Criminal hygiene rearrange your record collection

Criminal Hygiene review
I don’t know shit about this band called CRYMNL HYGNE but they have enough variety in their songs to satisfy most pavement fans, brit punk and the Swell Maps with one firm kick to the balls. I don’t know how I do it but somehow this stuff finds me this way. Which is really is the soul purpose of this blog to make me turn on my bar stool. There have been dry spells at times then suddenly a few random hits and I’m in cheap beer heaven. Mangod I hope there is such a thing? I would post every song of their’s if I could but you’ll just have to go listen for yourself on their bandcamp page like I did and drop them some dough. It’s raw at times like sorry ma forgot to take out the trash the suddenly they show-off with a guitar melody or two. Yeah this full length is that fun and raw. This is everything a college drop-out rock experience should sound like. Anyway, thank these fine folks over at collective who can spells better than us for sure.

DOWNLOAD: rearrange me MP3 by Criminal Hygiene

Sounds like this junk:
Blood Free [Live] MP3 By Gang of Four
Within Your Reach MP3 by The Replacements from Puttin’ on the Ritz Bootleg 7.27.87
Whatever Happens Next… MP3 by Swell Maps from Jane from Occupied Europe

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