust because you are the audience and we are the entertainment. You deserve to be snobbishly entertained by the best our high-society has to offer. What was fun about seeing is that they made it all about the audience and if you could keep from spitting out your beer betwixt songs you were doing well.

According to one of our in-house rock historians Ray Kubian (Drummer Dean Ween Group, True Love, etc). “The Crust were best as a 5 piece with Lord Rockingham(Ted Widmer), whom also sang lead on some songs and happened to be one of Bill Clinton’s speech writers. When they became a foursome ‘roque’ band Nat Freedberg (Aka Lord Bendover) continued in true aristocratic fashion with other the fops. Nat previously had The Satanics and a band called The Titanics. Both equally awesome bands. Chris Harford does a song called “Broken Man” on his Time Warp Deck album which was penned by Freedberg.” It is rumoured they still continue to play since they began in 1995.

Now on the other side of the make-up for us; seeing a schtick band perform live is the main thing. Clowns for Progress played through solid state amps or at least it sounded like they did versus all of the vintage gear(of course) thee Upper Crust used. All guitards would be drooling by the candle warmth of their sound – the clowns sounded like every other band on epitaph or look-out. We remember the Clowns being kinda brown and pompous dicks at times being NYC darlings of “pop punk”. We didn’t understand and saw them a few times and had a good time either way. Anyway, we digress. Their songs were good on paper but personality wise we just enjoyed poofs more. Let us know what you think. We want to know. We like the Clown’s taste of covers so we will generously give them that.


Clowns for Progress
Hurt Me Baby MP3
Martian MP3
Kids are alright (The Who Cover) MP3


Upper Crust
Rock ‘n’ Roll Butler MP3
Let Them Eat Rock MP3

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