Cave Paintings single called Leaf

Cave Paintings single called Leaf

Cave Paintings Single review from their album Votive Life

SINGLE REVIEW: So we never heard of the band Cave Paintings before way back in 2012 but thought we should share their latest single called “Leaf” from their album Votive Life. Its etherial and almost a little Haircut 100 sounding in a Coldplay kind of way. Maybe because they’re British we tend to like the simplicity and the delivery of this tune with choruses drenched in echo-plex. It’s sure damn pretty and would not shut it off if we heard it on the radio in the US. The video is well produced too and filmed by Alex Brown. These Brighton lads built a sled and dragged their singer all over their hometown. We’ve all had that feeling of floating while we’re awake and experiencing vertigo. This video does this nicely to help paint the picture for this tune. Enjoy!

We really dig the remix of this tune as well. Perfect for those fancy drink places that we never frequent where dresses are slipperly and the metrosexuals overgroom.

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Cave Paintings would mix nice with Lightouts from NY

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