Free Single Download by Foolish Atoms

Free Single Download by Foolish Atoms

Free Single Download Foolish Atoms

FREE SINGLES: We normally run at the notion of what we call bed room rock but this first single “How To Remain Solid Under A Sky Of Gas” by Foolish Atoms is pretty good. Album out Nov 25th: A Crack in the Glass Eye by dreamer Chris Norrison who used his night vision and any instrument at his disposal to craft this tune and bunch of others on this release. While I’m not sure we want to know how metabolic howitzers where used but the usual inspiration must of been in play with the proper combination unlocked as all the right influences could only have conjured this music up. If a muse was harmed in this process we don’t know but certainly some sort of insomnia and rock star dreams were tested. If you like early GBV, Silver Jews, Galaxie 500 then get your headphones ready for some ear spice via Adult Teeth.

How To Remain Solid Under A Sky Of Gas by Foolish Atoms

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