Giving Pet Names and totally unpunk missed connections

Giving Pet Names and totally unpunk missed connections

Pet Names connections review
We’re not going to call a EP sized music offering a EP anymore. We’re just going to thank the artists for omitting the 2nd half of the album or maybe the bad bits when we can. Pet Names lead off track “Empty Fortune Cookie” from their release Missed Connections and following “Something I said” are a good intro to this band. Has the formula and “unpunk” hooks we liked so many moons ago about Green Day. A working mans band that leaves off the fluff but keep the nuts and bolts of the tune in tac. If we hate it we’ll just talk about the “single” and then ask for the check. Pet Names is straight up good indie rock. Rock from Wilmington North Carolina to be precise. Little did they know (maybe they did) that their beach town has a special place in our heart. We learned what Indie rock was all about from our friend Kenyata Sullivan. What good friends you could make 100’s of miles away from your home eventhough they live 10 blocks away.

Anyway, Missed Connections is totally about unpunk connections we make -either by chance or dumb fucking luck. Basically indie rock well disguised as song craft in wolfs cloths. This record makes it count but that is the stuff you cant describe until you get into it a few laps. Vaguely familiar story lines that don’t throw a jab and don’t undermine your choice of brew at the bar. Throw in a acoustic song and before you know it your not cool like us. It’s better -They will be huge so don’t forget to breath in the proces because it will be over before you know it and you’ll hit play again or flip the tape– Whatever happens in the future. You ‘ve just been consumed by a good band laying it down. No gimmicks. Just rock-n-roll. What music discovery is supposed to be like here at the review stalker music blog. We look forward to more. You can totally name your price on their bandcamp page so throw them a couple bux in their guitar case. They deserve it. Alright Fifi?

RIYL: Green Day, Garden Variety, knapsack, GBV

Pet Names –Empty Fortune Cookie MP3

Review Stalker compilation punk rock girl legs Here’s some tunes to mix in with Pet Names and your next mixed tape to listen to on whatever device you prefer.
00. The Anderson Council –Gardening Man MP3 from Looking at the Stars
01. Knapsack –Less Than MP3
02. Silver Scooter –Pumpkin Eyes MP3
03. Hurl –This Numbness MP3
04/ Burning Airlines –The Escape Engine MP3
05. The Queers – Punk Rock Girls MP3

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