Mass. Grave by The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries

Mass. Grave by The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries

Martha's Vineyard Ferries Album review Kiam records

Hey I have an idea; lets put a fucking Rainbow on our band’s record and call it Mass. Grave. And lets think of the worst band name ever while we’re on vacation and call ourselves The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries. Yup it happened and here we are folks with a documented testament via Jennifer O’Connor’s label Kiam Records that concepts bands can go well and not sound like a bedroom project.

There are seven songs on here like there are seven seas that are as much a allusion to a Dan Brown novel in that their sound as they are familiar and exciting with some slight of hand moments. This is not a overly-produced record either which also reminds us of earlier Poster Children with some of the bass swagger you would expect from Bob Weston. Oh wait Bob is in this band and the “Parachute” does a huge nod to Dave Allen (Gang of Four). While there is no quiz involved in the listening experience. This music has melodies and distortion all over the place which fans of real 90’s indie rock will thoroughly enjoy. Oh my dear music fans; also if you ever wished slint would be just a tad more melodic and not so ghastly head nod inducing. Then check out “She’s A Fucking Angel (From Fucking Heaven)” Yes like from fucking heaven — case in point is that mix tape hit is in here too. While we don’t think they reinvented the alternative landscape they certainly can claim authorship to a big chunk with their pedigree alone. This tunage stands-out to everything else put out this decade. Yea we mean that gents: Elisha Wiesner from some band called Kahoots and Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine, The New Year) and Bob from all parts Chicago– need we say much more than this? Really– listen below and chuck the label some money and own the LP version. We did.

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