Songs about ghosts

Songs about ghosts

Songs about ghosts
Wether you want to believe or you are forced to believe ghosts may be real. People like to think that this is not it. Meaning there is something in-between life and death. We won’t know though until the end and we don’t want to be caught there. Here’s some songs about ghosts for this months Halloween theme. Enjoy!

Songs about ghosts:
Ghost Police MP3 by New Animal from s/t (2011)
Ghost Movement MP3 by Dax Riggs from We Sing of Only Blood or Love (2007)
Chateau Of Ghosts MP3 by Black Wine from s/ft
Ghosts MP3 by Shellac from 1,000 Hurts (2000)
I Saw A Ghost (Lean) MP3 by The Black Lips from Good Bad Not Evil (2007)
The Ghost By The Sea MP3 by Chavez
Ghost Riders In The Sky MP3 by The Trashmen from The Great Lost Trashmen Album
Ghost in the Rain MP3 via Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra from World of Funk

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