Political songs for Women in Binders

Political songs for Women in Binders

Romneys one point tax plan and his idea that women should be kept in binders sort of sums up perfectly what the GOP is backing right now. What is right for America and what Obama and the democrats have planned will be reviewed over and over even after the election and the winner is declared. At the End of the day it’s about who is lying least and who can make the best decisions for the good ole’ USA or who has been kicking ass on a war on terror we allegedly didn’t start. Seems straight forward to me but the spins are so obnoxious and condescending it’s retarded (no offense to retards) but you will do what you are going to do. In the end It’s all about gaining votes for the targeted balances that are part of the undecided. Shit these are those same assholes who stand in line in Starbucks and don’t know what they want when it’s their turn. Anyway, these folks barely matter since the electoral college decides as our Forefathers knew that the general population is too fucking stupid anyway and not educated to make important. They sort of count on it. These swings states we keep hearing about is what really matters right now to secure the better path. What is laughable to me personally is millionaire wannabees (these are some of my neighbors living in same small house as yours and mine) who actually think the GOP is about them and their values. Suckers, there are different rules for those that help write the rules so best to be on the side of the greater good. Anyway. Here’s some political songs and songs about women. Obama’s closing with the 47% bit is like GBV doing Game of Pricks as the encore. Well played Commander in Chief!

#End Political Rant.

Playlist about current politics:
01. President Gas MP3 by The Psychedelic Furs
02. Game Of Pricks MP3 by GBV from Alien Lanes (1995)
03. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs MP3 by the Minutemen
04. Money, Money, Money MP3 by ABBA (1976)
05. American Woman MP3 by Butthole Surfers from Rembrandt Pussyhorse (1987)
06. The Rules Are There Are No Rules MP3 by The Slats from Pick It Up!
07. Hateful Notebook MP3 by the Descendents from Everything Suck (1996)

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