Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records

Pet Sounds Covered by Mint 400 Records

Beach Boys Pet Sounds covered by bands

COVERS: Today in the covers bin is a whole concept. A whole album in fact from front to back of the famous Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. Mint 400 Records presents bands like The Duke of Norfolk, Fairmont, Cropduster, Michael Ambrose, The One & Nines, The Ashes and The Multi-Purpose Solution doing different variations on some wonderful music. Which arguably are all one long song because the production uses similar tricks and vocals approaches it has this amazing sound all on it’s own. So it’s cool to see some bands attempting to repurpose and reconstruct the otherwise brilliant recording. Oh and the best part this shit is it’s free. So here’s a few choice tracks but let that stop you from enjoying the whole thing because the label is just making the whole thing completely free. nice right?

That’s Not Me MP3 by Cropduster
God Only Knows MP3 by Fairmont [Catch them live this Friday 12/19/13 w/ Eastern Anchors & Tri-State at Rent Party]


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