Speedy Ortiz is Hipsterer than you

Speedy Ortiz is Hipsterer than you

Speedy Ortiz
SINGLES: Every month we look in our inbox and wonder what sort of banal crap are we going to have to weed through now. Every once in awhile we go down the nostalgia road and try and relate with the things that are burned like ancient meaningless wall graffiti into our ears. On first listen of Sadie Dupuis’s band Speedy Ortiz we knew something was up when we heard the guitar tones. This short road led to a mecca of influences and opened right up. Not all the music we get seems to be inspired or takes a bow to something pre-dating their birth in fact we think technology makes it a bad thing and some sort of passion for listening before you create is required. Anyway, a couple things we confirmed is; yes sure she worked in a record store and loves collecting 90’s records. The two songs on this latest single have got plenty of distortion and big melodies in a Dino Jr kind of way with lyrics that are as rich as the music itself. She paints with lines like“I have a boyfriend who likes to fuck to Can” ok we like her. She’s on the sleeve. On the vocal timbre side she sounds like Tanya Donelly from Throwing Muses a little bit with her own melodic grit. I will dare to say here; this band is as close to a female fronted heavier version of Nada Surf as it gets with lots of guitar schronks that are going to make a lot of mustache-nerds wish they were hipsterer than her. Check out “side 2” here and get side one “Taylor Swift” from them which I think there may be a trademark issue with but who cares the tune is good – my vote is to change the name of the song to “Taylor Swift Jr”. They were just recently headed into the studio to record a 10″! so if these latest track are any indication of music to come we’re very excited and big fans already. The previous full length release is more hum spun but still pretty great in it’s own right in a Lou Barlow kind of way. Anyway, you get the point. Check them out.

Swim Fan MP3 by Speedy Ortiz

Mar 22 Sierra Grille Northampton, MA
Mar 28 Flying Object Hadley, MA
Mar 29 Shea Stadium Brooklyn, NY
Mar 30 Wesleyan Middletown, CT
Apr 09 Great Scott Allston, MA

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