Black Gold Records in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

We love buying records and last summer when we stumbled on Black Gold Records and Antiques I felt like a found a little mecca. I was so excited I had them take off their first T-shirt of a mannequin so I could buy it. I think I bought that pink Battles record there and a few others things. Anyway, here’s a video put together by Brooklyn Independent TV. Oh and did I mention they also sell Coffee. Perfect place to stop off after dinner around that area.

If I Love You (New European Gold Standard Secret Babylonian Brotherhood Cinema Mix) MP3 by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Bravery, Repetition And Noise
Golden Blunders MP3 by The Posies from Dear 23
Gold Top MP3 by The Supersuckers from La Mano Carnuda
The Golden Age MP3 by The Flaming Lips from Fight Test EP
I want my records back MP3 by Pulaski from Why are you doing this to me?

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