Yes sad face is the name of this album

Yes sad face is the name of this album

Great American Novel album review - emoticon

ALBUM REVIEW: The genre emoticon tunes on this record are as catchy as a cat caught in a blender in heat. Now I don’t know if you would actually love to watch this sort of thing but the music is pretty unforgivingly pop which is being propelled out of the band called The Great American Novel‘s third full length release.

Wait for it.

“:(” Yes this happened but at least they can spell sad emoticon instead of smile because I was feeling, i don’t know, I really don’t speak much more tween than that myself so there is no code to debunk. Sarcastic. Yes we are… So no negative points there because millennials don’t get so easily bent. We a do applaud them for their efforts. You might like to know we think their tunes are strong and better than The Front Bottoms although we can’t stop to think about the time we tortured your plastic barbies and GI-Joes. (Another chapter for another time.)

Anyway, While we don’t want to be starting any wimpy bro wars and have some half drunken cans of PBR flung at us. You may disagree but this music is A-fuckin-OK even if they use keyboards like Eddie Van Halen plays guitar. Time will tell if they can keep this level of energy up which we like and it seems they have like a million of their dearest and closest high school friends singing along on the record. We already have the Vampire Weekend’s and crap they were only good for two songs — max. We do love the artwork which was done by Casey Roonan so that is a positive thing. It’s actually art work. Not lame steamer instagram photo. The best tune on this one for us is “Whatevering” and “Wish You Were Beer”. The lyrics are entertaining and speak hip for sure. The music is fun jangle jangle college alternative pop and cheeky like CamperVan. Check it out and follow them facehookers / twitter.

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Bigger Lovers, Fountains of Wayne

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