The Color of Noise AM REP Documentary

The Color of Noise AM REP Documentary

Cows Am Rep - CBGBs
Was very excited to learn that there is a Documentary being made about Amphetamine Reptile Records called The Color of Noise. Kind of made my day yesterday. Also that I’m going to be able to contribute some live footage of HELMET that has been hiding out in my basement since 1991 when they played with Jawbox. We’ll see if it makes the cut. The director Eric Robel interviews Tom Hazelmyer who ran the ship at Am/Rep and if the trailer is any indication judging on the graphics alone it looks amazing. Such an amazing roster from the COWs(pictured at CBGB’s photo by yours truly) to the God Bullies. It really fulfilled a void for the music and genre known as “noise” which we love here at the RS blog.

Heave Ho MP3 by the Cows from Cunning Stunts
Repetition MP3 by Helmet from Strap it on

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