RIP Oderus Orungus (1963-2014)

RIP Oderus Orungus (1963-2014)

GWAR singer Dave Brockie aka Oderus Orungus

RIP Dave Brockie 1963-2014

RIP: Super sad fucking news today – Singer, Artist, and friend of Aliens Dave Brockie has left this chaotic earth for us humans to deal with without him. His roommate found him dead Sunday in his room. Details are not yet known on immediate cause of death as reported elsewhere but I’m sure we’ll know more as the week unfolds. His twitter personality the Real Oderus made that place not as boring as it could be at times. He was the lead “throat-thing” of the most dangerous band on the planet and spawned GWAR from his own alien space semen in Antartica. Even though Mr. Brockie was originaly from Ottawa, Canada he created a live experience not replicated ever before. If getting covered in space gue seems like a good time. He was also very keen to exploit human sense of moronic comedy and appeared on FOX News and other talks shows promoting his band with a dedication and “Undying” need to be the ultimate lord and master of Earth. He was much respected around the globe too metal and punks bands to mention. Municipal Waste drummer and Richmond Virginia resident Dave Witte had this to say on his facebook page this morning “I can’t believe it, I’m shocked. Dave Brockie was like a Superhero in my eyes. An icon of the arts. Creative, passionate, dedicated…one of the coolest and hardest working people I’ve ever met. I learned quite a bit from him and he was always really nice. I don’t know what else to say, what a shame. RIP Dave Brockie.” We could not agree more.



“Earth is the only planet that has crack” – Oderus Orungus

Ever the political activists and not shy to stick-it to some of greats. You can find recent evidence in one of last tweet threads from yesterday.

The idea of Slayer protesting Westboro church dudes funeral makes about as much sense as the opposite. Hate begets hate, morons. #publicity

If you want to leave your thoughts and Brockie memories in the comments please do.

GWAR –Hail, Genocide MP3 LIVE ON FALLON (2011)
GWAR – How to Avoid Zombie Attacks by Gwar MP3
Oderus Orungus –Oderus Orungus reads Goodnight Moon’ [Uncensored] MP3
GWAR –The Salaminizer from Scum dogs of the universe MP3 from Scum dogs of the universe
GWAR –The Road Behind MP3

Well I’m traveling down the road
And I’m carrying that heavy load I walk around in a stupor Sleazy,
I cant do the show
Hanging out backstage
I’m in a homocidal rage I signed a million dollar contract
I puked on every page
Slaughtered half the crew
Caused they ate the deli-tray
Oh Baby hey
Said I’d do the show but I Canceled anyway

You were road kill baby Till I scraped you in my arms
Just another wattle flapping
On the old turkey farm
So baby….
[Second Chorus by Beefcake]
[2nd Chorus:]
And while the wheels keep rolling
And another milepost gone
All along the road behind
Oh can’t you hear me calling
Just like the sad whale song I’m on the road behind
Well there you have it baby I’m just a sensitive guy
Y’know I snuffed a million planets
But I still find time to cry
Because there’s more to life
Then making other people die
Like a little bloody tear baby
Running out my dirty little eye
And some things baby
They don’t make no sense
Does it really matter if it bugs
Your parents?


Now baby quit yer crying
Put those clown britches on

[2nd Chorus:]
Well the wheels keep rolling
And another signpost gone
Baby can’t you hear me calling
Like a sad whale song [X2]
Sad whale baby

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