Midnight Spin Neuroin single review

Midnight Spin Neuroin single review

Midnight Spin Neuroin Single Review
SINGLE REVIEW: Look straight into the camera and say “Neuroin”. This new single by Midnight Spin has nothing to do with science or molecular biology that we can tell. This is well engineered rock-n-roll that is fast, furious and focused on making you fist pump at least one time. The bass does most of the lifting here ripping with that SVT hollowed analog sound. Better than The Strokes song’s ever did with support of lots of down-strokes on the guitars (yes we’re aware of the pun). This tune is sure to be a live panty dropper if we ever heard one so we suggest you check them out live. We like this band’s sense of humor ever since their funny video for “Trigger Finger Itch” that had a delinquent bunny from last year that caught our limited attention span. So there. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Neuroin MP3 by Midnight Spin

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