Five Musicians who died in 2013

Five Musicians who died in 2013

This is not the most uplifting of articles. This is about celebrating people’s achievements during their brief visit with us. Musicians and Artists give us so much of their soul. More than most people leave behind and affect the world of others. Through color or sound they create a world for our imagination. Giving us imagery for what NYC looked like in the hip 60’s or a song about the country side we’ve never visited.

Lou Reed Live - Sweet Jane- Painting
LOUD REED (1942-2013) – Probably the one of the biggest enigmas and influences for me as a musician. He defined cool. Simply said. He had a simple way with words. He never sang his words the same exact way. Read More>>

DOWNLOAD: Lou Reed – Sweet Jane MP3 (LIVE) This version features Steve Hunter on guitar, Fernando Saunders on Bass,Tony “Thunder” Smith on drums, Rupert Christie on Keys at St Anne’s Warehouse.

GEORGE JONES (1931-2013) – This guys was so rock-n-roll he made Keith Richards look like a school boy. One of country music’s greatest song writers ever. Songs about every day dudes with their everyday problems. White Lighting man. Read More>>

DOWNLOAD: George Jones – You Better Treat Your Man Right MP3

JASON MOLINA (1973-2013) – Check out the review for the Songs for Molina compilation. He had a amazing body of work. This comp benefits the family he left behind. Please support the survivors here.

JEFF HANNEMAN (1964-2013) – Passed over the rocknroll hall of fame recently is probably one of the biggest tragedies to metal. Probably one of the most violent concerts I’ve ever been too as well but damn were they amazingly fast. He increased speed, brutality to metal, making speed/death metal what it is today. What every headbanger wants to be. So see you in Hell!

DOWNLOAD: Slayer – Raining Blood MP3 Live

Ray Manzarek (1939-2013) – This guys was part of the main sound of The Doors. He made keyboards in rock bands cool. Not that all bands should have a piano player like the Stones always did. This was basically the lead instrument that all of the bass parts were played live. The counter melody to the vocals and guitars. Echo and Bunnymen were influenced by his rhythms that help tie the music together. Worth exploring if you never have.

RIP in 2012 MCA Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys
Casey Kasem Vs Dick Clark

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