Video of the Day: Broken Anchor “Always”

Video of the Day: Broken Anchor “Always”

Broken Anchors - Fresh Lemonade  Always Video of the Day
VIDEO OF THE DAY: Multi-instrumentalist dude Austin Hartley-Leonard may or may not be a serial killer hanging out on random street corners in LA. We don’t mean to make fun of dudes with three first names but just want to make sure we distinguish him from the pack of talented serial killers you may run into. Review Stalker presents Broken Anchor to you with this video of a very hot chick (Nicole Steinwedell) pretending to fight and do normal boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. He’s not exactly a country singer although he does have an ability to tell a good story lyrically with a soft serrated knife in his own hybrid alt-americana way. While we also don’t think he could pull off Gram Parsons Flying Burrito Brothers outfit (that would be too obvious if you ever saw the flick Mariachi) that we normally associate with serial singer songwriter types. He does sound similar to Gram. Austin’s music and voice is as smooth as a cello in heat and you should check it out on his full length called Fresh Lemonade to cool yourself off. Which is probably why the girl fell for him in the first place although we don’t know because it’s not a talkie. Go for a deep cut like “Head Is A Hole” and “My Marie”. The “Always” video is a good intro track to a nice solid and well produced release.

RIYL: Gram Parsons, Beach Boys

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Yea this is what I am talking about…

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