Free Singles + MP3’s by Dead Heart Bloom, Daddy Lion, Paul Stanley, The Duskwhales & As Elephants Are

Free Singles + MP3’s by Dead Heart Bloom, Daddy Lion, Paul Stanley, The Duskwhales & As Elephants Are

Let Me Tell Ya Somethin' Else
Hilarious experts from Paul Stanley from Kiss. If you’ve ever seen them or listened to their live bootlegs. The ranting between songs is a pure rocknroll lesson in itself. You bands should take this as a free rockschool class. From us to you. Enjoy the whole hour and nine minutes! Totally reminded me in our old band Aviso’Hara I have a distinct memory of listening to Kiss Bootlegs for part of the drive up to play the Bugjar in Rochester,NY. This took our stage banter to a whole other level.

DOWNLOAD: Second-Chance-Girls MP3 by Aviso’Hara from goodnight sweetheart

dead heart bloom free single
Dead Heart Bloom – Check out this band’s latest tracks which were produced by Anthony Molina from Mercury Rev. For all of you music buffs who dig Swervedriver and shoegazer wash of sound. This is part of a 3 EP series. Kinda the way bands are doing it these days so there is not too much time between releases. Used to be years. Either way the group was formed by Boris Skalsky and guitarist Paul Wood from the ashes of their former band Phaser. Enjoy this great stuff.

DOWNLOAD: Broken Babylon MP3 by Dead Heart Bloom from So It Goes EP

Daddy Lion RS Single Reviews
Daddy Lion – Do you remember the 80’s when adding a keyboard to a song was a bold move and it was just new wave all of a sudden. This tune “No Solution But Resolution” has go some early APB feel to it but not as casio scary or mucking up the whole song with single notes. Accents. Decent little meandering melodies accompanied by hook guitar parts. Straight forward in the right ways. The whole EP is a bedroom thing that after some research has four dudes helping make the music now. We’re looking forward to the next stuff already. Get their whole record on the bandcamp.

RIYL: Bob Mould (Workbook), feelies, Lets Active, APB

DOWNLOAD: No Solution But Resolution (Radio edit) – MP3 from Habitat

Duskwhales swim single reviews
The Duskwhales – Here’s some indie music from a band from Northern VA who have been doing their thing since 2010. A baby band in rock years. Check this tune out, it’s pretty good, in ode to all this inclement weather everybody is beginning to love so much.

DOWNLOAD: The Duskwhales – Swim – 08 Cold But No Snowfall MP3 by The Duskwhales from Swim (2014)

As Elephants Are – If you like brit pop and the band We Are Scientists then these dudes shalt be your thing. Lots of 16th notes in the drumming department. “Hand Prints” is pretty radio friendly.
RIYL: British Sea Power, We Are Scientists,

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